Watercolor Blush Is The Most Natural Technique For Rosy Cheeks

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Blush is a crucial step in a well-rounded makeup routine, and a watercolor style does something extra special by creating a hydrated, natural finish. While we're all about innovative techniques, one thing we can settle on is that blush is pretty essential when it comes to healthy-looking skin. Whether it's red blush — which works on every skin tone, btw — or a sheered-out blush to create an ethereal look, rosy cheeks are always in style. "There was a moment when it was only about bronzer and highlighter, but blush is back and bolder than ever," makeup artist Jenna Kristina told Vogue. "Adding blush is like adding life back to the skin."


But there can sometimes be a worry about heavy blush, that we're applying too much pigment, resulting in a clown effect. While deliberately bold blush is a look in and of itself (and a gorgeous one, at that), what we're after with watercolor blush is a diffused, subtle flush to the face. For everyone who enjoys a lighter touch when it comes to their makeup, watercolor blush is worth trying. The technique became a massive trend on TikTok after Hailey Bieber posted about doing watercolor blush, with different people sharing their own, unique tricks to achieving this dewy, glowy tint.

The watercolor blush technique involves a cream blush and moisturizer

The watercolor blush technique is incredibly easy to master, and doesn't require that many products. All you'll need is a cream blush and a moisturizer. On TikTok, Danielle Lazenis, @dani_elle_laz, shared her take on Hailey Bieber's dewy blush hack. She started with a dab of Versed Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream on the back of her hand and then added a small squeeze of Glossier's Cloud Paint in Haze. After mixing the two with her finger, Lazenis then gently dabbed the blush on her cheeks, thoroughly blending it out. For continuity, Lazenis patted the remaining product across her nose.


The final effect was really lovely; the diffused blush looked natural and fresh. "Omg you are GLOWING," someone wrote in the comments. Best of all, there's no need to go out and buy additional products. Simply use the moisturizer you already love, and give that liquid or cream blush a whirl. Because the watercolor blush is inherently buttery in its finish, this specific technique relies on a cream or liquid blush rather than a powder format.

Dab the combination of blush and moisturizer with your fingers

The watercolor blush technique is so popular because it's incredibly low maintenance. Several people on TikTok who tried it out simply applied the cream blush and blended moisturizer to their cheeks with their fingers, so there's no need for a sponge or brush. TikToker @alysialoo gave the watercolor blush technique a try and raved about it because it incorporates skincare as makeup. She used Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty Blush in Hope and Hailey Bieber's Rhode Barrier Restore Cream, which is the moisturizer that Bieber herself uses when achieving the watercolor blush hack. Naturally, @alysialoo joked about this unexpected collab between Gomez and Bieber. She then dabbed the blended products onto her cheeks with her finger. People were really into the technique for several different reasons, one of which being you can wear less makeup. "I personally love this! I hate foundation/ wearing layers of makeup so this is lighter and perfect!" one person wrote. It's also a great way to stay hydrated during the dryer, winter months.


For those who prefer applying products with brushes, you certainly can use a brush. TikToker Stefanie, @beautyblogbystef, shared a tutorial of achieving the watercolor blush by dabbing it on her cheeks with a brush, and then diffusing it with a beauty sponge. Stefanie also noted that the watercolor blush hack works just fine with any gel cream, so there's no need to order a specific moisturizer.