The 3 Astrology Houses To Know If You're Thinking Of Making A Career Change

What we do for work is one of the most important through lines in our lives. But with so many factors influencing our paths as time goes on — from the cost of living and our expenses to evolving fields, and other life decisions such as having children — planning out our future careers is far from straightforward. Perhaps you discover that, after spending many years in one job, what makes you feel excited to work has simply changed. Perhaps you want to be your own boss, or prioritize a creative project. As you consider taking the leap into a different profession, you might feel anxious that you are making the wrong decision, or looking for certain guiding principles to make the transition as smooth as possible for you. This is where astrology can be helpful. 

We have identified three houses associated with career that you might turn to as you consider your career goals. Each of these houses, the tenth, the second, and the sixth, is ruled by an earth sign: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, respectively. This means that tapping into such earth-sign energy can unlock insights as to how you embark on your path forward. Earth signs ask us: What makes us feel grounded in our true selves? How do we define success? What do work and making money mean to us? As you fantasize about your hopes and dreams for your career, the stars might offer you some guidance.

The tenth house

When it comes to career, most astrologers point to the tenth house, which is said to rule your career path, your responsibilities, and your priorities, as well as how you are received by others by way of your reputation. The sign of Capricorn rules this house, and the planet Saturn rules Capricorn, which is known for being strict. Capricorn is known to be highly motivated to succeed, and able to implement boundaries and consistency to reach its ambitious goals. Because this house is located at the zenith of our natal charts, it can also represent our highest goals in life — what we work toward and what we can achieve when we can harness the hardworking earth-sign energy of Capricorn. 

It is important to note which of your planets are located in the tenth house when it comes to gleaning insight from it. For example, the planet Mars symbolizes creative energies, a determination to work toward desires, and how one moves through the world to get them. This planet in the tenth house is often regarded as a harbinger of success, as those with this placement are motivated to face and overcome challenges head-on. But the planet Uranus, however, might have more of a difficult experience in the tenth house. Uranus struggles with "fitting in," and would rather transcend a conventional career path to create its own success; those with this placement could be prone to switching careers, should it mean breaking free of a monotonous path ahead. 

The second house

Another house to consider when it comes to career is the second house. This house could be considered the "Material Girl" of the Zodiac, as it is sometimes called the House of Possessions –  concerned with cash, bling, and material things. The planet Venus rules the second house, which might be called the Madonna of the stars, and is associated with the sign Taurus. Another earth sign, Taurus is comfortable when it is in a stable environment, and revels in all of the tangible delights that money can bring, including a beautiful home, perfume, clothes, and more. 

But there is a shadow side to the second house, which also rules debt and expenses. Venus asks us to name our desires, what we are willing to work for or sacrifice to get them, and for what reasons. But how much is enough? As such, the second house asks us to reflect on our relationships with money and what it means to us. When it comes to making a career change, check on the planets that inhabit your second house. Saturn, for example, could pose a challenge when located in the second house, as it can be too cautious with cash, limiting investment opportunities, for example. Its slow transit might also mean that material possessions are slow to come and hard-earned. Saturn does teach us lessons about enduring, however, and with consistent work, this placement is bound to succeed.

The sixth house

The sixth house, sometimes called the House of Health, is another worthwhile house to consider when it comes to career. The sixth house pertains to our everyday lives — our habits, day-to-day routines, as well as what kind of worker we are. Even the smallest, most mundane of activities, such as brushing our teeth or stretching, or maintaining well-organized files at work, can make a massive difference in our lives as time passes. This house is ruled by Virgo, which is ruled by the planet Mercury. Because Virgo is all about analyzing and processing, this house calls upon us to mentally review what is working for our schedules and what is not. And since Mercury is the planet of communication, intelligence, and learning, the sixth house is all about working smarter, not harder. 

The same principle applies to our health: making smarter choices when it comes to diet, exercise, or other healthy habits all contribute to greater fulfillment overall. And without healthy habits, it may be difficult to find the energy or clarity required to succeed in other areas of life. We may then look to the sixth house for matters that pertain to work-life balance. The sixth house asks us to evaluate what is in our control, what is not, and to prioritize our wants, needs, and time spent working toward them accordingly. But more than that, this house calls on you to take care of yourself, with compassion, as you consider your next career chapter.