Want To Know How Others Perceive You? Look To Your Birth Chart's First House

One of the most haunting questions anyone can ask themselves is, "How do people perceive me to be?" You might think you have a certain forward-facing personality, but how are you supposed to know if it's being perceived as you would like? If you've had this existential crisis before, you aren't alone.

The good news is that you can get a glimpse of yourself through your astrological chart. Your natal chart is categorized into different houses, starting with the "ascendant," otherwise known as your rising sign. The ascendant is the filter for one's entire horoscope, and it can be used to summarize a personality. It's important to note, however, that your ascendant sign represents the astrological sign that was approaching the horizon at the exact moment you were born. There is a yearly astrological cycle, as well as a daily one, so the chances that your general horoscope shares the same sign as your ascendant are few.

Regardless, you may find that your ascendant hits a little too close to home for your personality. If you want to stop wondering how people perceive you in public, see what your ascendant has to say.

How to interpret and leverage your ascendant sign

What you need to determine your ascendant sign is pretty straightforward and typical of any astrological reading. By using a birth chart calculator, like the one on Cafe Astrology, you can find out your ascendant with your birth date, birth time, and birthplace. Putting in the correct time you were born is extremely critical to getting your ascending sign right, as even a slight difference could give you an inaccurate result. If you can't remember your birth time off the top of your head, ask your parents or see if you still have your birth certificate.

After finding out what your ascendant sign is, you can review some of the traits of each sign. For example, those who have a Cancer rising sign tend to be emotional, loyal, and nurturing. Once you read what astrologers have to say about these signs, you can see if these descriptions connect with you. If not, perhaps these are aspects of your life that you need to work on. Even if you do, you might recognize some of the more troubling aspects of your personality in these interpretations, as well as affirmations of the positive elements.

Embrace your best ascendant qualities

Interpretations of your astrological sign might not be the same as therapy, but that doesn't mean you can't implement these findings into your life. Continuing with the Cancer rising example, perhaps someone with this sign feels proud about their ability to be nurturing to others. If there is a way to offer advice to someone without intruding on their life in a conversation, you might want to try it. Listen more carefully to what others have to say in a conversation and actively engage with it to help them feel comfortable around you.

You can also use your ascendant sign to explain other aspects of yourself that aren't always rooted in personality. Cancer rising people are said to talk fast, seek partners in stable living situations, and seek out new things to do. By seeking out people compatible with your general vibe, you'll be understood in ways you may not have been understood previously — personality perception is central to the ascendant sign. Here's to hoping you find people who see you just the way the stars do.