51 Tattoos Inspired By The Mystique Of Pisces Season

Well, hello there our beautiful Pisces babies! If you're looking to wear your mysterious horoscope on your sleeve, then you've come to the right place. Although, you're also in the right place if you're looking to wear your Pisces pride on your neck, leg, chest, and well, pretty much anywhere else!

Pisces inspired tattoos are some of the most stunning of all the star sign inkings, so we've compiled some of our very favorites to inspire you the next time you head to the tattoo shop. As you may already know, Pisces season (which runs from February 19 to March 20 ever year) is synonymous with creativity and sensitivity, and, as astrologer Kesaine Walker told USA Today, that rubs off on those blessed to be born in its astrology season. 

Ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisces are notoriously artistic and dreamy, which makes the water sign the perfect inspiration for a tattoo because there are just so many different imaginative designs on offer.

Tattoo those psychic abilities

Pisces are said to have an intuition that enables them tap into psychic abilities, so what could be more fitting than a design channeling that magical quality?

The mystical all-seeing eye is the focus of this stunning artwork while the ornate line work really frames the impressive hard work that went into the shading on the eyelid and the reflection on the pupil.

Mystical mermaid

There's little more mystical than a mermaid, which is why it's one of the best symbols to represent a Pisces. This particular tattoo design stood out to us due to its ethereal blue coloring, while black outline reminds us of that desire for freedom we know our Pisceans love.

The Yin and Yang of Pisces

We love this tattoo because it perfectly demonstrates the Pisces fish in a Yin and Yang state. We have the clear, white fish on the left, and the black-filled in fish on the right, making it the ideal inking for those who associate every aspect of this water sign with duality.

A full arm inking

If you're looking for something a little longer, this stunning forearm tattoo is ideal. We love the incorporation of the Pisces fish in the middle (you'll be seeing a few of the finned creatures in this list!) while the intricate swirls and curls leading from the wrist to the elbow make this stunningly unique and ornate.

All about the mystery

We're totally besotted with the mystery that comes with this design. The blue and red galaxies (but are they even galaxies?) seem to be in the place of the two fish we associate with the zodiac sign, while still leaving us guessing as to what they are and what they mean. Tying it all even further into the star sign theme? The classic Pisces symbol in the middle.

A woodland fairy

For the Pisces people looking to permanently show off their imaginative side without being too on the nose, something like this dreamy fairy is ideal. We love the size and placement of this one, as well as the pointed ears on the character — which only adds to the mystery!

Follow your compass

So, we know Pisces season is a water sign, and what could be more perfect that something with a slight maritime theme? This compass tattoo is a little less obviously connected to the star sign, but still perfectly encompasses (pun intended) Pisces' boundless compassion and connection to the water.

A simpler Pisces incarnation

If you want to play it a little closer to the famous Pisces symbol and go more literal, this straightforward design is perfect. Obviously, the main feature is the two fish, while the dots in the middle give this artwork just a little extra something.

The Pisces constellation

If you're a Pisces who finds yourself enamored with the stars, this simple, yet super effective tattoo is the one for you. We love the different types of stars used to represent the zodiac sign's constellation in the sky, while the placement is ideal for those who may want to occasionally cover up their ink.

All about the love

Being a Pisces is all about love and compassion, which is why this double heart tattoo is perfect. Of course, it represents the two things the star sign is synonymous with, but we also like to think the double hearts could be a stand-in for the two fish, making it a great design for those who want to show off their horoscope love without inking aquatic creatures on their skin. 

A whole Pisces forearm

Seriously. How fabulous, yet mystical is this tattoo? Of course, we have the Pisces fish symbol we've seen in so many amazing different positions, but the way this combines the fish, constellation, and emblem is unlike any we've ever seen and is the ultimate inking for any proud Piscean.

Show off that love!

Another design that's straying away from being too literal, this inking embodies a Pisces' loving nature without being too blatantly tied to the zodiac. We appreciate the unique interpretation of placing two letters on each finger. This way you'll always see the L word while applauding someone else.

A floral tribute to Pisces

This inking features another unique take on the famous fish symbol by highlighting the emotional and romantic side we know many of you Pisces like to show off. Of course, the rose is also the ultimate symbol of love, which is perfect for you lovers rather than fighters.

A Pisces tattoo that isn't for the faint hearted

If you're looking to go big and bold, this one's for you. This unique (and massive!) tattoo encapsulates the mysterious nature of those with the star sign while also subtly encompassing the Pisces symbol on the front piece of jewelry. This one's on the upper arm, but we think this would look great on the back, too.

The decorated emblem

If you're looking to be brazen about your star sign, but also not go overboard with full on fish imagery, then this one's for you. This medium-sized design perfectly showcases the Pisces symbol most people will recognize, but also puts an eye-catching twist on it by adding dots and dashes to the lines that make it pop. 

Let's get adorable

If you're looking for something super cute from your Pisces tattoo, then look no further. This slightly cartoonish interpretation of the famous Pisces fish nabbed our attention immediately thanks to those irresistible bulging eyes and is a total go-to for those looking to show off their fun side.

