The Spring 2024 Color Trends That You'll Be Seeing Everywhere

As the seasons change, so do the colors we'll see trending everywhere. And that's no different when it comes to spring 2024. Though you should always be sure you're wearing the colors you feel most comfortable in and that flatter your complexion, there are a few different shades to look for in your clothing as we move into warmer weather, if you're looking to be on-trend.


While there will of course be some new colors to look out for, there will also be some familiar shades we're carrying over from 2023. Winter's bright red color trend will be turning a little deeper and darker, and we'll also keep seeing the shimmery metallics we saw over the summer of last year and beyond. As for the newbies making their way into closets around the globe? Expect to see the fashionistas of the world rocking plenty of rich brown shades, royal blue tones, and even some muted lilac hues. Perfect for those spring days!

Winter 2023's vibrant red has turned to cherry red

We saw a lot of brighter reds in fashion in winter 2023 (which is pretty common as we approach the holidays), but that will change a little as the temperature gets turned up. For spring 2024, we can expect to see those vibrant reds go a little darker. Think rich cherry reds and even burgundy shades if you're looking to try the most trendy version of the color.


As for which big fashion houses sent dark reds down the runway, well, we saw it on some of the biggest names out there. Gucci's spring/summer 2024 show featured a lot of patent cherry red looks (including a two-piece crop top and high slit skirt), while we also saw the shade sashay down Hermes' runway. This hue is a great, timeless choice for outerwear, so maybe try getting your hands on a cherry red jacket to close out the winter and kick off spring with.

Royal blue will be a regal addition to your wardrobe

Royal blue is one of the most sophisticated, regal colors out there (hence the name) and will be one of the go-to colors for spring 2024. We saw this eye-catching shade all over the runways at some of the biggest fashion shows for the season, with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Burberry showing off a lot of this regal color in their collections.


If you're looking to bring just a small pop of this strong shade into your wardrobe, then try wearing it on your shoes or carrying a vibrant blue bag. But we saw it a lot during the spring/summer 2024 fashion shows all over the body. During Acne Studios' show, for example, models wore head-to-toe royal blue, including sheer blue tights under a matching dress. Just remember if you want to go all out like that, you're going to need some confidence to pull it off. However, monochrome outfits do take all the guesswork out of putting pieces together.

Pastel lilac is also on the spring 2024 menu

On the other end of the spectrum is a much lighter shade: pastel lilac. This color is exactly as it sounds, so think of it as though the vibrancy has been turned down on regular lilac. This cool-toned color was chosen for Pantone's Fashion Color Trend Report for New York Fashion Week Spring 2024 and is a great way to bring something a little more delicate and traditional to your wardrobe for the season.


Versions of lilac were spotted a lot on the runways for the season, as Coach and Rabanne both had models strutting their stuff down in this light, traditionally feminine color. Muted tones like this can be more difficult to wear if you have lighter skin with cool undertones, as it's these colors that can end up washing you out. If you find that happens to you, you may want to wear your pastel lilac as an accessory or on your bottom half, with something more flattering on the top. Something brighter can work wonders to balance out these shades. If you have warmer undertones and darker skin though, you're in luck as you won't have so much of an issue with shades like this.

Spring 2024 will also be about rich browns

Another way to bring some color into your wardrobe in spring 2024 is to reach for rich brown shades. Valentino and Officine Générale were two big spring 2024 fashion shows where we saw a lot of brown tones, with Valentino's show even featuring a stunning pleated and plunging maxi dress on the runway.


This is one of the easiest, chicest, and most timeless colors to wear when it comes to seasonal trends. So if you're focusing in on only one color for the season, rich brown clothing and accessories will probably give you the most use over time. It's also easy to rock no matter your skin's undertones or what else you have in your wardrobe. Browns can easily be paired with blacks for a classic and more toned down look, or brown can also act as a neutral if you want to wear something a little more eye catching.

Metallics are still in

We saw a lot of metallics floating around through 2023, and that won't be changing as we get into spring 2024. We have the likes of Beyoncé to thank for much of the metallic resurgence, as her hugely successful Renaissance Tour was all about sparkles and silver. For this spring though, things will be more flexible. While silver is still hot, you could also try golds, rose golds, or even bronzes. It's golds though that we've seen the most from the fashion houses. Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren were two major fashion houses who sent striking all gold looks down the runway, while Alberta Ferretti's models also rocked the shimmery gold.


We know metallic shades can seem a little scary at first, particularly if you consider your style to be a little more matte and understated. So you don't have to go all out if you don't want to (though, of course, you always have that option). There are plenty of ways to incorporate metallics into your everyday outfits, from putting the shine on your shoes to letting your bag do the talking.

Soft pink isn't going anywhere

Another shade we saw a whole lot of in 2023 that's not going anywhere? Pink. Yes, just when you thought the pink parade was over, it morphs into something slightly different. While 2024 was more about the hot pink and super-rich pink shades (thanks mainly to all the "Barbie" movie obsession) the new way to wear the color is slightly more toned down. So, think more on the peach side than magenta.


While, of course, you can still rock those hot pink pieces if you want to, the trend will be more about baby pinks and muted hues this time around. Tory Burch and Carolina Herrera were two of the brands who refused to let pink go during their spring/summer 2024 shows, with millennial pink being the shade brands targeted on the runway. How you rock it will be totally up to you, but a millennial pink dress can make a statement. Even cargo pants have been having a moment — so why not turn those pink?