35 Tattoos That Honor A Cancer's Emotional Intelligence

If you're lucky enough to be a confident Cancer (that means you were born between June 20 and July 22), you'll probably already know that being emotionally intelligent is one of your biggest strong suits. According to Entertainment Times, Cancers are the second most emotionally intelligent zodiac sign after only Pisces, with you gorgeous Cancerians feeling your feelings in a deep way. Not only are Cancers super sensitive individuals (in a good way!) but they're also likely to take analytical skills to the next level when it comes to important relationships.

Because of that, those fortunate to come under this star sign are not only known for their passion and creativity, but also for their ability to interpret and understand the meanings behind things. That's why Cancerians are one of the very best zodiac sign groups for getting deep and meaningful tattoos, as it's a great way to let that sensitivity shine and get something sentimental with a profound meaning.

But if you're a Cancer who's looking to get some fresh ink, you'll probably know that choosing your next tattoo can be a difficult process. It seems like there are thousands of ideas out there, making the whole selection process pretty overwhelming. But never fear! Women.com is here with 35 of our very favorite tattoo designs inspired by the zodiac sign's emotional intelligence, so you'll have to look no further on your plight for the perfect idea.

Protect that outer shell

Because Cancer is so closely associated with the crab, sometimes Cancerians can be perceived to have a cold outer shell just like the animal that represents them. Inside though, Cancers are very in tune with the emotions of those around them and can both empathize with and take on others' emotions easily. A tattoo like this is a great representation of that personality trait, as some under the zodiac sign may feel they become victims of their own heart and deep empathy, while the heart surrounding the face represents the notion of the hard outer shell attempting to keep the heartache out.

Tattoo twins!

Know a fellow Cancer who you've been through a lot with and want to show off your undying affinity for? Because this could be an option for you if so. It goes without saying that the crab is the most recognizable symbol of the zodiac sign, and getting it alongside someone else is a touching way to potentially commemorate something you both went through, the good times you shared together, or your relationship in general in a symbolic way. In this case, tattoo artist Renee La Mouise revealed in the caption of her Instagram upload that the two crabs are tattooed on two sisters. Just make sure you know exactly what you're getting yourself in for with a matching tattoo.

Cancer is ruled by the moon

This tattoo is an ideal literal representation of the way in which Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is one of the reasons so many who fall under the star sign manage to be so in tune with their feelings. The work that went into the moon is absolutely stunning, and we adore the small dots that connect the moon to the crab pincer symbol representing the zodiac sign. After all, so many who were born in the Cancer zodiac frame feel a somewhat unexplained connection to the rock that orbits our planet.

Look to the stars for romance

We already know that Cancers are famed for their interpretation skills, so we love the potential message behind this ink. It incorporates the Cancer constellation (so you're proudly showing off your love for your zodiac) but with two roses in front of it, representing the ability to be emotionally intelligent and understanding in romantic relationships. After all, the rose is one of the most romantic flowers out there. If you're single right now but hope to be in a relationship, this could still be some ideal ink, as it may symbolize the idea of waiting for the right person and knowing the universe has your back in bringing them to you.

Combine the Cancer zodiac

We absolutely adore the creativity that went into this concept, as it encapsulates the strong relationship between two lovers by incorporating both of their zodiac signs into one design. Tattoo artist Jade Bourgeois shared on Instagram that the ink entwines the Cancer astrology symbol with the bow and arrow associated with Sagittarius to allow the subject's boyfriend to show his love. How sweet! The concept could be used for a number of different zodiac signs, too.

The mystical crab claws

What's not to love about this intricate design work? Here, the client opted for the Cancer symbol which is thought to represent the crab's interlocking claws with a series of mystical dashes, swirls, and stars around it. We particularly love the way it's been positioned above some existing ink that reads "resilience," as this could relate to the way many Cancerians have the ability to make it through even the most difficult situations, thanks to their high levels of emotional intelligence.

