Latte Makeup Is The Bronzy Summer Trend You Need To Try

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We've seen a bunch of makeup trends lately where bright color is the star. Juicy pink lips, purple eyes, that sort of thing. If that's not what you're feeling these days, there is a new summer makeup trend called "latte makeup" that keeps it neutral, bronzey, and creamy, just like a latte. The name of the trend comes to us from artist Rachel Rigler, whose TikTok video where she christened this look for the rest of us (via Glamour UK) is getting a ton of views. The look is all over Instagram as well, and there are so many ways to wear it. 


In addition to being a great beach look, the warm glow you get from these shades of caramel, bronze, brown, and suede put one in the mindset of the late 1990s' Hard Candy Caffeine Lipsticks that actually had caffeine in them, or Jennifer Aniston's Rachel look from the beginning of the series. You can even combine this with the purple makeup trend since it's on the opposite side of the color wheel. For instance, you could do a bronze eye with lavender or plum eyeliner. Sit back and enjoy your delicious iced latte while we tell you all about how to look like the personification of Central Perk. 

Latte lids

Rachel Rigler talked about this trend by saying, "It's warm and bronzy, milky and effortless," and she's onto something here. This is one of the easiest trends to pull off this season. The likelihood is that you already have some sort of neutral browns, tans, and bronzes in your makeup drawer. Plus, you don't really have to do any matching. As long as you're sticking to the warm brown tones (which look good on most skin types and shades), you're doing great. 


For the eyes, you can keep it light if you like, but if you want to go dramatic, try Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow in Hollywood Calling, which is a shimmering bronze, on the lid and blend it up into the crease. Use a peachy neutral from the same line in Walking in the Sand under the brow. (You can emphasize your eyebrows here — the color palette supports it.) Line the top and the bottom with Milani Stay Put Eyeliner in Duchess. A black mascara will look stunning, but if you really like the monochrome look, you can use brown as well. Don't be afraid to use the eyeliner on your lower water line, too. The monochromatic nature of this look works well with that style. 

For something softer, Formless Beauty has a lovely Bronze Beauty eyeshadow palette that gives you everything you need. These are shimmer as well — Don't fear the shimmer, friends! It will reflect the light beautifully as you glide through the sunshine. 


Latte cheeks

The cheeks are also easy for this look because it's very likely that you either have a bronzer you love (like any of the Nars Mini Laguna Bronzer colors) or a golden shimmer for your cheekbones. The best looks we've seen for cheeks take the darker bronze from the lower apples of the cheeks and sweep up under the cheekbones and up onto the temples. You can even blend the color into your eyeshadow. 


To keep from looking sort of dusty and like you've been hiking in the park for a few hours, skip matte products for this look and go with the shimmer and shine. Use a shimmering peach or gold on the cheekbones like Rare Beauty's Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight in Flaunt, which you can even blend under your eyebrows. We don't recommend just using bronze solely on the apples of the cheek, but if you like a little pop of color, try doing the above, then adding a little bit of a dusty rose or a peachy color on the apples. A little brush across the forehead, the tip of the nose, and the chin tie the look together. 

Latte lips

If you're going heavier on the eyes and/or cheeks, you can stay lighter on the lips. The latte effect will work with anything in the brown or bronze family, perhaps with a little rose in there. If you want to keep it soft, try Kylie Cosmetics lip liner in Iced Latte and cover with either a sheer gold or a clear gloss. If you prefer layering colors, use that liner with Palladio Herbal Lipgloss in Sheer Bronze. Anything in the caramel tones works, of course, since that's the color of an actual latte, but don't be afraid to try a plumy caramel gloss like Rimmel Stay Glossy 6HR Lip Gloss in Date Night.


If you're more of a lipstick gal, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coffee Bean is a great choice. It's got a little shimmer, but it's not glittery. (In fact, while shimmer is great, we'd skip the actual glitter, or it can look like too much. (Unless "too much" is what you're going for, and if so, enjoy, sun goddess!) A great sheer lipstick with a little dusty rose in there is L'Oréal Paris Glow Paradise Hydrating Balm-in-Lipstick in Mulberry Bliss.

Latte face

The great thing about latte makeup is that you can keep the whole thing fairly monochrome, down to your entire face. That doesn't mean it has to look flat, though. In fact, of all the makeup looks, latte makeup is one of the best to support contouring if you like to do that. You're already staying close to your own skin tone, so feel free to play. One tip from Rigler is to keep most of the foundation off of the nose, which makes it appear as though you're wearing less makeup. 


You don't have to get a different foundation, though. You merely have to add a few "bronzing drops" to your regular makeup, serum, or moisturizer. Drunk Elephant's D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Serum Drops. They work great for the body as well, and they've got vitamin D and antioxidants to keep your skin hydrated. That's our final tip. You don't need to powder on top, as a little shine just adds to the overall look. No sun is required!