How To Ace The Tomato Girl Makeup Aesthetic

With summer feeling extra scorching, it's no wonder that the Tomato Girl look is racking up views on TikTok. Thanks to its wholesome, sun-kissed appeal, this blush-heavy look has taken over where the bronzer-centric latte makeup look left off. Whereas the latter is reminiscent of the glamorous '90s-era supermodels, the Tomato Girl aesthetic calls to mind a woman enjoying a jaunt through Italy during summer, having garden picnics, and drinking pinot noir in her sundress and straw hat. 

The rising popularity of this aesthetic can be credited to another iconic girl. "We saw a huge surge in Barbie Pink blush, which really ushered in the era of full blush looks," celebrity makeup artist Kasey Spickard noted to Byrdie. (Another fruit-themed blush look? The Strawberry Girl with her dusting of faux freckles.) But before you head out to get that natural flush from sun exposure, keep in mind that a healthy-looking ruddiness is central to the Tomato Girl aesthetic. Rather than risking an unflattering (and painful) sunburn, do some clever makeup application instead to recreate that enviable fresh-from-a-European-vacation glow. 

Because it's summer, Spickard advised applying makeup with a lighter touch so your skin doesn't feel smothered, especially with the heat. Betches also described the Tomato Girl's predominantly red palette as minimalistic and subtle — basically, a rosier version of the no-makeup makeup look.  

Blush is this look's highlight product

Taking its cue from its namesake, the Tomato Girl look doesn't just have reddened cheeks as the main feature but supple reddened skin. There's no instant step to achieving this other than following a proper skincare regimen. However, you can let its natural texture shine with a serum-based foundation that feels light on the skin. For blemishes or trouble areas you're self-conscious about, such as the under-eye areas, pat on some concealer.

Blush is the essential makeup product for nailing the Tomato Girl aesthetic. The Cool Hour advised using a terracotta-based shade for that "perfectly ripe flush," preferably in either liquid or cream form for a dewy finish. (Cosmopolitan also recommended combining your bronzer and blush for a nice, ruddy glow.) Apply it on the areas of the face where sunlight naturally hits: the apples of the cheeks, across the bridge of the nose, and the top of the forehead. Apply more color than what you usually do, especially on your cheeks. Just follow Spickard's tip to start light, gradually building on and blending your blush to avoid getting into clown territory.

Apply eyeshadow that's just slightly darker than your skin tone on your eyelids then coat your lashes with mascara. Groom your brows with gel but skip filling them in. Swipe some berry lip tint on your lips to achieve that wine-stained look, then dab some gold highlighter under your brow bone and on your cheekbones and Cupid's bow.

It's an easy, breezy, perfect-for-every-day look

If you want to live your full Tomato Girl fantasy, complement your makeup with your tresses left loose. You can also pull your hair back in a soft bun with a few romantic-looking tendrils framing your face. The more natural the texture of your hair, the better it would fit right in with the look's wholesome, effortless charm. Accessorize your hairstyle with a bow or a bright scarf, then put on a linen sundress or a ruffled off-shoulder blouse and a maxi skirt to complete your Tomato Girl transformation.   

Aside from the fun of having another food-themed beauty trend to savor, this trendy look works well on any skin tone. You also don't necessarily have to make any new purchases. As long as the blush you already use looks close to the color your own skin takes on when flushed with heat, you're good to go. And because it emphasizes a natural, carefree attitude, it's also a pretty quick and easy look to do, regardless of your makeup skill level — no contouring or eyeliner drawing required. Even when you're stuck with deadlines in the office, taking a quick peek at your Tomato Girl look in the mirror makes it easier to imagine that you're having the time of your life somewhere in Portofino, having pasta and wine to your heart's content.