Crop Tops & Oversized Pants Are A Summer Outfit Dream For Those Who Love Playing With Proportion

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Whether you're an autumnal queen or a springtime fanatic, you likely look forward to warmer weather and summertime activities. In many ways, warm weather dressing can be easier than chillier months, since we don't have to worry about loading up on layers. Yet, preparing a cute 'fit for the spring and summer seasons can present its own challenges. Luckily, this season, though, we've unlocked a silhouette that's so foolproof, you'll be building your outfits this way all summer long. Now that it's looking like skinny jeans likely aren't coming back anytime soon, we can look forward to wide-leg denim being the go-to option. 

However, the fashion world's love of wide-leg pants isn't just about loose-fitting jeans. Wide-leg pants come in all shapes and styles, despite what some folks may think. Wide-leg pants are chic and versatile, and when paired with a crop top, can give you the perfect proportions to play with. The little crop top and oversized pants combo is our favorite formula for a go-to, always put-together outfit, and there are plenty of ways to wear it. 

Lightweight and lounge-ready

As spring kicks into high gear, and summer is on its way, we all want cute options that won't lead to overheating. Pants may not be your first instinct when you're imagining something that will be comfy in hot weather. Yet, a pair of lightweight, breezy pants can actually be an outfit option that keeps you looking and feeling cool. This pair on Amazon is so full and flowy, it looks like a maxi skirt. Pair them with a loose-fitting crop top and comfy sandals.


Let's be real –– most of us love wearing our athletic clothes for plenty of occasions that don't include a trip to the gym. Athleisure's comfort isn't the only reason why so many of us love it; it can also help us look and feel our best. The formula here is simple: pair some high-waisted sweatpants like comfy joggers with a cute sports bra. Finish your 'fit off with some little white sneakers, and you've got the perfect effortless ensemble that still looks super cute. 


While there's a lot to be said for letting the small top and big pants silhouette shine, that doesn't mean that you can't add more elements for some extra detail and interest. Pair a wide-leg pant with a cropped tank and a cardigan, denim jacket, or cute button-down layered over the top. Not only will this give you an extra layer if it gets breezy outside, but it helps you curate a more laidback look. We love the way this monochromatic white combination pairs with a blue printed button-down for an easy breezy, stylish hot-weather outfit

Matching sets

Matching sets are all-the-rage, and they're a great investment considering the fact that they work well as a set and can also be mixed and matched with other pieces for entirely new ensembles. A matching set is a great way to lean into the monochrome trend and let this silhouette really shine since other details aren't competing for attention. There are plenty of sets out there that fit these proportions. This SweatyRocks set is a little dressy and comes in lots of colors. You can also make your own "set" by pairing separate pieces in like colors. 

Cargo pants

Cargo pants may seem like a trend that's nowhere close to coming back, but they're actually a great choice for pairing with an on-trend top. There's something so fresh about the choice to pair cargo pants with a corset top. These shirts balance out the slouchy pants with their structured shape. You can also pair your cargo pants with a simple cropped tank top for a more laid-back, Y2K-inspired vibe. This pair of cargo pants from Amazon are loved by reviewers for their comfort and style.


Menswear and suiting pieces can be difficult trends to style, but making a structured, wide-leg trouser work for every day can be a lot easier than it looks. These days, we're seeing plenty of it-girls pairing structured trousers with sporty accessories for an untouchably cool and updated vibe. Pair some trousers with a simple cropped tank, some chunky athletic sneakers, and a bag that provides a pop of color. Not only is this ensemble cool and elevated, but it's super comfy and easy to wear for the warmer seasons.

Wide-leg jeans

We all know that when it comes to jeans, wide-leg is the new skinny. Pairing your favorite wide-leg jeans with a tight crop top is the perfect way to achieve proportions that will always work for anybody. Depending on your denim color, crop top style, and choice of footwear and accessories, this is an easy look to dress down for running errands or up for a night out. Pair light denim with sneakers and a cropped tank for a casual look or black denim with a more detailed top and some chunky boots for a special occasion. 

Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are high-waisted pants that flare out all the way down the leg starting at your knees. These pants first hit the scene in the 1960s, and they're still a perfect summer staple today. Pairing a boldly printed pair with a white crop top and white accessories is a perfect pop of pattern for the warm weather. You also can pair this style of pants with flat sandals and a bralette top for a walk on the beach, or dress them up with heeled sandals and a corset top.