The Placement Of The Moon In Your Twelfth House Can Help Guide Your Emotions

When we just can't understand how or why we feel the way we do, we might attempt to apply logic to our emotions, instead of simply feel them out. But this method often fails; sometimes, we feel in ways that we simply cannot reason with. Because it can be frustrating to experience emotion without being able to place it, some might turn to the stars for clues on how we think about our own emotional landscapes. And those with one placement in particular know this struggle better than most: The moon in the Twelfth House

Those with this placement are known to be emotional, and prone to experiencing big feelings. They might also be introverted and love to spend time alone, perhaps because they believe that others would not relate to their vast range of feelings, or because they feel often overwhelmed by them. While such big emotions might indeed to be challenging to manage at times, it can also endow this placement with a deep empathy for others. As such, taking the time to learn about the moon in the Twelfth House might not only help guide your emotions, but may also help guide others by extending understanding to them. 

Feel the moon's sensitivities

The moon is archetypically associated with our innermost feelings and emotional bodies. This is where we find our sensitive side; the moon is the place where our emotions are harbored. But the moon is only ever partially illuminated to us — it has a side that we never see. This side might be astrologically interpreted as our subconscious. It takes time, experience, and skill to know and name our emotions, but it also crucially takes a conscious effort to do so. As such, those with the moon the in the Twelfth House might frequently face tension when it comes to their conscious efforts and unconscious emotions, as some may work hard to marry the two. 

But those with this placement might also have learned that, just like the moon produces tides on the Earth, there is a method to our emotions. We feel them well up like waves, reach a peak, then crash. Those with the moon in the Twelfth House know well that feelings are temporary. And with this knowledge, they are better able to weather emotional storms, so to speak. Even when our emotions feel too big to understand or handle, those with this placement can trust that they are strong enough to withstand their feelings. 

Embrace your emotions

Some may say that our emotions exist in the realm of the subconscious, so where our emotions come from and what they mean might feel out of our grasp at times. When the moon is in the Twelfth House, this sense can be magnified. This is because the Twelfth House is known as the House of the Subconscious, where all of the mysteries of the world stir, as well as the mysteries within ourselves. 

The Twelfth House is ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune, where Jupiter can assist us in expanding and embracing our emotional depth, and Neptune allows us to align with intuition and let our emotions flow. Together, these planets can swing open the doors to your subconscious, and those with the moon in the Twelfth House are keen to enter. The last house in the zodiac, the Twelfth House is often associated with death and the unknown; it is the last house we may visit before we face our mortality. The Twelfth House is also ruled by Pisces, symbolized by the fish.

While many may fear this house, those with their moon in the Twelfth House might feel at home by learning to embrace their emotions, rather than fight them, even when it feels confusing to do so. Taking a lesson from Pisces, when it comes to guiding yourself through your emotions, all you have to do is feel. Experiencing your emotions feels natural for you, as though you're a fish in water. No need to thrash, just swim.