Stop Playing It Safe With Neutral Bags & Embrace The Rise Of The Colorful Purse

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If there's one thing that summer 2023 is sure to be full of, it's bold color trends. Yes — color is alive and well in the fashion world, and of course, there are more ways than one to create a colorful ensemble. Yet, one of our favorite ways to incorporate a bold hue into our look these days is with a brightly colored bag. As far as we're concerned, it's time to ditch our emotional support black shoulder bag or brown crossbody purse and start discovering the many ways to add just a little bit more oomph to every outfit through what we're carrying on our arm. 

If, like us, you're ready to embrace the oversized handbag comeback and stop pretending you can fit everything in a tiny clutch, then it may be time to make an investment in a new, roomy, bold bag to add to your closet. But, what bold color should you choose? Don't worry; there's no need to panic or scour your wardrobe to see which color would coordinate with the most 'fits. Instead, we're all about embracing the many ways that we can add colorful bags to any outfit and discovering how one bag can make a big impact. So, kick back, relax, and get ready to add a brightly colored bag or two to your wishlist for the coming season. We've got every way to make your new go-to purse a colorful one. 

A pop on a monochrome 'fit

Monochrome looks have been all the rage for the past few seasons. Creating a monochromatic ensemble is an easy way to whip up a look that is effortless and put-together without needing to put in too much effort to make sure everything's coordinated. One of the best additions to a monochrome outfit is a bag that adds a pop of color. You can still maintain the laidback, easy look of the single-hue ensemble but with a bit of welcomed interest. And, don't shy away from a denim-on-denim look like this one; it's 'in' these days. 

A whole monochrome moment

If you're ready to lean into the monochrome trend, a pop of color isn't the only chic move to make with the hue of your bag. We happen to love a monochrome outfit in a statement color paired with a bag to match. Matching sets are super popular these days, especially in the warm weather months. Choosing one with a matching bag will make the set even cuter and make an even bigger statement. We love how effortless this easy pink matching set would look with this matching belt bag and some white sandals. 

Complementing a bold print

We all love a bold print for the warmer months. A sundress or skirt in a print with vibrant colors is a great way to add some visual interest to your look. If your instinct is to stay away from adding brightly colored accessories when you're sporting a bold print, you're not alone. Still, you may want to rethink your stance when you're selecting a bag to carry with you. Choosing a bag in a hue that complements the bright palette print of your ensemble can make your outfit pop and look even more put-together. 

Multicolor print

There's more to the colorful purse trend than just a bag in a bright hue. There's also a bag with a multicolor print. We often overlook boldly printed bags, because they can be more intimidating to style than bags with just one color. Still, a bag in a multicolor print can make such a unique statement when popped on with a neutral outfit. A bag like this can give your everyday ensembles a bit more detail. We love the idea of pairing this colorful, printed Coach bag with our favorite white sundress or jeans and a tank top.


There's a lot to be said for adding an unexpected pop of color to a 'fit with a more neutral palette. Yet, sometimes a purse that's a perfect match can be an equally pleasant surprise. Gone are the days of avoiding matching our purses to our outfits, because we don't want one color to overwhelm the ensemble. Instead, experiment with matching your other accessories to your purse or choosing a bag in the same color as your top. The way this outfit matches a pale pink top with a choker and bag adds a truly chic twist. 

Adding interest to monochrome

Another way to match your bag to your ensemble in an updated, fresh way is by matching your bag to one article of clothing in your outfit but with a bit of added interest. For example, we love the way this eyeball print purse ties the outfit together with the white from the jeans and the lavender from the cami, but it also adds a bit of fun with the funky, unexpected print. Do you love the idea of this Coach cherry bag paired with a red dress as much as we do? 

For a neon fashion statement

If you're going to go for a bright color, why not go all the way? We're talking about the brightest of the bright: neon. There's definitely nothing boring about this look, but imagine how much interest would be lost had this bag been a black one or even a more classic pop of color like red? You may want to consider a neon bag for all your neutral outfits if you're looking for a modern update on a bag in a pop of color. This yellow mini bag from Trendeology is perfect and under $40. 

Go bold or go home

Even if you're a fan of wearing bright colors or love a bag that adds a pop of vibrancy to your look, many of us tend to opt for neutral accessories if our outfit is already bright to avoid clashing or looking over-the-top. Well, the fact that most people don't pair bright ensembles with equally bright accessories is probably one of the reasons why it looks so fresh and unexpected when someone does. If you've got a bright pair of printed pants or a boldly patterned sundress, try it out with a vibrant, solid-colored bag. 

Embrace pastels

When we think of a pop of color, most of us think about a hue that's bright and saturated. And, don't get us wrong, we really do love shades of neon and deep colors for our bags. Still, that doesn't mean that we want to turn a cold shoulder to the pastel options out there. A pastel-colored purse can give you just as bold and interesting pop as a classic red or deep blue might, but there's something a bit lighter and fresher about it. We love this mint green Kate Spade shoulder bag.

Match your bag with your shoes

In 2023, most of us know that the old rule that you must match your shoes to your bag is totally antiquated. That said, it's time to twist this rule around and make it look even cooler and newer. It's unusual to see a brightly colored bag matched with a brightly colored pair of shoes, and this look is just unexpected and unique enough to make us want to replicate it ASAP. A version of this with these Steve Madden sandals and this Guess shoulder bag would be a perfect pairing for the summer.