Pastel Eye Makeup Is Trending For 2023 And 2024, According To The Runways

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Pastel eye makeup was a welcome surprise during spring/summer 2024 fashion shows around the world. In Milan, runways were awash in soft lilacs, dreamy pinks, seafoam greens, and buttery yellows, as models wore the pale color trend on their lids. Versace led the way with sky blue eyeshadow on models. Meanwhile, Prada was all about the mango sherbet look as a whimsical upgrade from charcoal smokey eyes. Maryling's makeup look was cut from the same cloth, with models walking runways in eyeshadow in muted tangerine tones. 

A lot of makeup trends lately lean into pale, creamy pastel tones. The subtle milk bath manicure is all about these soft pastels, while bubble bath nails are yet another example of pastels working their way into current beauty trends. Well, pastel power has now worked its way up from the nails and has taken over eyeshadow tones, leading to a soft look. 

A triple-tone pastel eye in seafoam green, sky blue, and lilac

Count on TikTok to jump on the pastel eyeshadow trend right away. TikTok personality Glam By Mariah shared how to style the look by combining a pastel teal, sky blue, and lilac as a three-part look. She finished it off with winged liner and false lashes. While Glam By Mariah didn't link the exact palette used, people in the comments suggested trying Blend Bunny Cosmetics' Sickly Sweet Eye and Face Palette for $44. The comprehensive palette has everything you could need to achieve the dreamy look. 

Pale blue shadow with pearls

Why not lean into blues as a way of playing with the pastel eyeshadow trend? The dreamy look is playful without being overly colorful or cartoonish. You can achieve a pale blue wash with Glossier's Skywash Liquid-to-Powder Sheer Matte Eyeshadow Tint in Cornflower Pastel (for $18). Ami Colé also makes a perfect product for this look in their Lid Joy Matte Liquid Eyeshadow in Sky Blue (for $16). Finish it off with black liquid liner and mascara. For an under-the-sea vibe, add some self-adhesive pearls on the brow bone. It gives mermaid energy in a big way. 

Pastel blues and lilacs with a glossy, dark lip

The combination of shimmer and pastels is gorgeous, and combining blues and lilacs makes us think of a cotton candy cloud. The look is deliberately over-the-top, with shadow applied to the lids and under the eyes. Instead of going matte with pastel tones, the shimmer amps up the whimsy to this look. ColourPop Cosmetics has everything needed to achieve this in their fade into hue palette for $35. This look doesn't use a thick, black liner or false lashes. Instead, ground it with a dark, vampy purple lip. 

A sea-foam green colorblock cat-eye

A simple wash of sea foam green is a great way to work pastels into a look. The shimmery pastel tone looks great when used to create a colorblock cat-eye effect. Achieve this powerful shape by using an eye primer on your lids, or even a concealer to create a base and give the eyeshadow the boost it'll need. Then create the oversized cat-eye shape on your lids with a pastel green eyeshadow like Lethal Cosmetics Magnetic Pressed Pigment in Hyperspace (for $16.50). A liquid shadow is also a great choice, like Danessa Myricks Beauty Twin Flames Liquid Eyeshadow in Opal Green + Hazelnut, for $26. This look can stand alone without heavy liner or mascara. 

Glitter and pastel fairycore makeup

Balletcore is having a major moment, as are all the other high-femme aesthetics, like princesscore, cottagecore, and fairycore. On TikTok, @nazliayunus showcased the fairycore trend with pastel and glitter makeup, and the final effect was spectacular. On her lids, Nazlia wore a combination of soft lilacs, sea-foams, and pinks with added glitter. To achieve this color combination, you may want to try the Natasha Denona Retro Glam Eyeshadow Palette for $69. Danessa Myricks Beauty's Infinite Chrome Flakes Multichrome Gel for Eyes & Face for $26 offers some added glitter. Throw some Y2K-inspired butterfly clips in your hair and you've got yourself a pastel look. 

Pastel rainbow with a yellow center

A soft lemon sorbet center is the perfect way to play with multiple tones of pastel eyeshadow. Create a rainbow canvas across your lids using a pastel palette like the Garden of Juvia Eyeshadow by Juvia's Place for $25. To achieve a strong enough yellow center, try HAUS LABS BY LADY GAGA's Hy-Power Eye, Cheek & Lip Pigment Paint in Primary Yellow for $24. Just use the product sparingly so that the look reads as pastel rather than heavily pigmented. Apply a shimmery, pastel pink highlighter to both the cheeks and brow bone. Finish off with a delicate set of false lashes. No need to use heavy eyeliner for this look.