10 Ways To Work Bold Jewelry Into Your Wardrobe For An Instant Outfit Upgrade

The warmer months are coming, and we're all ready to revamp our closets in anticipation. From spring wardrobes packed with midi skirts to rocking the coastal cowgirl trend, we know that there are more than enough 2023 fashion styles to keep us looking and feeling fresh and updated this season no matter what our aesthetic may be. Still, you don't need to give your entire closet a refresh to make sure that you're looking fashion-forward. There are loads of jewelry trends that will allow you to add a little spice and trendiness to any look that you already have.


In 2023, jewelry is all about being bold. Big, chunky pieces and colorful, intricate details are all the rage. Fashionistas are looking for jewelry that doesn't just accent the look or fade into the background. Instead, the hot jewelry pieces of today should make a major impact. From statement pieces to specific materials, there are more than enough options for revamping your jewelry box for 2023. We've got all the bold jewelry that you'll surely be seeing on our favorite style icons this season. 


Runways and top designers have made it clear that the bracelet of the season is the cuff. It's really no surprise that a cuff should be your bracelet of choice these days; it meshes perfectly with the jewelry trends of large, chunky pieces, metals, and statements with shapes and angles. 


There are so many options when it comes to cuffs, and you can mix and match them to make them work with your other jewelry. We love a thick, silver option, like this BODYA bracelet, or a very different approach, like this simple, skinny gold pick.  


When most of us think of brooches, we think of the turkey-shaped pin that our grandma sticks to her sweater every Thanksgiving. Yet, it seems that the grandmas of the world were onto something: the brooch is back. 


Brooches are a fun and fresh way to accessorize your look, and everything from big, Carrie Bradshaw-inspired flowers to smaller, geometric, metallic pieces are trending. There's an air of experimentation about today's jewelry trends, so don't be afraid to try different placements and brooch types; just think of them as an alternative to other bold jewelry options like necklaces or earrings. 

Shapes and sizes

Speaking of experimentation, this season's jewelry trends encourage plenty of creativity through mixing and matching. Eclectic and artistic are the themes of on-trend embellishments. 

Rather than focusing on one bold piece, many fashionistas will find their perfect fashion statements in the way they stack their jewelry together — experimenting with juxtaposition and building a look, rather than having one star of the show. The goal here is to choose jewelry pieces in varying shapes and sizes, and keep in mind the overall picture you're painting with your accessories to create a unique look. 


Statement Necklaces

A quick peruse of the #coachellaoutfit hashtag on Instagram will show you that the statement necklace is making a triumphant return. Yes — statement necklaces are about to have a moment again, but there are some stark differences between today's statement necklace and our memorable 2016 necklace collections. 


Like the other jewelry trends of today, 2023's statement necklaces should focus on chunkiness, architectural elements, and interesting textures. Once again, statement necklaces act as a puzzle piece in an overall picture, and they can be used to add some edginess and creativity to any outfit. 

Statement earrings

If a statement necklace isn't quite the statement you want to make, that doesn't mean there's no bold jewelry option for you. Statement earrings are just as on-trend. 

"We've seen far more demand for bolder pieces," designer, Brent Neale, told Harper's Bazaar. "I think people have begun to wear earrings again," he added. "During the pandemic, we really saw that stop because of masks and people being less social. But recently, earrings sales have been coming back in a big way." From thick, oversized hoops to dangling earrings full of movement, the bigger and more colorful, the better. 


Mixed metals

Another way to make a bold statement with your jewelry is by not boxing yourself in to just one metal. Gone are the days of saying "I only wear silver, so I can't buy these gold earrings I love" or "I'm going with gold jewelry for this outfit." Your metals don't have to match. In fact, rather than an oversight or a fashion faux pas, mixing metals with your jewelry is now a fashion statement. It adds so much texture and depth to your jewelry and allows for more interest using just simple pieces. 


Ring it up

From Harry Styles to the leading ladies of "Daisy Jones & The Six," some of the biggest trendsetters of today are piling up on one key jewelry item: statement rings. 

These days, all your fingers are ring fingers. That includes the pinky, as pinky rings are especially in. Designer Melinda Zeman told Elle, "I always tell my clients that you can be dressed in the most casual clothes, yet add a pinky ring and it's a total transformation in the energy you're giving!" Keep in mind that your rings are an especially great place to mix metals for extra interest. 


Punk inspo

You don't have to go full pop-punk princess like Olivia Rodrigo to add a little bit of on-trend edginess to your jewelry. Punk-inspired jewelry is en vogue in many different forms at the moment. Chains, studs, and lots of layers are not only great options if you're looking to embody the punk aesthetic that's making the rounds these days, but it's also an easy way to add a tough edge to your warm weather wardrobe. When it comes to punk jewelry, the chunkier the better, and remember that this is another great time for those mixed metals. 


Enamel that pops

Nevertheless, Y2K trends persisted. From pop punk to "Kim Possible" fashion, many jewelry trends we're seeing are aligned with Y2K trends, and the materials we're loving are no exception. That's why enamel jewelry pieces are so cool at the moment. 


"I think the explosion of fine jewelers using lacquer and cold enamel has been driven by its adaptability, versatility, and durability," designer Francesca Villa explained to Elle. "Enamel allows jewelers to add color in a bigger and bolder way, adding the pop, vitality, and energy customers have been craving." Try adding color and freshness with a bold enamel piece.

Bold beads

For another Y2K jewelry trend that lays the nostalgia on thick, it's time to bring on the beads. Designer for MATEO, Matthew Harris, spoke with Elle about the trend: "So precious yet unpretentious, the beaded jewelry trend is back and is ever popular with millennials and Gen Zs alike. Nothing says summer like a colored strand around the neck or anklet while one parades on the beach of your favorite summer destination." 


From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, DIY-able beaded jewelry utterly nails the early aughts summer, and consequently, we're ready to rock some in 2023.