10 Casual Fall 2023 Outfits That Hit All The Hot Trends

The temperature may be dropping, but the fall fashion trends are just heating up! For this autumn season, styles are plentiful, with many fun iterations to suit your style and budget. Often, in the realm of trending pieces and new styles, it's not uncommon for the focus to be on ensembles for nights out, or perhaps for a more formal working environment. Here, though, we're focusing on all things casual.


With many people still working from home, and cooler weather encouraging cozy vibes (and outfits), it seems fitting that we should pay attention to all of the trends people are rocking day-to-day. Whether you are wearing your outfit to run errands, work from home, or perhaps just to lounge around, casual outfits can make up a vast majority of your wardrobe, so it's important to also check out what's trending.

Look effortlessly cool with a co-ord set

The name of the game when it comes to 2023 fall fashion is effortless. Look for casual outfits that do not look sloppy or messy, but rather, effortless and put-together. There are few outfits that accomplish this vibe quite like the co-ord set. The co-ord set is a perfect option for a casual fall outfit, as matching separates worn together generally feel as though you are wearing a complete look, and you do not have to put in much effort to put your outfit together.


Alternatively, for folks who are looking to get the most wear from their pieces, owning a co-ord set adds versatility to your wardrobe. The pieces can be worn separately or together to create a number of different outfits. Also, if you choose a co-ord set like the one above, you can add a T-shirt or tank top underneath the cardigan piece and wear it open for a more casual vibe. You may also choose to wear the cardigan over a button-down shirt or turtle neck shirt to make it more appropriate for an office setting.

Top off your look with an oversized trench

With the temperatures cooling down, it may be time to start wearing coats and jackets again. If you are in the market for a new fall coat this season, consider a long, oversized trench coat as an option. Oversized trench coats are a great piece to have in your wardrobe as they work for multiple seasons, which makes them a good investment. 


The oversized trench coat is also a great option to complete your daytime fall outfit because the oversized fit of the trench coat will keep your outfit feeling casual. If you'd prefer a classic trench coat, particularly one that is in a sturdier, more tailored fabric can help elevate the overall feel of your ensemble. An oversized trench coat can also act as a statement coat to add some interest and pizzazz to a casual outfit that may look plain on its own. 

Wrong shoe theory

The wrong shoe theory seems to have taken fashion publications and style influencers alike by storm. This trend, which does not seem to be slowing down after it made waves online this summer, follows a fairly simple principle. The idea is that you piece together an outfit—in this case, a casual fall look. Then, instead of choosing a shoe that "makes sense" with your ensemble (for instance, a leather boot), you choose a pair of shoes that does not typically match or "go" with your outfit, like a pair of satin or embellished high-heeled shoes. 


In the example above, this causal outfit would probably work really well with a boot or a sneaker. However, the wrong shoe theory challenges the wearer to think creatively, and also to have a little fun with their attire, by suggesting you choose a pair of shoes (like a pair of red sandals with grey dress socks) that may seem nonsensical but add a pop to your outfit. 

Sweatsuits are the epitome of casual comfort

Iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld famously said, "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants." Despite that, we think sweatsuits make for a great casual outfit this fall, even for the fashion-forward folks. For some people, it may seem like wearing a sweatsuit does not evoke style. However, if you make some key choices when picking out a sweatsuit, it can still translate as a stylish, casual outfit. 


If you are going to wear a sweatsuit this fall, consider the fit of the sweatsuit: choose oversized or slightly loose-fitting over a snug fit, as this is what is more on-trend. Also, consider some of the season's trending colours when choosing what colour of sweatsuit to get, as well as what colour jacket to wear it with. Finally, look for a sweatsuit with a heavy-weight cotton material, as that tends to look and feel more luxe, making your outfit look effortlessly casual and chic, rather than thrown together from your old gym clothes.

Denim skirts are still going strong this fall

The denim maxi skirt, fondly remembered from the 1970s and 1990s, seems to have found its way back onto recent trend forecasts. The versatile piece can quite easily be dressed up or down though it may be best suited for a casual fall outfit.


