Renée Camus

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Los Angeles, California
UCLA, American University, University Of Michigan
Feminism And Representation In Pop Culture, Grey And Brightly Colored Hair, Reproductive Rights And Social Justice
  • Renée published an article in the New York Observer about how the evil depiction of cats in Hollywood movies is actually not-well-disguised misogyny.
  • She is also putting together a Bechdel-type test for how cats are portrayed in movies.
  • Renée's blog posts about pop culture and productivity have been Featured Editor's Picks on BlogHer at least four times.


Renée Camus is a writer and pop culture junkie who changed careers at age 42, after moving from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles, to focus on entertainment journalism. She's since been published in Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, New York Observer, and the Toast, among others. She is a scholar in dance and musical theatre, and she enjoys a healthy obsession with television and movies, especially "The Office," "Saturday Night Live," "Severance," "Dexter," "The Orville," "Titanic," and "Pride & Prejudice," to name just a few. When she's not writing, Renée teaches and writes English country dances and obsesses about romcoms and Jane Austen film adaptations.


Renée has a bachelor's degree in musical theatre from the University of Michigan, a master's degree in dance from American University in D.C., and a certificate in journalism from UCLA.

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