26 Monochromatic Looks For A Winning Outfit On Even Your Laziest Days

Monochrome dressing. It may not sound like the most exciting fashion trend ever, but believe us, it is. And boy, can it be easy to rock. On its most basic level, monochrome fashion refers to a person creating a whole outfit out of just one color. While you can take a few liberties with that (by changing up the shades or mixing black and white, for example), you'll want to go head to toe in your choice of color, whether it's something more demure like black or more fun like yellow.

Still, there are a few things to look out for when you go monochrome that will make sure you don't feel like you're stepping out in your pajamas. "Look for contrasts in fabric. That will move the eye around and make the look more dynamic," stylist Meredith Koop told The New York Times (and she knows what she's talking about, being responsible for dressing Michelle Obama in a monochrome look). Fashion influencer Rini Jain agreed. "Wearing one color can create an artistic illusion, relying more on texture rather than color to accentuate features and create shadows," she wrote on Instagram. "Monochrome fashion helps draw the eye away from the distractions of color and focus more on the detailing of the clothing."

With all that in mind, Women.com is showing you 26 of our very favorite all-one-color looks to help you easily make monochromatic magnificent.

Bring it in brown

Who said brown can't be exciting? Not us! Conforming to Meredith's Koop advice of mixing up different textures, this look proves that you can mix and match by literally mixing up fabrics and matching colors. The satin skirt is super flattering and a little flirty with a thigh slit, but it's high-waisted enough that you'll still only show a sliver of your middle with a crop top. That gives the whole look extra versatility, as you could pair it with flats for a busy day of errands or even rock it with heels for a fun night out — and you don't have to think too much about what goes with what. 

Don double denim

Why not put a twist on monochrome with some double denim action? We know, we know. Too much of the blue stuff in one outfit isn't for everyone, but putting denim with denim is a cute way to nail monochrome and stay comfy at the same time. It's a look we've seen celebrities rock time and time again over the years (calling Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, Carrie Underwood, and Kelsea Ballerini) so you know it's tried and tested. If you're not a fan of the exact shade match, you could go very slightly darker on your top or bottom half and still get the same effect.

Match your accessories

Another super easy way to go monochromatic with little to no effort? Making your accessories match perfectly. Instead of worrying about finding multiple items in the same or similar shades, try picking out one statement garment, like this blazer dress, which works to anchor your whole outfit. You also won't have to worry about what other clothing you're putting it with, which is ideal for a lazy day. Going for a pop of bold color brings some vibrancy to your look and help you create some serious monochrome magic.

Black is the new black

Probably the easiest and most versatile monochrome look is based in black. Of course, black is considered a bit neutral in the fashion world, so it pretty much goes with anything and everything. After all, there's pretty much no occasion a little black dress isn't perfect for!  Or, in this case, there's pretty much nothing an all-black look isn't perfect for. This look is oh-so chic and would be perfect for everything from a day in the office to a date night. And wearing all black doesn't mane you have to look like you're in mourning. Here, the shine in the leather-look jacket, as well as its hardware and the matching silver on the bag give it that extra edge.

Think in pink

If you've ever felt inspired by Barbie or Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde," then this is the look for you. A great way to try out the monochrome trend without too much effort is to rock a simple block color dress that you then match to your accessories. Here, Instagram influencer Gigi opted for all-pink (which is flattering on so many skin tones that it's easy one to pull off!), pairing her comfy and strappy pink midi-dress with open-toe heels and a mini bag.

It's all-white

When those summer months hit, there's little better than throwing on a breezy, flowy, all-white ensemble and heading into the sun. As Oana Constantin proved, it's actually a really easy color to pull off, because there are so many different ways you can wear it. She opted for a white blazer with a crop top and white shorts underneath, which is a solid outfit for everything from a sightseeing vacation day to a BBQ with friends. Just remember you'll probably want to rock all your all-white looks before Labor Day.

Beige doesn't have to be boring

Instagram user Sushree proves that beige doesn't have to be boring with this gorgeous ensemble. The ruching on the pencil skirt gives this look a little texture, and a cute high-waisted skirt like this one is flattering on so many different shapes and sizes, so you can't go wrong. If you'd rather not show a little skin in a crop top (hey, we all have those days) you could swap out the crop for a bodysuit or longer tank top and this look would be just as cute and chic. As proven, beige also goes great with gold jewelry, which adds an extra pop to the monochrome effect.