If you are going to wear a long denim skirt this season, consider some style points to help determine if this piece suits your wardrobe. For example, do you have a denim shirt or jacket in a similar wash, for a full, Canadian tuxedo look? Or, does your style tend to lean towards vintage looks? A long denim skirt would certainly work with a vintage vibe. Of course, if you want to tap into other current trends, you may want to pair your long denim skirt with an oversized blazer and perhaps a loose t-shirt or more fitted cropped shirt to add some contrast to your silhouette.

Bows add a feminine touch to your look

When you consider the endless cycle of fashion trends, you might feel a bit weary. There seem to be so many to try or choose from, and they often don't last very long, especially with social media accelerating and making trend cycles much shorter. Though it may not be financially wise to buy into every trend you encounter, a more affordable way to dip your toes into a trend is use accessories. 


This season, casual fall outfits are getting a feminine flair with the addition of bows. Designers like Sandy Liang and Simone Rocha are adding bows to everyday purses to give them a girly vibe. However, if designer pieces are not within your price range, or feel like too much of a commitment, you can also participate by wearing other accessories with bows like a fun headband. On TikTok, people are adding bows to their T-shirts to elevate their look. All it takes is a few pieces of ribbon, which is definitely more accessible to everyone.

Bomber jackets are making a comeback

As styles continue to lean towards oversized fits and silhouettes, it is no wonder that the bomber jacket has made its way back into our closets this fall. The voluminous nature of the bomber jacket makes it a great candidate for an oversized garment to wear with your casual fall look. The bomber jacket also works great as a layering piece and gives outfits a bit more of a utilitarian vibe, which touches on a few different fall trends all by itself. 


If you are thinking of including an oversized bomber jacket as part of your fall wardrobe, you may want to consider styling it over the clean silhouette of straight-legged jeans and a t-shirt. Or, you can quite literally "go big or go home" by pairing your jacket with an oversized sweatsuit or wide-legged jeans and a chunky knit sweater to embrace an exaggerated silhouette. 

Keep your look cool and casual with metallic accents

Though summer seemed to be the season of metallics, with everyone wearing their best silver looks in honor of Beyoncé's Renaissance tour, the shimmering trend does not seem to be going away any time soon. With the mention of Beyoncé, you might assume that any outfit or style associated with Queen B herself is likely not going to be casual. However, the fall season's take on metallics is far more subtle than the head-to-toe bling of the Renaissance tour looks. 


If you are going to be partaking in this season's metallic trend, opt to wear one piece in your outfit in silver (or gold). As in the outfit above, the glam vibe of the silver pants is balanced out by the casual sneakers, cozy long coat, and graphic tee, making a once-dressy piece feel a lot more casual and appropriate for daytime. 

Leather weather requires, well, leather

It might be safe to assume that this next fall trend is actually more of a classic, seasonal staple for cooler weather because it is quite rare to see it missing from trend reports or style roundups. It's worn by people time and time again, just in different iterations. 


The leather jacket, in our humble opinion, is something that everyone should have in their wardrobe if it suits their style. And with the wide variety of cuts, silhouettes, styles, and colors to choose from, it seems unlikely that you won't find something that works with your aesthetic. If you want to wear a leather jacket but are unsure of what to purchase, you may want to consider choosing a more classic style like a motorcycle jacket, and opt for a neutral colour like black or brown, to be sure that you can wear it for seasons to come. 

Comfy layers are a must

If there's one thing you can count on about the autumn season, it's that it is usually a great opportunity to wear layers to keep warm. Of course, keep in mind that layering up doesn't mean losing your sense of style. It is still possible to remain on trend and feel stylish, even while wearing functional and warm clothing.


One of fall 2023's trending styles involves embracing casual dressing by layering pieces that lean towards tactical and utilitarian. When putting your outfit together, consider things like tech fleece, sneakers that resemble hiking boots, as well as athleisure pieces like waffle-knit shirts, anoraks, or even hoodies and vests. Basically, think of pieces that may all work together, or that you may actually wear, layered, if you were going to be out on a chilly day doing activities outdoors.