Barbiecore Is Dead: 2023 Is Trading In Pink For Bold Red Looks

Not long ago, Barbiecore had us all screaming pink. But now, we're seeing red, red, red. We're almost certain you caught Cara Delevingne wearing a bright red Elie Saab gown to the 2023 Oscars, and how could anybody have missed the online sensation that was the Big Red Boots from MSCHF, which both shocked and delighted the internet? Also, Rihanna's performance at the 2023 Super Bowl had us starstruck when she showed up in a red Loewe bustier and jumpsuit with a floor-length Alaïa cape to put on a legendary show and announce her pregnancy. For better or worse, red has taken center stage in the fashion world, leaving pink in the dust. At least a dozen designers debuted red looks on the runway during Spring Fashion Week in New York. Do you want to share the spotlight, too?

For those who might feel intimated by bold colors, red is a great starting point, as it pairs well with neutrals you might already own. And once your figure out your skin's undertones, choosing the right reds to wear becomes simple. Soon, your outfits will be red hot. 

Red cowboy boots

Cowboy boots might have started off as a revival trend, but at this point, we're confident they are not walking away from the fashion arena soon. While looking for these boots to lasso, consider snagging a pair in red. Fashion influencer Emma Chamberlain was ahead of the trend when she wore a pair of red cowboy boots to the Ganni show during Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2022, and now, you can follow in her footsteps with a pair of your own. She paired her boots with a simple, custard-colored t-shirt dress, red sunglasses, and a floral print bucket bag from the designer. 

Cowboy boots are so versatile. You can dress them up or down and a dash of red can definitely make this look your own. TikTok creator @emmabchu styles her red boots with a white, corseted eyelet dress, and accessorizes with sunglasses, a tote bag, and delicate jewelry in her video

Red midi skirt

Midi skirts are something of a miracle garment. They can be worn year-round, are made in countless fabrics, colors, and patterns, are generally comfortable, and work for many aesthetics. Since you cannot go wrong with one, why not try it out in red? TikTok fashion influencer @lilrotini demonstrates how to style a red midi skirt in her video. The skirt itself appears to be made of red velvet with an abstract pattern on the front. She then tucks in a black corset in a matching velvet texture, and wraps a black belt with a silver buckle, connecting the ensemble. A pair of knee-high, black leather-heeled boots and a leather jacket pull the look together. 

Red moto jacket

Another staple wardrobe piece is the racer, or moto, jacket. Defined by its sleek lines and tailored fit, moto jackets are perfect for the fashion-forward. These jackets are endowed with a certain edginess to them that can be fun to play with. Digital creator and stylist @pierrahh demonstrates how she styled a red moto jacket for Paris Fashion Week 2022 in her Instagram reel. She puts on a pair of geometrically-printed black pants, then a black corset. After throwing on a belt and a pair of plum-colored heeled booties, she fits a vintage red moto jacket over her shoulders. As a bonus, she throws on a pair of lusted-after Loewe puffer sunglasses in red and wraps up the look with a racing flag-inspired bag. 

Red Mary Janes

Mary Janes might just be the "it" shoe of social media. Elegant, flattering, and made modern, as various brands put their spin on the classic shape. They have become a coveted addition to closets everywhere. A pair of Mary Janes can also be super versatile, they can also be worn on a casual day out, or to the office for a meeting. Traditionally worn in black, there's something somewhat flirtatious about the Mary Jane shoe in red that we adore. TikTok user @stellabelle222 flaunts a pair of red, patent-leather Mary Janes from French designer Carel in her video. Designed to embody the essence of a bygone era, these red Mary Janes are chic, strong, and feminine — three words we love to see together in fashion! 

Red tights

Another way to wear red with your wardrobe is to pull on a pair of red tights. Colorful tights are beloved by fashionistas, as they effortlessly bring color into an outfit, rounding out your accessories, and adding an element of surprise to your ensemble. Digital creator @beatricerigby on Instagram wears red tights with a red shirt, red Mary Janes, red bow in her hair, and a black leather jacket for an almost monochrome look. 

We also love how TikTok creator @kingkendall styles her red tights in her video. First, she wears them with a black sweater, under a black skirt, and accessorizes it all with a black beret and platform Mary Janes. The tights immediately add sophistication to the outfit. Then, she styles the tights with a black skirt, red t-shirt, and black jacket for a mod, matching look. And last but not least, she pairs the tights with a matching red, plaid skirt, red t-shirt, and fur-trimmed black jacket for a retro vibe. We think the red tights make each of these fits shine.