Your 11th House Placement Is Key To Understanding How You Connect With Others

As the Beatles once said, we get by with a little help from our friends. They make our lives fun and exciting, and support us in challenging times. But friendships are not a given; like other relationships, they must be nurtured in order to blossom. The effort you put into your friendships — or, really, any bonds you make with others — often leads to personal growth as well. 


In astrology, the 11th house is known as the House of Friendships, as it's the place where our connections with others are illuminated. While some people find that making friends comes naturally, forging new connections feels overwhelming to others. By using the 11th house as a guide, you'll understand how you approach new relationships, as well as how your existing ones might assist in building a more fulfilling life for both yourself and others.

Saturn and Uranus share responsibility of the 11th house

The 11th house is ruled by two planets, Saturn and Uranus. This tracks for a house that's all about sharing common goals despite individual differences. While Saturn represents karma, challenges, rules, and hard work, it's also a highly prosperous planet — both as a giver and a taker — when you meet its high expectations. Saturn in the 11th house reminds us that we have a responsibility to others, and that when we do our part for the collective good, we will be rewarded.


On the other hand, Uranus is all about humanitarianism and the social sphere. Where Saturn supports structure in our lives, Uranus drives us to break free from systems that no longer serve the common good. While it may seem like these two planets would clash, consider the benefits of two planets that work together to abolish old rules and establish newer ones that better benefit humanity. 

On a microcosmic level, we can apply the lessons taught by Saturn and Uranus to our social lives and communities, too. Let go of the relationship patterns that do not serve you, and build up those that do.

The lessons taught by Aquarius

The zodiac sign Aquarius watches over the 11th house. An air sign, Aquarius represents intellectual pursuits, social prowess, futuristic ideals, and — most crucially — a deep connection to humanity. Despite its propensity for innovation and an occasionally unbothered mood, Aquarius is deeply concerned with the wellbeing of others. Aquarius understands that, in order to make true progress on both structural and personal scales, connecting with others is crucial. As such, Aquarius is both an "outsider" and an "insider," close enough to the current culture to keep its finger on the pulse, but maintaining enough distance to predict upcoming social changes. 


Check your natal chart to see how your specific 11th house placements affect you. When the sun appears in the 11th house, for example, you'll be motivated to establish connections with others in order to further your personal goals. When the moon appears in the 11th house, you're more community-oriented, and use your connections in service of social causes. Just remember: No matter how much you feel like an "outsider," the 11th house tells us that there is always a place for you in the vast network of our shared humanity.