Glazed Eyeshadow Brings Holiday Party Shimmer To Your Summer Makeup

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Who are we kidding? We're particular when it comes to glitter. Glitter is a staple in our makeup products for its light-catching properties, but not all glitter is made the same. Where some glitters are more understated and soft, others feature larger particles that pop when used properly. For this reason, knowing your glitter formulations can make a big difference when it comes to your overall makeup look. 

This summer, the trend is soft, subtle glitters with an emphasis on high-shine. Much like the wet makeup trend that emphasizes a glossy finish on our faces, this eyeshadow trend has been dubbed the "glazed eyeshadow" trend by Allure for its equally glossy and glittery finish. The goal here is to stay away from eyeshadows with loose glitters that tend to be on the chunkier side, and scatter easily around the eyes. Instead, focus on pressed glitters or cream glitters that are finely milled and super shiny — these are the ones that will stick close together, and close to your eyelid, for maximum sheen. We're going for sun-kissed, summer shimmer — no holiday party vibes, here! 

Green glazed eyeshadow

While colorful makeup can be worn year round, something about a colorful eye look in the summer just feels joyful. When you want to make summer 2023's boldest color trends work for you, why not experiment with an eyeshadow look? We love how beauty creator Nazlia (@nazliayunus) combines the glazed eyeshadow trend with a pop of gorgeous green in her TikTok video. To achieve the look, Nazlia first places the about-face Matte Fluid Eye Paint in vertigo flowers on her lids as both a primer and pigment. She then uses the Juvia's Place Culture Eyeshadow Palette to add glossy glitter to her eyes. She finishes her look with a nude gloss to round out high-shine look. 

Bronze glazed eyeshadow

One of the most classic eyeshadow looks for summer is golden bronze. Here, beauty creator Whitney Madueke (@whitneymadueke) perfects the bronze look with a glazed eyeshadow twist. She first uses a neutral, matte shade to prime her lids, as well as a dark brown shade to further sculpt the shape of her eyes. Then, she glazes over them with a soft, glittery bronze, and highlights the inner corners of her eyes with a light gold color. The effect is perfect for a summer day-to-night vibe. 

Barely there glazed eyeshadow

When you want a natural, barely-there summer look with a little extra shine, the glazed eyeshadow trend could be a match. Beauty creator Aisling Chan (@aislingchan) shows the effects of a light pink, shimmery shadow on her eyelid in a TikTok video. She uses the Makeup by Mario Ethereal Eyes Eyeshadow Palette to achieve this look. The glittery shadow she uses is so high-shine that it almost looks wet. Using a soft glitter over a nude eyeshadow is a simple way to make your eyes sparkle in the summer sun. 

Peach glazed eyeshadow

Another popular summer eyeshadow shade is peach, which entails just a little bit more warmth than a given shade of taupe. Fashion and beauty creator Marina (@inamarimaki) sports a shimmery peach, glazed shadow look in her TikTok video. She begins by lightly contouring her eyes with a bronzer. Then, she swipes her lids with a shimmery cream eyeshadow from Danessa Myricks Beauty in the pink shade Ballerina — a fantastic choice for those who want the highest, sparkliest impact. And to finish the look, she uses a clear gloss over her lids for the ultimate shine — though you can skip this step for a slightly more subtle, but no less shimmery, result. 

Perfect your application

Speaking of shimmery cream eyeshadows, exploring your eyeshadow options can help you find the best product for the look you're going for. A shimmery cream eyeshadow is easy to blend on the lid and ensures that your coverage will be even. Shimmery cream eyeshadows also tend to have less fallout, that is, glittery product that comes loose during application, than a pressed shadow. These products tend to come in a tube or in a pot and can be applied with the fingers or transferred onto a brush. Liquid shimmery eyeshadows are similar products that often come with a doe-foot applicator to easily slide along your eyelids. 

But there are many incredible, shimmery pressed shadows on the market — if you know how to apply them properly. Beauty creator @wesleybenjamincarter demonstrates the difference between a shimmery shade without prep, and a shimmery shade with prep. Spraying the shade on the brush with setting spray helps to instantly brighten up the pigment in shadow, and allows the shine to last. The glazed shadow trend will have you shining like the sun all summer long