An artistic take

We're back to the ocean for this surreal take on the water sign's signature icon. One thing we really love about this design? It can be twisted and turned in pretty much every direction and you'll be able to see something different in it, like a mysterious pupil-less eye, nose and lips. A perfect representation of Pisces' adaptable, impressionable nature.

A star sign and birth date

How cute and personal is this mystical tattoo by @val_tattoer? Here we have the obvious nod to Pisces with the constellation as the background, with the option to highlight your own birthday (or another date that's significant to you!) over the top. We're particularly taken with the addition of this one being in Roman numerals.

Get connected to the water

As we've told you a million times now, Pisces is a water sign, which is why we chose to feature this super cute and dainty raindrop finger tat. Aside from reminding us of how much Pisces are in touch with their feels, this subtle design is easy to conceal, making it great for those who want a tribute to their sign that isn't so obvious. 

A mystical fish

Erm. Wow. Can you say stunning? The fish is back in force for this Pisces inspired tattoo by @aquarium._.studio, but this one is not like the others. The stunning light blue tone is just gorgeous, while we know you Pisces won't be able to resist the romantic swirls of the fish's tail. Taking things one step further is the tiny white dots that give this an extra edge.

Stay anchored

Next up is this super mystic compass tattoo, which features a feather at north and an anchor (to keep you water sign Pisceans anchored, of course!) at south. This one is a bold statement on the forearm, but this is another example of an inking that would look great anywhere. Imagine showing this beauty off on your back!

The sun and the Pisces fish

We love how mysterious this take on the Pisces fish theme is. While it's pretty obvious there are two fish in there, the way the twosome's outlines aren't closed in makes this stunningly unique, while the mysterious central sun with dots around us could even be transformed into something personal you'd like in the middle.

Wear your Pisces mysteriousness on your hand

Forget your sleeve, it's all about putting your mystery on your hand now. The placement of this Pisces constellation on the thumb and forefinger is such a fun twist on the stars, and it really pops by using different designs for the stars. Love!

A floral constellation

How fun is this twist on the constellation tattoo? We adore the way some stars have been replaced by different flowers, which is a great way to represent this star sign's delicate nature This design can even be further customized with your own favorite flowers and significant numbers.

The double heart says it all

Back to the simple and sweet, this adorable double heart tattoo would make the perfect first inking for anyone looking to dip their toe in the water. It's a simplistic and traditional heart shape, which subtly represents the loving and compassionate nature we know from Pisceans. The double is also just like the two fish we associate with the star sign! Even better? It could literally go anywhere.

Pisces fish in space

It's all about Pisces relationship with water and space again in this one, with a unique twist on the two. The star signs' fish are, obviously, front and center, while all that connection to space through the constellation is represented with the different stages of the moon in front of a pink and blue haze. Gorgeous!

Get moon mystic

A happy medium for those wanting to get something a little bigger, this moon, stars, and Pisces symbol combo is a great for showing off your mystic side. It's giving us total Ariana Grande vibes (though she's a Cancer, so probably won't be jumping to get this added to her tattoo collection), and we love the subtle symbol and dots combination.

A wave

If you don't want to go too literal with your Pisces pride, this wave tattoo is a great example of how you can symbolize your connection to the water sign without being too obvious that it's a zodiac tat. The wave can also represent the deep connection those of this sign are said to have with their feelings.

This kind of tattoo can be as big or as small as you like too, and would look good literally anywhere on the body.

Tiny cartoon planets

Seriously. We can't get enough of this adorable idea! This collection of everything from planets to butterflies to shooting stars is not only impossibly cute, but's it's totally customizable. It kicks off and ends with a constellation, but if you were looking to link it more literally to the star sign, you could add in a couple of fish, hearts, or even the Pisces symbol.

Send a message

What's more mysterious than a message in a bottle? Or, in this case, a paper boat in a bottle. There are several layers to this fun idea, but mostly we love the way this whimsical design ties to Pisces' imaginative sensibilities. You could easily customize the inside of the bottle with anything you want for an added personal touch. 

Written in the stars

Another way to show off that mystical side without going too in-your-face is to make use of individual star tattoos. Although this formation is not in the shape of the iconic Pisces constellation, it captures the dreamy and somewhat psychic essence of the sign. Plus, it can be customized to whatever size and shape you like, which is befitting for the sign that's known for its creative abilities. 

Swingin' with Neptune

This out of this world Neptune tattoo is sure to be a talking point! Pisces' ruling planet has never looked better in ink form, because even total astrology snobs surely can't resist the mesmerizing blue hues, right!? Exactly what the young girl on the swing is looking down add only adds to the mystery...

Fish fingers

If you excuse the fish finger pun, you'll see another cute finger tattoo here (although we know they're not for everyone!) This dainty design is the fish symbol we've already seen so many times as a pretty obvious way to say you're Pisces, but the fact that it's so tiny and filled in sets it apart from the rest.