The Cancer constellation

Another ink idea that links to the stars, we love this gorgeous Cancer constellation with the crab symbol incorporated into the center. For those who believe the universe has a helping hand in guiding them through life and gives them the emotional strength to make it through even the toughest situations, then getting something like this on your body is the perfect reminder that brighter days are always coming. Not only that, but this design also taps into the idea that Cancers are very intuitive and may even possess psychic-like abilities.

Incorporate the moon

Another design making use of the 69-esque crab claw Cancer symbol, this tattoo incorporates different phases of the moon. That symbolizes the zodiac sign's moon path, as well as the idea of people's lives repeatedly moving through all the phases as the years go by. Not only that but Cancers are known to be a little emotional and moody at times, with Today even comparing these ups and downs to the moon's phases. The ink also features an array of smaller and larger, more formed, stars in the background of the design to add a mystical effect.

The influence of water

As Cancer is a water sign, many Cancerians find themselves feeling a deep connection to the water. This design taps into that via the typical crab underneath a giant wave. The turbulence of the water is an excellent mirror for the way in which those that fall under this zodiac sign can feel the world crashing down on them sometimes due to their sensitive nature, as well as the chaos that can sometimes bring. As tattoo artist Ocean Arts explained in the caption of the Instagram upload showing off the design, "The Cancer is strong, brave, and they don't easily let go of things they get their grip on."

Put a unique twist on the crab symbol

We've seen a few crabs in our Cancer tattoos list, but nothing like this one. This version of the zodiac symbol is one of the most creative, as it used a watercolor tattoo technique to make the design look more like a painting than ink. The abstract nature feeds into the idea that emotionally intelligent Cancers can understand and interpret things that maybe aren't obvious at first, taking a long, hard look at situations to see them clearer. The twig-like lines on the outside of the animal could also symbolize making it through tough times, but coming out stronger than ever with the flowers still flourishing on top.

Tattoo your life path

If you're looking to show off your Cancer love but still keep things simple, this may be perfect. The crab claw symbol is visible in the center, but this design has symmetrical offshoots made up of line work stars and diamonds on either side. That could denote how a person can keep their core identity at the center of their life but still have offshoots into bigger and better things — a true sign of high emotional intelligence. The symbols on either side, if you want to personalize this look further, could even represent important people in your life, such as family members, friends, or other influential people who helped you get to where you are today.

The sands of time

To get the Cancer brain really kicked into high gear when it comes to analysis and assigning meaning to things, what could hold more significance than the sands of time? This is a solid choice for those who want to incorporate their zodiac sign but maybe don't want to be on the nose about its interpretation, as the Cancer constellation is featured inside the glass. As for the hourglass itself, that's an important symbol of the fragility of life itself, as we ponder what every grain of sand really represents.

Follow that star

We know that many Cancers feel a deeper connection to astrology than some other zodiac signs, which is what makes this tattoo particularly special. It denotes the idea of looking to the skies and following that star, all while led by the ruling Cancer constellation. The ink is still on the simpler side for those who don't want to go too big (that means this kind of ink could be placed almost anywhere on the body), but has a poignant meaning Cancerians are sure to treasure and decipher.

The Cancer woman

If you're feeling bold and want a tattoo to match that, then something like this is a solid choice to go big rather than go home. This ink makes use of the traditional Cancer crab, combined with the depiction of a woman with long, dark hair on her knee, holding a ball of light in her hands under a giant star. This demonstrates the way in which the Cancerian can be spiritually connected to astrology and psychic powers as well as all the power, strength, and mystery that entails.

Home is where the heart is

Part of why Cancers have such a high level of emotional intelligence is their strong connection to home. Those who fall under this zodiac sign tend to be real homebodies, with their space helping them feel a sense of being grounded. That's why Cancers could give a nod to that home life with something as simple as a tattoo that reminds them of home. You could get something as small as this tattoo of a caricature of your own home, or go for something more general that reminds you of your hometown, or even your home country. "They're generally shy people but come alive in a home environment," astrologer Angel Eyedealism told The Bump of Cancers.

