Metallics Are Summer Fashion's Biggest Sleeper Hit. Here's How To Make It Work For Your Everyday

When most of us think of incorporating metallics into our fashion, we probably think of an eye-catching mini dress to sport to a festival or the pair of silver heels we wore to prom. No matter which direction your mind takes you, you're almost certainly not thinking of easy-to-wear, everyday attire. As a result, it's likely going to come as a surprise to many people that metallics are going to be huge this summer, and yes — we mean for every day. 


But, how can we wear metallics on the regular without looking like we're headed to the club or The Eras Tour? What articles of clothing are supposed to be metallic? What do we pair them with? If you're finding yourself in the tempting, "How do I wear metallics?" spiral, don't panic. As new trends cycle in, there are more and more ways to rock them, and of course, things that were once considered fashion faux pas are now cool and on-trend. Consequently, there have never been more ways to incorporate metallic pieces into your day-to-day wardrobe, and when you see all the ways to make this trend your own, we have a feeling that you're going to want to jump on the metallic bandwagon for the upcoming season. 


Bling your bag

A bag is such a small yet essential accessory, and as such, it is the perfect place to make a loud statement. That's why we're ready to stop playing it safe with neutral bags and embrace the all-powerful metallic purse. There are endless options when it comes to how exactly you want to let your metallic bag make a statement. You can pair it with an all-black outfit, match it with your metal jewelry, or add a bit of spice to a monochromatic 'fit. 


Luckily, not only do metallic bags make for plenty of outfit opportunities, but there are tons of metallic bags out there to choose from –– from special occasion clutches to oversized crossbody bags. This silver mirror shoulder bag would look adorable with your go-to jeans and t-shirt 'fit. This gold-textured mini bag is perfect for pairing with jumpsuits, matching sets, and maxi dresses throughout the warmer months. And, don't be afraid to pair your statement-making metallic with a pop of color. Throw this green bag on with any neutral ensemble, and you're ready to go. 

Pants, shorts, and skirts that sparkle

While pants may seem like one of the more surprising ways to incorporate a metallic finish into your ensemble, this is actually one of the most common ways we're seeing it as the weather warms up. Metallic jeans like this gold KUT from the Kloth pair are all-the-rage and such an easy way to swap out a piece in your wardrobe to get in on the trend. Any typical jeans and t-shirt outfit can be elevated just a bit with a pair of shiny jeans. The same goes for metallic shorts. These holographic black shorts are so unique and will also give you that effortlessly cool viral vinyl look.


Ultimately, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to styling a summer-ready fit around metallic bottoms of any kind. Crop tops and oversized pants are a summer outfit dream for those of us who love playing with proportion, so a pair of wide-leg metallic pants like this sparkly silver pair styled with a black bralette is the perfect nighttime look. Alternatively, style a metallic miniskirt like this one with a white button-down and booties or a metallic midi skirt like this pink pleated number with a graphic tee and white sneakers. No matter which metallic bottom you choose, there's an utterly chic styling possibility out there. 

Chic and shiny shoes

Even when metallics weren't as on-trend as they are at the moment, metallic footwear has always and will always exist. Metallic footwear comes in all shapes and styles, so there's no reason why you can't incorporate it into your wardrobe in the form of your favorite style of shoe. Whether it's pairing a gold sandal like this pair with your favorite sundress, slipping on silver sneakers like these ones from The Drop with shorts and a crochet top, or rocking a cool pair of metallic ankle booties like these with flowy pants and a bralette, a metallic shoe can be added to any outfit this summer to make it more on-trend and a bit more visually interesting. 


You can even get your hands on some metallic Birkenstocks or Crocs if you want to look trendy even when you're comfy. Because, don't we all? And, if you're ever totally unsure of what to wear, an all-black outfit with any style of metallic shoe is honestly an outfit formula that does all the heavy lifting for you and will leave you looking chic every time. And, what could make for a better go-to everyday outfit than that? 

Marvelously metallic dresses

This summer, in many shapes and forms, the metallic dress is your friend. If you're not afraid to be the center of attention or even "make the whole place shimmer," then it's time to add (at least one) metallic dress to your summer wardrobe. You may be thinking of club wear when you imagine a metallic dress. Yet, there are so many more casual options out there. A metallic t-shirt dress like this one paired with sneakers and a denim jacket is a super cute option to wear all summer long. Alternatively, a sparkly mini dress can be styled in so many ways while always making a statement. This colorful Trina Turk dress is a splurge, but it's also super versatile and unique.