Let's take a boat ride

We can't get enough of this cute and oh so dreamy tattoo. We have the obvious water connection that's been a running theme throughout with our Pisces tats, while the purple haze of the sky and clouds only adds to the whole imaginative quality of this artful design.

Love makes the world go round

Show off that love and compassion, Pisces people! This tattoo is the perfect mix of the two as it combines a super cute love heart with an abstract earth. The mix of colors here is absolutely gorgeous, and we can't help but notice the circle doesn't meet up, which could be a nod to the way our gorgeous Pisces babies love their freedom, per Nylon.

Camping trip

This inking of the great outdoors makes great use of honoring that sense of freedom that Your Tango points out Pisces love so much. The giant crescent moon beaming down from the top also makes it extra dreamy, while the flowers that surround the bottom tap into that divine feminine energy the star sign is believed to carry.

Back bending Pisces mermaids

Tapping into Pisces imaginative spirit, this cool design swaps out the traditional fish for two mystical mermaids swimming back to back with one another.

While this is a pretty large chest design, this would look amazing pretty much anywhere on the body and could even be filled in with fun colors.

A colorful tribute to Pisces

We can't get enough of the rich, yet mystical colors used in this Pisces fish tattoo. The striking blue and purple remind us of otherworldly visions, and their placement over the Pisces constellation really hammers the message home in a dreamy way.

The cutest fish buddies

Okay, we'll admit it, we have a bit of a thing for the adorable cartoon fish tattoos. How cute is this mini version of the Pisces fish, made of two smiling square cartoon aquatic creatures? They even have tiny blush marks, guys! The extra white ink here is just an extra little bonus that really sets off the design.

In tune with Neptune

Seriously, this Neptune inking is impossibly enchanting. It's not the god of the sea kind of Neptune, we know, but it is an epic take on the planet that rules Pisces. Having it created in black and white gives it that moody, artsy vibe, while the half filled moon with a second, larger moon hiding behind the Big Blue Planet is incredibly enigmatic.

The sands of time

This is another unique take on the mystique of Pisces season as the tattoo artist incorporated the star sign into the sands of time. You'll spot the Pisces symbol in the top left corner (it also has an Aries emblem at the bottom, so you could also have a nod to your bestie!) while we love that the hourglass could still be tipped either way... just like that mysterious Pisces energy!

Look up to the stars

We know Pisces is all about mystery and, of course, astrology, which is why this super cute tattoo is perfect for any Piscean tapping into their astrological energy. We love the little girl sitting on the crescent moon and the shooting stars are a great finishing touch.

The Pisces pattern

What an awesome way to show off your star sign! This ornate tattoo makes use of the Pisces symbol close the center, while surrounded by a slew of other mystical symbols, including what appears to be a full moon, crescent, and teardrop shapes. The placement of this is super cool down the neck and back, though it could equally also make an epic leg or arm tattoo.

An arrow to the water

This tattoo, while small and minimal, packs a big punch. It's perfectly relatable to the Pisces star sign with its nod to water, while also reminding us to, in the words of Kacey Musgraves, "follow our arrow" wherever it points. The stars interrupting the end of the arrow also add that extra mystique.

A shoulder full of stars

We totally adore the placement of this delicate stars, moon, and sun tattoo. It's minimal enough that it can be easily covered, but also makes a bold statement by spreading out each element and making use of so many nighttime designs. Perfect for the dreamers of the zodiac!

Be a sea queen

The woman's mysterious eyes in this tattoo immediately captivated our attention, while her impressive crown left us to wonder if she may be a mermaid or sea queen. It even goes totally "Inception" on us by giving the Pisces tattoo a Pisces tattoo. How meta!

Encompass everything

If there's one tattoo that pretty much encompasses every image we associate with being a Pisces, it's this one. This lengthy back design features the signature fish symbol, a tiny heart (because we know Pisces are lovers, not fighters!) as well as unique and ornate swirls to play tribute to that forever adaptable nature. The crescent moon with a sun in the middle ties everything together for the ultimate zodiac design. 

Bring in the crystals

This colorful design incorporates the Amethyst, the birth stone for February, thus paying tribute to when many of our Piscean friends are born. The large double flower purple flower design can be seen as a symbol for elegance and the sign's peaceful nature. If you're looking to create your own version, Pisces people born in March could swap out the crystal for Aquamarine.

The space constellation

Another twist on a classic, this tattoo incorporates space symbols into the Pisces constellation design. We're giving this one extra points too for being so cute and colorful, while we love how it can be made bigger or smaller and would look great literally anywhere on the body.

Crossover moons

This detailed thumb design is a super fun way to proudly show off your connection to the mystique. The interlocking crescent moons surrounded by stars remind us of how in tune Pisces are with the celestial.

Just remember though, this isn't the easiest one to cover up if you change your mind!

Flowers for a feminine twist

What an innovative way to change up the Pisces emblem! This fine line tattoo features long-stemmed flowers and leaves entwined with the classic symbol, giving this otherwise basic zodiac tattoo an artful update. The flowers can also be interpreted as a symbol of good luck which is just right for honoring Pisces tendency to fall into good fortune (via StyleCaster).