What Is Mascara Cocktailing? Meet The Trendy Technique That Could Make Falsies A Thing Of The Past

If applying and maintaining your falsies is giving you a headache, you may want to check out the trendy technique of mascara cocktailing. TikTok users and makeup artists are touting this new trend as the perfect way to create the look of lash extensions at home, eliminating the frequent and costly trips to your lash technician. The technique isn't complicated: simply layer on different types of mascara to create the thickest, longest, and curliest lashes possible. The basic idea is that different types of mascara — lengthening, volumizing, and curling — have different results, so why not combine them all to create the ultimate lash effect?

Whether you struggle to apply your own lash extensions at home or are tired of expensive salon visits, applying multiple mascaras is a relatively simpler and lower-cost alternative. It's also an effective option for those of us who aren't interested in wearing false eyelashes for multiple reasons like cost, time, and personal preference. Whatever the reason for choosing this falsie alternative, professional makeup artists — as well as celebrities and experienced makeup users — have tips for how to create and apply the best mascara cocktail.

Why is mascara cocktailing so effective?

If you search #mascaracocktail on TikTok you'll find countless videos of women describing their own uniquely created mascara combinations. Celebrating National Lash Day, Jessica Alba joined in the recent trend by sharing her perfect mascara cocktail for extreme volume, length, lift, and drama. Makeup.com also shares tips on TikTok for finding the right formula for your unique lashes; since everyone's lashes are different, we all have different mascara needs when it comes to achieving our "lash goal." That's why mascara cocktailing is so effective: It combines different types so we can achieve multiple lash effects.

With the rising popularity of false eyelashes, it's no wonder people are looking for lash-extending techniques that have a similar look without the hassle. Mascara cocktailing, however, may just be a new term for an old makeup trick. According to InStyle, celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo highly recommends mascara cocktailing and has been using the technique to "create different textures" on his client's eyelashes for many years. Makeup users are now catching on to this multiple mascara technique, which is fairly simple in concept but just isn't something we're used to. Celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli tells Today, "We're used to using the one, one-size-fits-all method, but I think people are finding more and more that you can actually customize the finish of your lashes by using these different types of mascaras and combining them in a way that creates the lash that you really want."

How to avoid clumps and smudges when applying multiple mascaras

While applying two or three mascaras is relatively uncomplicated, makeup professionals have tips for how to do it while avoiding a clumpy disaster. Oquendo advises taking your time with layering. "Curl your lashes from root to tip, then apply your first layer of mascara and comb through. Then, use your Lashify drying tool. It puffs air on your lashes and sets your mascara faster so your curl won't drop," he says. 

Curling your lashes first and combing through them with a lash comb will help prevent clumps; while drying them with a drying tool that puffs air on your lashes will help set the mascara to prevent it from running — which is important to consider with so many layers of mascara. With the increased chance of flakes and mascara bleeding, it's a good idea to apply primer and setting powder on your eyes and under your eyes to reduce oil and avoid dreaded undereye smudges. You can even lightly brush powder on your eyelashes to help set the mascara.