Cream Blush Gives You A Beachy Glow Without The Sunburn

Blush is a multi-talented beauty product that is often overlooked. Many people don't use it or consider it unnecessary in their makeup routine. You might tell yourself that since you've already contoured, highlighted, and bronzed your face, you really don't need it — but you do! 

Contrary to popular opinion, blush can be used basically anywhere on the face to add warmth. According to celebrity makeup artist and beauty influencer Spencer, the best place to use blush other than the cheeks is under your eyes. As shown in this TikTok video he posted to his account, @paintedbyspencer, a little bit of blush can do an amazing job concealing those pesky dark circles under the eyes.

Blush is versatile when it comes to facial placement, but also for different occasions. When getting ready to head to the beach, a little blush might become your new best friend. The only thing to keep in mind is that not all blush formulas will work the same for the perfect beach look.

How to be perfectly blushed at the beach

Nailing your makeup look for a beach day can be tough. If you don't pick the right products for your skin, the whole thing can go downhill very quickly — exposure to the sun is no joke! "When the sun's rays hit the skin, regardless of the skin type, there will be free-radical damage. But the reaction on the skin surface will vary across skin types," Chytra Anand, a cosmetic dermatologist and founder of Kosmoderma, shares with Vogue.

Whatever your skin type may be, your skin is likely to get a bit dehydrated during a day at the beach. If you want to nail the "no makeup" makeup look for a daycation at the seaside while also keeping your skin in check, look no further than a cream blush. "Whether or not you are a makeup wearer, cream blush is a great way to add a youthful warmth and glow to your complexion," Nick Lujan, a makeup artist and the director of artistry and education for Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, tells Byrdie.

Cream blush will give your skin that extra hydration it needs on a hot beach day. It's also super easy to use, as it doesn't require a base of foundation underneath. In fact, you will easily achieve a more natural look by just using the cream-based blush on your bare skin.

Choosing the right blush shade and how to apply it

As with most makeup products, your perfect blush shade is determined by your skin's tone and undertone. "The deeper your skin, the more pigment you need in your blush," celebrity makeup artist Delina Medhin shares with mindbodygreen. Still, the undertone of your skin can completely change the way a blush color looks on you. According to makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran, "On the wrong undertones, certain shades and colors can make you look rather dull and lackluster." If you're having trouble finding your color, try mixing two different blush shades for midtone blushing to create the perfect match.

After you've found your perfect blush shade, you need to know how to apply the cream-based product properly. As it's buildable, start with a smaller amount and add more if needed. Katie Jane Hughes, a celebrity makeup artist, advises not to rub the blush in as that will make the color fade. "Just pick up a tiny bit, apply it slowly. You shouldn't see the payoff immediately. You should see it gradually," she shared with The New York Times.

As for the technique, experiment! Use the blush however you feel comfortable — on your cheeks, eyes, lips, or wherever. You could even try blush contouring to lift your cheekbones. Just remember, a little cream blush will go a long way, especially for the beach.