That said, if you do have a fancy metallic dress or one that's seemingly exclusively club wear, keep in mind that the right styling can go a long way when it comes to taking a dress from nighttime-only attire to daytime ready.  This silver mini dress paired with a bomber jacket, sneakers, and a crossbody belt bag is such a cool outfit for lots of occasions. Plus, it allows you to get way more wear out of a piece that's usually just for special occasions. 

Full metallic 'fit done casual

So, maybe you're not afraid of the metallic trend and are, instead, thinking "what's the loudest way I can make my metallic statement?" If this is you, first of all, we commend you, and second, we have plenty of options to make your metallic-loving heart happy. A metallic romper like this short-sleeved silver option is such an unexpected summer wardrobe staple. Not only is it easy to wear, but it's just as easy to style in many different ways. You could pair this with heeled strappy sandals, bold eye makeup, and a statement earring for a breezy summer night out, with sneakers and a jean jacket for daytime, or even with a pair of ankle boots and crossbody bag for going out to lunch on a hot summer day. 


Rompers aren't the only way to make a metallic piece the backbone of your outfit. A matching set is another great way to go majorly metallic and combine trends. This easy, laidback metallic green button-down and shorts set is our summer relaxation outfit dream come true. And, if you're planning on spending a lot of time at the beach or by the pool, this metallic bikini and matching skirt coverup is the perfect way to embrace the trend even while doing your fave summer activities. 

Jackets with plenty of shimmer

For another way to add a bit of metallic flair to an outfit that's already an everyday go-to, why not pop on a light metallic jacket? A neutral jacket is, of course, a wardrobe staple, but having a metallic option on hand adds a little bit of spice and fun to any outfit it's paired with. A simple metallic moto jacket like this one from Smart Universe Wear can be just as versatile as your standard black moto jacket but with a bit of added fun and trendiness. If you're looking to channel your inner Samantha Jones from "Sex and the City," then you're going to love this glittery pink blazer to throw on for drinks with the girls. This metallic blue mesh bomber jacket is cool and unique and will work as a layer even through the dog days of summer.


If you're really feeling daring this season, you can pop on a metallic vest like this silver holographic one to add some dimension and fun to any 'fit. Whenever you'd normally throw a jacket on over top of your outfit, you may want to consider a metallic option, since it will leave you looking fashion-forward no matter what the rest of your ensemble looks like. 

Mix or match your metals

If, like us, you're loving all of these metallic outfit options, then why not try multiple at once? We know, we know –– this sounds like too much for pretty much any occasion unless you've scored tickets to Taylor Swift or Beyoncé's tours. Yet, you'd be surprised at how chic going big or going home can really look when it comes to sporting the metallic trend. This white strapless top paired with high-waisted silver pants, a silver crossbody bag, and pink converse is so unexpected, cute, and surprisingly casual. So, throw on your fave metallic shoes with your metallic shorts, or style your metallic matching set with a metallic sandal for extra interest and ideal summer vibes.


By the same token, while matching your metallics can look surprisingly cool, so can mixing and matching metallics. These days, when it comes to jewelry, mixed metals are "in." As a result, mixing metallics works just as well. So, feel free to experiment with how your metallic pieces go together. Pair your gold sandals with your silver pants, your green metallic bag with your gold dress, or your silver miniskirt with your gold moto jacket. With mixed metallics, you'll have one undeniably eye-catching look. 

A metal-inspired manicure

If you're still finding yourself loving the idea of incorporating metallic pieces into your wardrobe, but you need something just a little bit subtler for your day-to-day look, the metallic manicure is the option for you. Summer 2023's hottest nail trends are all about expression, no matter your style, and this means that there's never been a better time to incorporate metallics into your manicure. Nail art has been all the rage as of late, and sporting metallic nail polish is the easiest way to add some pizzazz to your hands without needing to go all out with nail art. And, since both matching and mixing metallics looks super cool, you may want to sport a gold manicure with your silver pants, silver nails with a gold dress, or experiment with trying other metallic manis with shiny clothing pieces.


Plus, from oyster nails to the wet nail trend, there are so many popular nail art styles that jive perfectly with metallic polish, so you can double up on trends. And, if you want to add a little more oomph to your metallic mani, grab this pack on Amazon for under $10. This way, you can be dressed in metallic from your head to your toenails.