Cinnamon Makeup Is Winter's Coziest Beauty Trend

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For anyone keeping tabs on the latest beauty trends floating around TikTok, you may have heard about cinnamon makeup. Cinnamon makeup was first introduced to the social media-dom by Rachel Rigler, who created a TikTok video on the look back in September. In the clip, Rigler explained that the trend, which she specifically called "cinnamon spice girl makeup" is a twist on the latte makeup trend you may have seen before. Latte makeup was big over the summer, but was a little more understated than this new version. Cinnamon is an updated take on latte makeup for more of a winter-appropriate twist, while also being pretty similar to the pumpkin spice trend we also saw take hold earlier in the year.


But what the heck is cinnamon makeup? Well, according to Rigler, to nail the cinnamon makeup look, you want to think of autumn tones like warmer browns and bronze shades. Warm terracotta is big here, as well as earthy shades that bring some warmth to the face. "[It's] got to be warm, got to be earthy, and got to be spicy," Rigler explained. She added in a second TikTok video on the trend that the cinnamon look should be effortless and not too made up. But while cinnamon makeup came to fruition over the autumn, it's certainly carried on through into winter, and multiple celebs have been rocking the makeup trend we're sure you'll love.

Celebrities love cinnamon makeup

A number of big-name celebrities have rocked the cinnamon makeup look, proving it really is here to stay as the weather turns colder. Jennifer Lopez is just one of the A-listers who has acknowledged the makeup trend, as she took to TikTok in November to share how she puts her own twist on the basic latte look to create her cinnamon makeup style. "There's been a lot of talk about this latte makeup trend. I've been doing that a long time, so I want to give this a holiday twist," Lopez explained in the clip. She described her more understated look as being both pumpkin spice and cinnamon inspired, as pumpkin spice makeup and cinnamon makeup looks are pretty similar.


Another major star we've seen rocking cinnamon makeup? Zendaya. The "Euphoria" star stepped out wearing a more full-on version of the warm bronze makeup while attending Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer '24 show in October. She rocked a warm bronzy eye with plenty of bronzer over her cheeks and nose to give a gorgeous glow. On her lips, she wore a slightly darker cinnamon shade than we saw on Lopez or Rachel Rigler, with a heavy liner to bring an extra dose of the on-trend brown to her look.

What shades work for the cinnamon makeup look?

In Jennifer Lopez's TikTok video, she revealed the different products she wears — and how she wears them — to get her bronzy cinnamon look. Lopez started by applying a warm brown shadow to the creases of her eyelids before adding a more yellow-tinted brown shade (think a latte color) to her lids. The star didn't confirm the exact shades she was using, though Too Faced's Pumpkin Spice Second Slice palette ($40 from Too Faced) is packed with shades perfect for this look. She then added a highlighter (JLo Beauty's That Star Filter Complexion Booster in Pink Champagne, $39 from JLo Beauty) to the tops of her cheekbones and her nose for that JLo glow.


For her lips, which the "Ain't Your Mama" hitmaker called a "Cinnamon-y spice" lip, she applied a cinnamon brown shade lipliner (she didn't specify which, but Mac's Spice, $24 from Mac, is great for this look). "We do the dark on the outside and contour in and you leave the middle open," she recommended, before applying JLo's Beauty's Beso ($19 from JLo Beauty) balm in the middle of her lips. If you want a little more on your lips though, try swapping out a nude or pink lipstick for something a little more cinnamon-leaning, such as Mac's matte lipstick in Taupe ($23 from Mac) with a gloss over the top. Lopez then added a little bronzer and a little extra highlighter to complete the look.