Jacqueline Delibes

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Los Angeles
New York University
Personal Development And Coaching, Lifestyle/health And Wellness, Emotional Health
  • As a HeartMath Certified coach, Jacqueline teaches tools that calm the nervous system, a type of training that informs any wellness lifestyle writing she does.
  • Interviewing charismatic writer/performers for a theatre company — all women — plugged her into the nuances of other women's personal lives and their biggest concerns.
  • Jacqueline wrote eight chapters of a personal development book for a psychotherapist.


Jacqueline has had many professional paths. Her first career after film school was working in feature and documentary post-production. She worked on shows for CBS, HBO, PBS, and cut sound for indie filmmakers. As a performer in quirky, artistically fulfilling off-Broadway shows, she also auditioned for commercials she was tragically wrong for. As a writer, Jacqueline likes getting personal, helping people navigate huge transitions, and she's a champion of women everywhere grabbing their power. If she can sneak in some humor, she'll do it.


Jacqueline spent her freshman year at Northwestern University and then graduated from New York University with a BFA in Film.

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