Get floaty

There's no doubt about it. Oversized monochrome looks made from a floatier material are always a win. They're just so easy to pull off no matter what your shape or size — and they're comfortable to boot! These looks come in a range of different colors and they're so easy to put together because they're usually listed or placed together by the retailer to make things easier. You could also wear whatever color you like underneath a button-down top to keep the look versatile if you need to change up your look later in the day. And now that Barbiecore is dead, red is the new pink!

Co-ordinate in a co-ord

Arguably one of the easiest ways to go monochrome is to treat yourself to a blazer set or co-ord. This is perfect for a lazy day, because pretty much all your work is already done for you. Sets like these are usually together in the store or paired up on the store's website, which means you can match perfectly with no effort at all. All you have to think about is what top you'll put underneath! If you're feeling brave, you can go for a super bright neon like this, or if you want to draw a little less attention to yourself, you could opt for something a little darker like a navy, maroon, or even a black two-piece.

Tie it all together with tights

One of the simplest ways to tie a monochrome look together in those colder or transitional months is to go with black tights. Hosiery adds a touch of elegance (and warmth!) to any black monochrome outfit and also makes it easier to pair with any footwear, like flats, heels, or boots. In this outfit, the black tights add a little extra something to a pair of leather-looking shorts and a black turtleneck. This ensemble is super easy to pull off because black looks great on literally everybody, and most people have a collection of black staple pieces already in their wardrobes. Black tights can tie it all together.

Match a hijab with monochrome

Don't think that monochrome dressing is just for Western ensembles — everyone can get in on the action with this trend! Going monochrome also looks absolutely gorgeous on those who choose to wear hijabs. Since there are so many different colors to choose from, it's easier than you think to create a one-color look and still be able to cover your head as needed. We adore this lilac outfit, but there's no end to sporting the color block-inspired trend with a hijab.

Jump for joy in a jumpsuit

When you're having a lazy day and just need something easy and quick to make yourself look super stylish (without all the effort that can go into planning an outfit), there's little more straightforward than a colored jumpsuit. Not only are they ridiculously comfortable, but a colorful one like this can transition seamlessly from day to night. To dress it up for the evening, you could swap flats for matching heels, and you can really achieve the monochrome dream with a matching blazer over the top.

Embrace the cargo pant trend

What could be easier and comfier than pairing cargo pants with a top in the same shade and heading out the door? This is a great way to stay comfy all day, no matter what you're doing, and cargo pants are so in right now you can pretty much get them in any color you can imagine. That means finding a top in a similar, or even identical, shade should be super easy. We're giving extra points to Instagrammer @zxe.elizabeth for even matching her Chuck Taylor's perfectly to her outfit.

Glitter and shine in a monochrome co-ord

Another of the simplest ways to nail monochrome dressing is by buying a co-ord. Not only will you instantly know your pieces will match without having to seek the garment out yourself, but by having clothes already paired when you buy them, you're saving yourself so much time when it comes to going through your wardrobe to see what could work. This outfit proves that monochrome even works on a night out, and glitter and sparkle most certainly isn't out of the equation!

Stay comfy

The monochrome look doesn't necessarily mean you have to dress up. Let's be honest, since the COVID-19 pandemic, we've all gotten a little more used to being super comfy in our loungewear — so why not take that comfort out with you? As this look shows, it's possible to translate the everyday lounge co-ord into a chic daytime look, as you can pair it with heels to dress it up. You'll just want to avoid going too oversized here, so it looks a little more daytime and a little less bedtime.

Black jeans are a monochrome staple

Black jeans should be something everyone should have in their wardrobe because they're just so darn versatile. They'll go with literally anything and can be worn for pretty much any occasion too, which is why they're so great for monochrome dressing. You're bound to have a black top of some kind already in your wardrobe (but if you don't, there are plenty of places that offer them for any budget!) and all you have to do is pair it with black jeans of any description — job done! As we know, all-black ensembles are so versatile, and it's easy to pair with footwear because almost everyone has a black pair of shoes.

