How To Make Summer 2023's Boldest Color Trends Work For You (Yes, Even Vibrant Red)

This summer's fashion trends are all about bold color. Through the fashion weeks of previous seasons, specifically Spring 2023, we have seen a real revival in strong colors, whether they be pastels or jewel tones. This season's summer fashion could borderline on euphoric, where vibrant color is everywhere. We imagine everybody walking downtown, beaming with reds and yellows and greens, as though the streets were full of wildflowers. This summer is the perfect time to experiment without a care. 

When it comes to wearing color this summer, we encourage you to wear color that makes you feel good. Consider what kind of summer you want to have. Are you lusting for a passionate romance? Perhaps red is calling out to you. Are you looking to feel rejuvenated in the summer sun? Perhaps green would suit you well. Are you ready to take on the lightness of the clouds? Reach for blue pieces. Wearing color is nothing to be afraid of; it can be a fabulous way to express yourself. Here's how to make even the summer's boldest color trends work for you. 

Bright red

Despite its bold look, red is no color to be intimidated by. But wearing red successfully depends on a few factors. First, establish the best colors for your skin tone: cool-toned, warm-toned, or neutral. One easy way to tell is by holding silver or gold jewelry to your face; if gold jewelry makes your skin shine, then you are likely warmed-toned, and if silver does the trick, then you are likely cool-toned. If you don't see a difference, your skin tone is likely neutral.

Next, choose red garments that reflect your skin tone. As a basic rule of thumb, warmer (think orange) tones of red for warm skin tones, and cooler (hints of purple) tones for cool skin — but it's best to experiment and see what you like best on you. Wearing tones that complement each other is a subtle but significant trick when it comes to the overall cohesion of your fit. And because red is such a bright color, ensuring that you're wearing the proper red will also ensure that you feel good with it on, too. 

Because we're talking about summer here, no need for thick sweaters or jackets. Opt for red pieces that have some movement to them, which can also assist in breaking up the boldness of the color, should you be wearing a lot of it. TikTok creator Shruti (@shrutislookbook) styles a pair of gorgeous, red palazzo pants in her TikTok video, perfect for a bright summer look. She shows how you can wear the pants with a form-fitting, spaghetti-strap bodysuit; a puffed-sleeve top, and a thin, white turtleneck. For the summer months, we recommend wearing bright red with light colors so that its boldness is not dulled down with darker colors. 

Yellow tones

Yellow has a reputation as one of the trickier colors to wear. But, should you have your heart set on making yellow work for you in the name of fashion, we've found a few ideas. First, choose a yellow that contrasts – not clashes — with your skin tone. Ensuring this contrast allows for both your skin, and the yellow garment, to pop. And speaking of pops of yellow, you do not need to wear yellow head-to-toe, rather, experiment with pair of yellow sunnies, or a satin yellow scarf, to avoid a yellow overload. 

TikTok creator Karen Mauritzen (@karenmauritzen) styles a pair of yellow shorts in her TikTok video. First of all, yellow shorts are a fantastic garment with which to introduce yellow to your wardrobe, as they embody a multitude of styling possibilities. For her first look, she wears the shorts with a simple white t-shirt, and wraps a pastel-yellow sweater over her shoulders, bringing the look together. Then, she wears them with a button-down, lilac shirt that has the same color saturation of the shorts, making each garment stand out while remaining cohesive. Next, she tucks in a white tank and throws over a pretty peach shirt that she leaves open. She accessorizes with a bright purple bag, to add further depth. And last, she wears a color-blocked, pastel pink and purple shirt with a pink bag and white shoes. Each look is a super fresh and approachable take on wearing yellow. 

Lilac is for summer lovers

Lilac is a color that just puts us at ease when we see it. Ethereal and delicate, lilac is a natural complement to the summer months. Because lilac is a pastel, it pairs well in combination with other bold, bright colors, perfect for the trend of this season. Plus, lilac tends to fare well on almost every skin tone, meaning it is easy to experiment with. 

TikTok creator Lydia Tomlinson (@lydiajanetomlinson) shows off how to style a pair of lilac trousers from Sézane in her TikTok video. First, she recommends pairing the trousers with a soft knit to give some texture to a block of bold color. She goes with a fluffy white cardigan and wears a pair of white shoes. "I personally think black can weigh down a bold color, whereas this brighter cream shade really gives it a lift," she says. Next, she pairs a ruffly blouse in a plum plaid with the trousers, giving depth to the look. "I think working with a similar palette helps to tone down the color," she says, rather than going for a bold contrast. And last, she wears a long-sleeved, bright white eyelet top with a pretty bow-tie detail around the neck. This look is our favorite for summer, as it brings out the best in the lilac trousers. 

Bold blues

Another trending color this summer is blue — specifically electric, cobalt blue, and super pastel, baby blue. Blues can also be deceivingly tough to get right; again, knowing your skin tone is helpful here, to ensure you choose the right blues for your complexion; bright blues tend to work better with cool skin undertones, while warmer shades (like robin egg blue) complement warm skin undertones. 

And because blue is so easy on the eyes, it's a dreamy color for a slip dress or for a lightweight blouse. TikTok creator Jianing (@jianingniu) demonstrates how she styles her blue pieces in a TikTok video. First, she wears a ruched, cut-out midi dress in electric blue that she deems perfect for a girls' night out. Next, she wears a monochrome blue look, as she styles a pleather miniskirt in electric blue with a semi-sheer, electric blue long-sleeve top. And last, she styles the same skirt with a cropped white sweater, knee-high white boots, and a white bag to bring out all the brightness. Reminiscent of the clear blue summer skies, we love how effortless each of these blue looks feels. 

Gorgeous green

And of course, what color is more luscious for summer than a gorgeous green? Green is something of a chameleon when it comes to styling, adding an element of freshness to any outfit. We also think green looks stunning when paired with a floral print — the two were absolutely made for each other! Green is associated with renewal, luck, life, and hope, and simply feels relaxing to be around. Green is also a refreshing shade to accessorize with, whether it's with a pair of jade earrings, a pair of sandals, or a cute green clutch. 

Where maxi skirts are a summer staple, we love how TikTok creator Hannah (@hannahcorrineb) styles a green maxi skirt in her TikTok video. To achieve this look, Hannah starts with simplicity and gradually adds layers to the fit. She wears the maxi skirt with a black tube top — perfect for hot summer days — and then layers it with a black, long-sleeved shawl. She then uses a pop of white to add contrast with her accessories, including a pair of white-framed sunnies, and a bright white shoulder bag. The result is modern and clean, with just a touch of earthiness. What more could you ask for?