Carolyn Osorio

Photo of Carolyn Osorio
Baltimore, MD
Pratt Institute, University Of Maryland, Global Campus
Political News, Women's Rights, Social Justice
  • Carolyn created (and served as a contributing artist for) a social justice-themed public art mural project that featured local artists responding to themes on women's equality, immigration, LGBTQ+ Pride, gentrification, and BLM.
  • In 2015, she appeared on Fox News to talk about Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.
  • After graduation, her op-ed about unpaid internships in the Hillary Clinton campaign was published in USA Today and led to a stint as a contributing writer for Elite Daily.


Carolyn began her writing journey as an undergraduate art critic, previewing student art shows on the Pratt Institute campus. While writing was always a part of her career in communications, it wasn't until she served as a staff writer for a local San Diego paper that she was able to focus on her own writing. Her writing has been featured in USA Today, the Coronado Times, Venture Magazine, and Money Digest.


Carolyn holds a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MBA from the University of Maryland, Global Campus.

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