The Colorblock Cat-Eye Is The Boldest Makeup Trend On Runways Right Now

If you've been keeping an eye on what's been going on in the fashion world recently, you've probably noticed pastel eyeshadows and some bold, out-there eyeliner sashaying down the runways for SS 2024 collections. Both Phillip Lim and Chet Lo showed off some very brave eyeliner designs for their runway shows, with models rocking everything from geometric white blocks to bright green smudgier patches over their eyes. "I predict that the spring/summer '24 makeup trends are going to be all about vibrant, bold, color eyeliners," Glamazon Beauty's founder and celebrity makeup artist Kim Baker told Elle. She noted that shades like royal blues, vibrant reds, and bold pinks will be some of the hottest colors to rock. "In 2024, the vibrant color-lined eye will dominate the street and our makeup bag," she added.

But while we've been seeing colorbock cat-eyes taking center stage on 2024's runway shows, the look has been around for a while now, as we first saw it gain popularity on Instagram back in 2018. This time around though, the trend has gone that little bit further in terms of colors and designs, with some super daring versions of the concept being seen during fashion shows, putting a twist on a classic colorblocked cat-eye.

If you're wondering how to get in on the colors yourself, look no further! We're rounding up a few of our very favorite takes on this look you can try at home to get yourself right on trend for 2024.

This twist on the cat-eye eyeliner is oh so out there

As the 2024 trend for colorblock bright eyeliner is the cat-eye, this is a great way to put a twist on the traditional, to really compliment the eye. Not only is this version daring, but it's also super glossy, taking the look to a whole new level.

Or try a simpler bolder look

If you've been wanting to try a more out-there eyeliner look but don't feel as though you quite have the skills (yet!), then this could be for you! A simpler, bright cat-eye liner that mimics the classic shape but is a bit thicker than usual is a great beginner's introduction to the colorblock eyeliner look. Giving this version a go will help you get a little more confident and practice the traditional shape before moving on to something a little more complex.

And you can't go wrong with neon

As this look is all about daring, bright, eye-catching makeup, it goes really well with a neon shade. This twist on the cat-eye shows how showstopping a neon liner can be, without having to put in a whole lot of effort. This daring neon yellow look is super simple to achieve and is super effective.

While a bold orange twist on the cat-eye will bring attention

Another fun way to take on the colorblock cat-eye is via this fun, bright orange look. It gives the shape of the classic cat-eye but is a far more modern version of the classic look, as it continues up into the crease and down almost as far as the inner corner.

Eyeshadow or an eye pencil can also be used for a softer look

Finding the whole liquid eyeliner colorblock cat-eye a little harsh? Then you could get the same look in a slightly softer way by using an eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil. This look shows how eyeliner can be used to frame the eye and then smudged outwards from the outer corner for a more diffused effect. Just remember to still go bold with your shadow shade though, as this look is all about the drama.

And thick white cat-eye colorblock liner can also pack a punch

Not a fan of putting a super vibrant shade on your eyes? This look proves you can still get the desired effect with white eyeliner, with the addition of the classic black liner if you feel like you need that extra step to anchor your look. This version of the makeup makes use of a very thick line about the upper lashline before winging out for an updated version of the traditional cat-eye look.