Hats off

If you're finding it tough to match a monochrome outfit, there are a few sneaky ways to make it a whole lot easier. One of those? Matching your garments to your hat! Though Instagram user Brittany Hewitt did an amazing job getting all her pieces to work together, if you maybe aren't lucky enough to have such an extensive wardrobe you could instead rely more on your accessories, including a wide-brimmed hat like this one, to do the work for you.

Play up the monochrome in a playsuit

Similar to a jumpsuit, a playsuit is a super quick and comfy way to try out the monochrome look. Ideal for summer or those who are lucky enough to live in sunny climes, you can throw one on in a rush and keep the one-color look going by grabbing a bag in the same shade. As a bonus tip, don't worry if you don't always have shoes that perfectly match your outfit. Nude shoes can often work just as well and won't ruin the monochrome effect, as they're considered neutral — particularly if they're a pair of barely there sandals.

Rock one color in a tracksuit

Staying comfy in a tracksuit is another way to make sure you're perfectly matched and still have the ability to do everything you need. There's almost a limitless amount of colors you can get tracksuits in these days, no matter what your budget. The best part of getting a cute and colorful tracksuit, though, is that there are so many coordinated sweatpants and hoodie sets out there that buying them together from the same store means all the guesswork will be taken out of the equation.

Try crochet and monochrome

We know that pairing the same colors can put the focus more on a garment's texture and design, which is why wearing a material you usually wouldn't is a great idea when you're trying monochrome dressing. You may want to opt for something like a crochet or lace co-ord in one color to really allow the material to pop and bring a little resort-wear-esque elegance to your look. Something like this would also be ideal for the beach or a vacation, as it's a look you could throw on over your swimwear.

Bring out your white shirt

Most people have a white shirt of some description in their wardrobe (or maybe a sister, friend, or partner who wouldn't mind sharing theirs!). And not only is it a closet staple, but it's also an ideal staple piece to bring into the monochrome trend. If you've got one to hand as well as a pair of white jeans, linen pants, or white shorts, then you're good to go!

Layer it up

Although you do have to be a little careful when it comes to layering monochrome looks, this shows it most certainly can be done. The reason we love this outfit for a lazy day it that it makes it just so darn easy to transition from day to night, with barely any effort at all. For a busy day in the office you could wear this dress and shirt combo as is, but when it's time to head out for drinks after work, just take off the silver blouse underneath. What could be simpler?

Focus on the boots

Though not everyone will have a pair of bright green knee-high boots in their closet, it doesn't mean you can't create this bold monochrome look yourself. We love how easy this look is to replicate and make your own, because all you have to do (especially on those lazy days when picking out an outfit feels like too much of a chore) is match a dress to your boots. Simple, right? For something like this, you'll want to find some boots you love in a color you know you'll be able to match repeatedly, and then focus on building your wardrobe around them.

Leather love

Effortlessly chic and stylish, and oh-so monochrome, piecing together leather-looking pieces is a quick and surefire way to nail the trend. There are a number of different ways you could do this, from matching a leather or faux leather crop top to similar-looking pants to putting a black leather-looking jacket over a pleather skirt, with a black top underneath to change up your textures. The possibilities here are almost endless!

Keep it simple with a sweater dress

Pairing a simple sweater dress with shoes (and even a bag!) in the same color is one of the simplest ways to get in on the monochrome dressing trend without too much effort. A ribbed sweater dress is ideal for a look like this as it adds a little texture to your ensemble, while smoother ankle boots pair perfectly. This sock boot style of shoe also conforms to the foot and ankle to create the illusion of longer legs.

Monochrome in metallic

Don't be fooled into thinking that monochromatic fashion means there's no room for metallics, because there most definitely is. If you're in a bold fashion mood and want something that's really going to make you stand out, then you could do monochrome using pure metallics in head-to-toe silver, gold, bronze, or even rose gold. One thing we particularly love about this look is that because metals tend to be classed as neutral, you're eliminating a lot of the guesswork about what to put with what. Perfect for those lazy fashion days when you still want to slay!