Tessa Somberg

Photo of Tessa Somberg
New York, New York
University Of Colorado Boulder, New York University
Women's Rights, Social Justice, Sustainable Beauty
  • Tessa's thesis on commercial surrogacy published by The Cut was also featured as one of Longreads Top 5 Longreads of the Week following publication.
  • To deeply understand the lived experiences of her story subjects, she interviewed three women over months as they completed their surrogacies.
  • An avid thrift shopper, Tessa most recently acquired a '90s silk slip cheetah print dress.


Tessa Somberg began her career as a student intern for a local newspaper, writing feature articles on arts and entertainment and covering local news. She then spent several years on the editorial team of an academic publishing company before pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in journalism. Her personal interests in the beauty space, fashion, and sustainability first drew her to write for TheList.com, and her passion for critical women's issues such as women's fight for autonomy led her to Women.com.


Tessa has a bachelor's degree in both journalism and creative writing from the University of Colorado Boulder, and a Master of Fine Arts in Literary Reportage from New York University.

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