Greta Pano

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Milwaukee, WI
University Of Wisconsin - Madison, University Of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
LGBTQ Issues In Higher Ed, Media's Portrayal Of Women's Beauty Standards, The Gender Pay Gap And Workplace Sexism
  • Greta worked as a research assistant at the Wisconsin Women's Council where she assisted with writing a report on the gender wage gap in Wisconsin.
  • As an instructor for an Intro to Women's Studies class, Greta taught undergrads about topics related to gender and sex in society, including stereotypes and norms, beauty ideals in the media, intersectionality, women's history, and feminism.
  • She was selected to present her paper "Library Resources for LGBTQ Youth: Resisting Censorship and Discrimination" at an LGBTQ conference in Milwaukee, WI.


Greta's background in women's studies has fostered her passion for social justice and writing about various topics related to women and members of the LGBTQ community. From working as a reproductive healthcare assistant at Planned Parenthood to teaching college students, she has had a range of experiences related to advocating for women's rights. Greta's time in grad school fostered her love of writing on diverse feminist topics – her master's thesis was a feminist analysis of women's studies library collections at academic institutions. Greta has written for BestColleges' diversity and inclusion blog, with a focus on LGBTQ+ issues in college sports, libraries, and discrimination on campuses.


Greta has bachelor's degrees in English and gender studies and master's degrees in women's studies and library and information studies.

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