A Top-Handle Bag Is The Timeless Addition Your Wardrobe Needs

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Don't you think it's about time to add a new bag to your collection? If so, we've got just the one that will add a bit of sophistication and chicness to your look. Summer's hottest purse trends are all about upgrading the classics, and luckily, they go with everything. There's one classic bag style, in particular, that's taking the world by storm. And, while some may view it as old-fashioned, what's old is new again, and this bag is once again utterly on-trend.


The top-handle bags have made a triumphant return from the '90s, and not only are they a perfect addition to our beloved nostalgia-inspired looks, but they're also helping us lean into the "quiet luxury" trend that's making all the it-girls serve up fashion statements with a side of subtlety. If you want to pivot from your shoulder or crossbody bag to something that's a bit more modern and elevated, there are more than just a few styles of top-handle bags that are making the rounds, and you're sure to find one that fits any of your many moods and styles.

Revamp your everyday bag

We all have a go-to everyday bag that goes with almost everything. For a lot of us, that bag is likely a crossbody or a big oversized tote. And, we get it — when it comes to a bag we can count on, we all want ease, comfort, and plenty of room for all our junk. Well, now is the time to class up your everyday bag and give it a chic, understated makeover. Swapping out your typical everyday purse for a neutral, top-handle bag will give your whole look a sophisticated upgrade. 


Try something like this classy Kate Spade satchel or this slouchy tote on for size. And, don't worry — we can still embrace the oversized handbag comeback. There are plenty of roomy top-handle bags, like this summery rattan option or this classic Coach satchel

The new clutch

For most of us, a clutch is the go-to bag for going out or dressing up for fancy events. These days, though, opting for a small, sophisticated top-handle bag is the perfect way to add a more unexpected, on-trend element to your evening look. 


Not only will your entire ensemble look just a bit more elevated, but a top-handle bag is quite a bit easier to carry around with you all night than the average clutch. This acrylic bag is so unique and perfect for attending a wedding or formal event, and this bag is the epitome of cool and sleek for a night out on the town. 

Business casual knows no bounds

If you think there's something a bit office-ready about a top-handle bag, you're definitely on to something, but don't let this dissuade you from hopping on the trend. Most of the ways we've seen bags with top handles in their time out of the trend cycle spotlight have been in the form of bags in the briefcase family. 


That said, the top-handle bag renaissance is the perfect way to add a bit of business casual to any 'fit. Bags like this adorable leather option or this unique Foxlover bag are the perfect uniform style essentials to channel your inner Shiv Roy from "Succession," whether you're headed to the office or not. Come on — who doesn't want to have just a bit of that sophistication in their daily wardrobe?

The art of the modern, architectural bag

You've most likely noticed a rise in the modern art-inspired, architectural-looking bags with built-in top handles. Circular, soft bags like this understated Pettata bag are all-the-rage, as well as more interesting, artistic styles like this amazing PVC bag


Going an entirely different route, there are more structured options like this beaded bag or this adorable wicker one. This style of bag is so on-trend among the fashionistas of the world, and it jives in perfectly with a high-fashion look that fits into the quiet luxury trend. 

Don't fear the mini bag

Top-handle bags taking over the trend cycle makes way for an ever-loved and feared accessory: the mini bag. As Charlotte York of "Sex and the City" once said upon asking to borrow a tampon, "I have them at home but they won't fit in my Kate Spade purse." 


Still, there's a reason why we continue to reach for the tiniest of bags: it's because they're downright adorable. Plus, utilitarian styles are bringing us the pocket-heavy fashion we need this summer, so you'll have a place for an extra tampon even if it doesn't fit in your mini bag. This hot pink one is so adorable, we'd be willing to leave our wallets at home and just stuff our credit cards inside this little guy. 

Try a top-handle fashion statement

There's plenty to be said for a top-handle bag taking over for your everyday, go-with-everything bags, but that doesn't mean that there's no room to have fun with this style. If you're ready to stop playing it safe with neutral bags and embrace the rise of the colorful purse, you are definitely not alone. There are so many options for giving any ensemble a pop of color, like this bold, colorful Coach satchel or this cool, orange Aldo piece.


If color isn't exactly your fashion statement of choice, you may want to choose a bag that packs a punch in a different way. Novelty bags are not always as silly as you might think, and they can really elevate your look when done right. This incredible Mary Frances car purse? This amazing Betsey Johnson basketball bag? We are, quite simply, obsessed.