Aloe Vera Deserves Space In Your Beauty Routine For More Than Sunburn Care

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Not to be dramatic, but aloe vera is one of nature's most abundant healing nectars, and it has been revered as such over thousands of years, throughout various cultures. Delegating aloe vera solely to the realm of after-sun care would be a mistake; it can do so much more than soothe our burns, and many of us have hardly tapped into its full potential in our beauty routines. 


Aloe vera, scientifically named Aloe barbadensis miller, is a succulent plant that can be found all over the world, though its species is native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Its juicy stems are packed with a gel that is, for the most part, made up of water, but also infused with vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, and other ultra-healing compounds . While it can be highly beneficial to treat sunburns and minor wounds, since it also has antiseptic properties, it can also work wonders for your skin care routine, as well as on other parts of your body. 

Aloe vera is magic for inflammation

There are several properties of aloe vera that make it wonderful to treat inflammation. First, it is packed with fatty acids, hormones, and amino acids that each have anti-inflammatory properties. According to the Indian Journal of Dermatology, aloe vera naturally contains salicylic acid, which can assist the skin in exfoliation and is frequently used as a treatment for acne. This means aloe can both address acne and soothe its effects, which often include redness and pain as a result of inflammation. Aloe vera is also highly moisturizing thanks to its abundance of polysaccharides, which can assist in reducing signs of aging such as fine lines on the face by retaining water. Plus, aloe vera signals the skin to make more collagen, which is also how it helps heal skin lesions. 


While it is safe to squeeze the gel from an aloe plant and use it directly on your face, keep in mind that there are many beauty products available that can combine the benefits of aloe with other ingredients for maximum skin-nourishing effects. For example, The Ordinary offers an aloe vera serum that also includes peptides and N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG), which is both an antioxidant and precursor to hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin retain water. This means that, paired with aloe vera, the planet's moisturizing benefits will not go to waste. 

Aloe vera is full of antioxidants

Aloe vera is also jammed with antioxidants, which can assist your skin in addressing the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals might sound cool, but in reality, they're broken molecules that trash whatever they come into contact with. Not fun. Giving your skin a boost of antioxidants never hurts, as free radicals are largely responsible for the signs of aging you might see on your skin, and antioxidants stabilize free radicals. For example, aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E — all together! — which are known for being powerful antioxidants. Vitamin A can accelerate healing, vitamin C can soften wrinkles and brighten the face, and vitamin E can chill out inflammation. These vitamins are still just a fraction of the benefits that aloe vera offers. 


Aside from usage on your face, aloe vera can be applied all over your body for the same benefits. It can also be used as a pre-shampoo treatment for your hair and a healing treatment for your scalp. Remember, when it comes to sunburn care, sunscreen on your scalp is just as non-negotiable as your face. Aloe vera can gently cleanse your hair, make your strands stronger, and soothe your scalp when it's inflamed, either due to sun damage or another condition such as psoriasis. Aloe vera definitely deserves a larger place in your skincare routine, and the best part is, it can be used daily.