Mushrooms Are The Beauty World's Muse This Year - Here's How To Use It In Your Skincare Routine

Mushrooms are an essential part of our ecosystems, but did you know they might also be the next essential ingredient in your skincare routine? Some mushrooms, but not all of them, are categorized as adaptogens, meaning they contain properties that protect your body from stress, including stressors on the skin. Mushrooms have long been used in folk medicines, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, to treat a wide range of ailments, often by stimulating the immune system. 

For those who are interested in adaptogenic skincare, as well as incorporating natural products into your routine, utilizing mushrooms could be an amazing way to do so. Because there are so many varieties of mushrooms, learning the specific properties of each ensures that you are striving toward the results you want. Plus, mushrooms are going to be everywhere in 2023 skincare, so if you want to stay on top of the trend, we've got you covered. 

Mushrooms can bolster anti-inflammation

One of the most potent properties of certain adaptogenic mushrooms is anti-inflammation. When your goal is to address inflammation on your skin, three of the most sought-after mushrooms are the cordyceps, shiitake, and reishi varieties. You can forage for the benefits of these mushrooms in products including cream moisturizers and lightweight serums. Cordyceps mushrooms, also known as caterpillar mushrooms, are a hardcore fungus; the mushroom infects a host insect, then fruits within it. When it comes to your skin, cordyceps mushrooms are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, and an extract from cordyceps mushrooms, called cordymin, is also an anti-fungal peptide. 

Reishi is another mushroom with anti-inflammatory properties and is frequently used as a wellness supplement to support the immune system. But used on the skin, reishi also offers antioxidant properties that can chill out inflammation. Reishi mushrooms also include beta-glucans, which can hydrate the skin, and assist in reducing the look of fine lines, in addition to soothing redness. 

Mushrooms can moisturize your skin

Shiitake mushrooms are another specimen that your skin might love due to their anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Shiitake mushrooms are namely a great source of selenium, which can calm inflammation and assist in healing acne. Another compound found in shiitake mushrooms is called kojic acid, which, while it mainly brightens the skin, also has antioxidant and redness-reducing properties.

Some mushrooms can also assist in keeping your skin hydrated. One of the most popular mushroom varieties for this usage is the tremella mushroom, also known as the snow mushroom. These mushrooms are super hydrators thanks to their abundance of polysaccharides, which help the skin retain water when used topically and can, as such, reduce signs of aging.

Snow mushrooms are found in several skincare products, from hydrating face masks to cream moisturizers. Remember that, while eating certain mushrooms can be great for your health, topical products are recommended to experience the skin benefits of these mushrooms. But, just like with trying any new product, remember to patch-test any product with a mushroom component before diving into its application, to ensure it doesn't react negatively with your skin.