8 Makeup Trends That Will Be Everywhere In 2024

As the years come and go, so do makeup trends. After years of the clean girl aesthetic and the makeup-free face dominating our feeds, 2023 was our first indication that more dramatic makeup was at last making its long awaited comeback. If you need evidence, look no further than the selection of colorful, food-inspired beauty fads everyone followed last year — from cinnamon color palettes, to dark, vampy lips and the rise of cherry mocha makeup. We even saw entire blush aesthetics created around fruit, like strawberry girl and tomato girl. And though remnants of those trends are still showing up on TikTok, with the new year, we're already seeing a host of new, creative looks taking over. 

As for what's in store, it's clear that nostalgia is still at the forefront of everyone's mind, with the Y2K resurgence dominating. And yes, that includes (spoiler alert) — blue eyeshadow! But there are plenty of other new ideas that are sure to keep our faces looking extra glamorous through the year. So grab your colored liners and your lip gloss, because we're taking a deep dive into some of the big makeup trends to come.

Bold eye looks are back

Although the 'clean girl' aesthetic and no-makeup makeup has dominated TikTok the past few years, that look is expected to be on the way out. According to makeup artist Aari Pal, 2024 trends will steer away from barely-there brown eyeliners and muted shadows, for some much more striking colors on our peepers. Think bright, colorblock cat eyes, neon shadows, and colorful lashes. "I can see the evolution of bold eye makeup for 2024," Pal told Who What Wear UK. "From daring graphics to vibrant liners and even rhinestones for special occasions, eyes may become the most versatile, standout accessory, allowing an exciting expression of individuality," he shared.

Strategic highlighter is making a comeback

If you're anything like us and spent the 2010s watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, you probably remember a time when highlighter ruled all. We swiped it on our cheekbones, your cupid's bows, nose bridges, and foreheads. Though the trend faded out in the late 2010s as natural makeup and bronzed contour became the norm, for 2024, it's expected this product will make a luminous return to the mainstream. 

Makeup artist Michael Anthony told Glamour that this time around, using highlighter will be all about being selective with placement. "Shaping the face with thoughtful highlights instead of intense shading will be very popular in 2024. Taking care of your skin and showing off the texture with luminous, skin-friendly products — even deeper shades that are typically matte can have a sparkle," he shared.

While blue eyeshadow is in for a renaissance

In 2023, we caught inklings of a Y2k icy blue shadow making a comeback thanks to celebrities like Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift. And it looks like the trend seems to be going nowhere in 2024, blues of every hue being in for your eye looks. 

Whether it's owed to a renewed public interest in Y2k pop stars like Britney Spears, or simply because people are over no-makeup makeup is unclear, but what is certain is that searches for blue eyeshadow tutorials are on the rise, with millions of video views under hashtags like mermaid makeup and aquamarine shadow.Now, don't fret if you're still scared of piling on the cool color. "There are so many options within the blue world, from warmer electric blues and grungy navy blues to baby icy blues," makeup artist Donni Davy told Refinery29. And, according to Davy at least, blue shadow may well be easier to pull off than you might think. "The cool thing about blue is that I've never seen it on anyone where it didn't look really good on them," he said. Not feeling the shadow? Then try blue elsewhere on the eye! Professional makeup artist Jordan Plath told Real Simple blue will also be seen in mascara and liner.

Silver shimmer will also be popular all over the face

Speaking of Y2k trends, shimmery metallics are in full-force for 2024 going-out looks. Celebrity makeup artist Emily Gray told Real Simple that we have Beyoncé to thank for this one, as she was all about silver everything during her 2023 Renaissance tour, which had people dressing to the nines in the futuristic, space-age hue. Those who didn't get a chance to join in on the fun last year can now play around with the hue in their makeup. Silver eyeshadow is one of the easiest ways to try this trend, but you could also try a silver-leaning highlighter, metallic eyeliner, or even a silver shimmer lip gloss.

Ombre lips will be hot

Another way to be in with your makeup for 2024? Ombre lips. The two-tone lip trend first made a splash on runways way back in 2017, not too long after ombre hair had dominated the 2010s. Its signature feature is a darker color on the outer part of your mouth which then diffuses into a lighter shade in the middle.

As for how to get this look? L'Oréal Paris league of experts makeup artist Allan Avendaño recommended while speaking to TZR, "[Use] a combination of lipsticks to create a gradient hue." He also noted, "[Use] a darker lip liner coloring the lips partially and then applying a gloss on top." The This look can be as subtle or bold as you like too. If you want something more vibrant, then try a super light and a super dark shade, or different colors entirely. Want something softer? Then use shades closer together in the same color range.

Bold red lips will also be a big trend

Swifties, rejoice! Because Taylor Swift's signature red lip will be a big trend for 2024, according to Michael Anthony. He told Glamour, "Trends tend to be cyclical, and red lipstick is a classic that we haven't seen trending in a while. It's such a bold and sexy statement that is ready for a revamp." So how exactly do you get this daring look? Anthony recommended sporting red lips with tanned skin, noting, "A reimagined retro throwback can be cyber-inspired It girl or classic Hollywood." If you want some inspo to help you get started, we've got all the details on Taylor Swift's favorite red lipsticks. 

Glossy lips will dominate

While we're on the subject of lip trends, those who prefer a glossy pout will be delighted to learn having a super shiny, glossy kisser is still trending for 2024. As Aari Pal told Who What Wear UK, matte lips will take a back seat for every day looks in lieu of these simpler shiny looks. "Lips will take center stage, with light-reflecting colors," he explained. "[This will add] an extra layer of intrigue to your makeup look," he teased. Count us in!

And go peachy when it comes to blush

Fall 2023 had us all talking about adding orange blush to our makeup routines, and it seems that's advice we should carry into the new year. "Warm and peachy blush colors will be prominent in 2024," Jordan Plath told Real Simple. And it sounds like its placement on the cheeks will be just as important as the shade itself in the years ahead. Plath recommended applying it to the apples of the cheeks rather than the higher blush placement we've been seeing across TikTok in 2023. "[Blend] out over a larger area with additional touches of blush subtly added to the eyelids, nose, chin, and forehead creating a warm, radiant glow," he recommended.