Personalize your crab tattoo

Looking for something directly related to the Cancer zodiac sign that can also make room for those who associate with the sign's creativity? Then this one might be for you. This tattoo incorporates multiple things associated with Cancer, including the crab, the constellation, and the crab claws symbol, but you could add your preferred numbers in Roman numerals on either side. That way, you're personalizing this gorgeous design in your own way.

Wear your emotions in ink

Cancers are known to be very in tune and sensitive to their surrounding environment, but may also put up a wall to keep themselves self-sufficient and not too vulnerable. Just like the Cancer crab and its hard outer shell. Why not show off that deep level of emotional intelligence being well-adjusted to the frequencies of what's around you with a tattoo like this, which could demonstrate the notion of feeling those emotions but still putting up somewhat of a wall, represented by the swirly red line?

Combine the Cancer symbols

Another one for those looking to keep their ink on the smaller side. We adore this small but powerful finger tattoo design, which incorporates both the Cancer crab and the crab claw symbol. One thing we particularly admire about this ink is the way it shows how something can look one way, but take on a new shape if you look at it differently, at it as that's what our emotionally intelligent Cancers tend to do with their life situations. After all, the middle symbol stands alone to represent the zodiac, but also looks like the eyes on the crab.

Wear your heart on your skin

If you're looking for something a little less obviously related to the Cancer zodiac sign, you might want to tap into those enviable personality traits Cancers are known to possess instead. So many Cancerians are able to connect very deeply with other people's feelings, but can then hold on so tight that they almost become their own. That's why a love heart tattoo like this may be ideal as it represents that deep compassion, while the fingerprint lines could represent all the different people who have left marks on it over time.

Connect to the moon's phases

Astrologer and author Alberto Toribio revealed to Today that Cancers can feel a heightened sensitivity toward the moon and its phases, so why not represent that with your next tattoo? We love the placement of this depiction of the moon's phases down the spine. That could be a nod to how that belief and core personality trait, and the emotional intelligence that comes as a result of that connection, is one of the deepest parts of you and who you are.

Connect to the moon with a tarot card

Another way to tap into Cancer's connection to the moon's phases as well as the zodiac's kinship with astrology (Cancer is ruled by the moon, after all), you could combine both with this tattoo. This part-sleeve tattoo shows a tarot card, used by psychics and astrologers to look into the future and people's true feelings, with the moon going through its phases in a mystical sky filled with clouds. As senior astrologer at Astrology.com, Narayana Montúfar, explained to Women's Health, when the mood continually changes moods throughout the day, it can have a big impact on Cancers. 

Light it up!

What could speak better to a Cancer's creative side than a UV tattoo? Though we know Cancers are known for their sensitive sides and for being deep in their feelings a lot of the time, this could be a fun way to remind yourself that not everything has to be taken quite so seriously, and sometimes it's just good to have a little fun and let things go. Incorporating the crab brings in a dose of more literal Cancer energy, while the UV ink provides a dollop of lightheartedness to a sign that can sometimes be more serious.

Celebrate that connection to the universe in a tattoo

As Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at Astrology.com, told Women's Health, "Being a Cancer means being emotional, creative, intuitive, and very attuned to the rhythms of the moon," which may mean you feel an unexplained bond with the universe. Because of that, something representing that notion of relating to something bigger than yourself could be demonstrated by a space-linked tattoo, like this one showing several planets in a deep blue open sky.

Get literal with your heart connection in a tattoo

As Cancers are such emotional beings and feel such a strong connection to others and their emotions, it's safe to say this zodiac is predominately led by their heart. That's why a heart tattoo like this one could be another way to honor that emotional intelligence without directly addressing the zodiac. This ink is impressively realistic and is one you could get as big or small as you like, anywhere on your body.

Lay your cards out

Another way to represent Cancers' high level of emotional intelligence is to demonstrate the way in which they're able to tap into their emotions, figuratively laying all their cards out on the table when it comes to what's going on deep inside. You could put this literally on your skin with a playing card-inspired tattoo, with the heart symbol on this suit even melting, potentially because of the mounting internal pressure to tap into everyone's feelings.

