It's Meg Ryan Fall: Recreate The Looks From Her Iconic Autumnal Movies

Meg Ryan is the it-girl of fall fashion, thanks to her iconic autumn rom-coms. With the resurgence of Y2K fashion, Ryan's looks are more in-demand than ever. Thick, woolen sweaters, pleated slacks, statement hats, and turtlenecks are all part of Ryan's repertoire that we're still in love with. That girl knew how to dress for fall; her looks were comfy and cozy, but also really beautiful, showing that we can have the best of both, even when the seasons change. Some of the looks were casual, fall outfits that made us want to snuggle up and stay warm. Other Ryan looks were more polished and professional, proving that timeless outerwear can be everything. No one wears a long, black coat quite like Ryan does. Toss a floral scarf over it, throw in Tom Hanks, and you've got yourself a look. For instance, this iconic red cable-knit turtleneck from "When Harry Met Sally..." is available at Ralph Lauren for $145. 

The reason that Ryan's looks are still inspirational is because her film's characters were so lovable. It wasn't just the clothes; it was the lively woman underneath them. This happened thanks to the brilliant writing of Nora Ephron, who gave us "When Harry Met Sally...", "Sleepless in Seattle," and "You've Got Mail." Ephron, combined with the talent of Ryan, brought us these incredible movies, made even better thanks to the brilliant wardrobe teams. So get ready to recreate the best of Ryan's characters from the '80s and '90s. 

The park look from 'When Harry Met Sally'

Nothing quite captures fall like Meg Ryan in the 1989 masterpiece "When Harry Met Sally..." Ryan plays Sally Albright alongside Billy Crystal's character, Harry Burns. The two have an epic romance, set in New York City in all of its autumnal glory. One of the cutest scenes — with the best looks — is when Sally and Harry walk in the park, and we get a full shot of her outfit. The tapered slacks are perfect with her gray blazer. Forget about the hat, and her gloves and black bag are awesome. 

We've sourced everything you need to recreate this look. For the pants, you'll need high-waisted, olive green slacks with a tapered ankle, like Everlane's The TENCEL™ Relaxed Chino in Kalamata for $118 originally. Argent's High-Waisted Belted Trousers in Olive for $325 are also perfect. The Tailored Heritage Blazer by Free People, now $50, is the perfect crop to replicate Sally's blazer in this look. Sally's wearing a dark green woolen sweater under her blazer. While her version has white, black, and red rosettes on it, keep your look modern by wearing a simple dark green sweater, like the Relaxed Knit Sweater by & Other Stories for $90. Sally's bowler hat is what really pulls the outfit together. Keep the look contemporary by rocking the L.L.Bean Pistil Soho Brim Hat for $68. Sally's bag has a long strap. Replicate this with the Olivia Zippered Crossbody Bag by Leatherology for $160. Chef's kiss. 

The sweatsuit from 'Sleepless in Seattle'

We couldn't talk about fall outfits without including one lounge look. In the 1993 film "Sleepless in Seattle," Meg Ryan plays Annie Reed along with Tom Hanks' Sam Baldwin. In one scene of particular emotional frustration, we see Annie sitting in bed looking impossibly fabulous, considering she's supposed to be very frustrated. Since sweatsuits are back — and are now considered appropriate streetwear — we're living for this inspiration. Annie's in a light gray look, complete with high, white socks. 

This look is a pleasure to recreate. All that's missing is a classic, corded phone. Alo has an adorable version through their Accolade Crew Neck Pullover in Athletic Heather Grey for $118 and their Accolade Sweatpants in the same color, also for $118. The good news is that Annie's scrunch crew socks could not be easier to find. You can get three pairs of HUE's Women's Slouch Socks on Amazon for $21 or grab a pair of Sunday Best Scrunch Crew Socks from Aritzia for $12. Wear the look around the house or, if you want to run errands as your coziest self, pair the look with white sneakers. They go with everything.  

The black vest and white button-up from 'You've Got Mail'

Another rom-com means another great set of looks from Meg Ryan. The 1998 classic "You've Got Mail," yet another masterpiece from Nora Ephron, gave us Ryan playing Kathleen Kelly alongside Tom Hanks as Joe Fox. Once again, the film gave us shots of Kathleen in all her autumnal glory running around New York City and running her children's bookstore. Since her character is literary, we get these great scenes of Kathleen in looks that have a taste of the librarian and academic to them. This is why we couldn't resist including Kathleen in this black-and-white combo. The white button-up shirt is crisp and preppy with a slightly exaggerated collar, while the sleek black sweater vest has a collegiate flavor that we love. The whole look touches on a menswear vibe that we loved dearly from the '80s and '90s. 

Recreate this look with a Women's Shaped Collar Shirt by Vince for $275. Or, for a more affordable option, Everlane's The Relaxed Oxford Shirt for $88 is perfection. The perfect piece to wear over the button-up shirt is the Cashmere Cable Knit Cropped Vest by Naadam for $115. If you wear your hair long and can't replicate Kathleen's short cut, wear your hair back in a sleek middle-part bun. 

The brown shift dress and black turtleneck from 'You've Got Mail'

There's another perfect moment in "You've Got Mail" where Meg Ryan's character, Kathleen Kelly, wears a quintessential look from the early '90s. She wears a brown shift dress over top of a black turtleneck. The color combination is dynamite, and the look is absolutely spot on. In order to recreate this classic look, source a brown shift. We love the Sleeveless Fitted Dress in Good Wool by Theory in the color Malbec for $245. If you want to play with textures, consider the Sleeveless Faux Suede Sheath Dress by 1.STATE from Nordstrom Rack for $44.97. The black turtleneck might be the easiest piece to source. If you want a simple, layering base, grab one from Amazon for $9.99. If you want something more decadent, grab the Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater by M BY MAGASCHONI from Nordstrom Rack for $69.97. You'll be warm, snug, and peak '90s chic. 

Meg Ryan's Look from 'Kate & Leopold'

One of the most adorable rom-coms Meg Ryan ever starred in was the 2001 film "Kate & Leopold," featuring Hugh Jackman. In it, Ryan plays a sassy advertising executive named Kate McKay, while Jackman plays Leopold, a duke pulled through a time machine who's adorably confused by New York City life. Kate captures the quintessential look of the early aughts, and this business professional look is everything. 

For starters, we need her mini sunglasses. The Vicky sunglasses by Karen Wazen for $170 are spot-on. The MEETSUN Retro Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses on Amazon for $12.98 are also an incredible option, especially for the price. What we love about Kathleen's look is how layered it is. At her base, she's wearing a white button-up top with a textured collar. Mimic the same effect with the Brooks Brothers Cotton Ruffle Placket Shirt for $128. She wears a brown cardigan over the shirt that buttons right up to the neckline. A great option is the Cable Crop Cardigan by Mango for $79.99. Lastly, Kathleen wears a knee-length coat in charcoal grey as the final layer. The Hampton Coat in Monochrome Chevron by Saint + Sofia for $399 is a great choice. You can wear it all fall and play with layering collars and cardigans to your heart's content.