Show off your solo side

With a high level of emotional intelligence comes the ability to enjoy your own company. While we know Cancers are empaths who are grateful to have others around them, you still have the ability to be creative and resilient on your own. What could represent that notion better than a single rose? Of course, roses represent love and romance, which Cancerians also value very highly, but this tattoo demonstrates the beauty that can come from one person blooming alone, happy with themselves just the way they are. Alone, maybe. Lonely? Never.

Bottled-up Cancer emotions

With Cancerians needing to take care of others, sometimes that can mean their feelings, wants, and needs can be last in line to be truly heard. This tattoo is a great reminder for those who fall under this zodiac sign not to bottle up all those intense emotions they're so in tune with, and to make sure they keep in their high emotional intelligence in check, letting those feelings out when they need to. After all, keeping what's inside all bottled up is never a healthy way to deal with what's going on.

The heart wants what it wants

As those fortunate enough to be born a Cancer can be a little up and down when it comes to their emotions because they're so in tune with what's going on inside them and around them, it can turn their hearts into a little bit of a grenade — ready to explode at any moment. This tattoo takes that concept literally, adding a grenade handle to a clinical drawing of a heart, which would be ideal for those who want to show off their ability to feel all the feels as and when they need to.

Tap into the depth of your emotions

As Cancer's emotions are usually ever-changing and up and down throughout the day like a rollercoaster, a solid way to represent that in ink is by being reminded that's not always such a bad thing. Cancerians can go through every emotion on the spectrum because they're on such a connected spiritual plain with themselves and the world around them, but this stormy rain cloud, sun, and rainbow tattoo makes it clear that we can't have a rainbow without a little sun and rain.

The loving crab tattoo

Bringing back the crab concept for something a little more directly related to the Cancer zodiac, this stunning interpretation of the crustacean demonstrates how, although a crab has a tough outer shell and can give a nasty nip when it feels threatened, the love heart on its sharp pincers shows there's always love there. That shows a Cancerians' desire to protect their loved ones, as those under this sign can be extremely protective and aren't afraid to go after those who threaten the ones they hold dearest — all out of love, of course.

Bring the ocean and the waves into ink

We know all about Cancer's strong connection to the moon and water, as a water sign ruled by the moon. This tattoo idea is a great (and stunning), way to bring those two ideas together as the tough waves form a crescent moon shape. This could demonstrate the star sign's way of sometimes being a little hostile when protecting others, though the hidden flowers represent that gentler side that's coming from a place of love. Not only that, but a design like this gives Cancer plenty of opportunity to interpret what they're seeing.

Bring that motherly instinct to your skin

Nothing requires more emotional intelligence than becoming a parent, which makes this ink beyond perfect for Cancers who are mothers to daughters, as well as those with strong maternal instincts for those around them. As astrologer Angel Eyedealism explained to The Bump, Cancers are born maternal and love to care for those around them. "Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac — they are mother to everything and everyone," she shared.

Get geometric

Another way to tap into those psychic abilities Cancers are so well known for, this tattoo design is a dynamic representation of those mystical abilities and the way they can affect the emotions of the zodiac sign. This big design morphs the crab claw symbol, moon connection, Cancer constellation, and stars, the whole design is one a Cancerian could be looking at and continuing to interpret in their own way for years to come.

Put a twist on the crab claws

Bringing it back to another more literal twist on a traditional Cancer symbol, this gorgeous design is more simple and literal in the sense that it directly relates to the zodiac, but it adds flowers with an important meaning to the standard design. The flower appears to be a violet, the perfect choice for a Cancer as the flower style has been said to represent two of the things they hold closest, connections with others and protection.

The crab in the middle

There are so many different ways to interpret this tattoo design. The Cancer crab is in the center of a circle of dots, which may demonstrate the walls some Cancerians can put up around them, while the flowers at the bottom show there's always that layer of kindness and softness. The Cancer constellation also goes straight through the animal, just as high emotional intelligence is at the core of so many who were born under this star sign.