All The Leather Jacket Styles To Choose From For A Cool, Chic Fall Look

You might consider the leather jacket to be a classic fashion piece, as they don't ever seem to go out of style. This could be because leather jackets seem to have the perfect balance of style and function — the way they can definitely keep you warm in colder weather, while still making sure you look incredibly cool. Leather jackets have also had a solid place in pop culture for decades, being worn by such iconic women and characters as Angeline Jolie's Lara Croft, Olivia Newton-John in Grease, or Lady Gaga and her many leather jacket looks. While you may consider it a staple piece, a good leather jacket can also certainly become a statement piece in your wardrobe, especially because there is a leather jacket to suit any style or aesthetic you're after. It isn't too difficult to lean into trends while still choosing a leather jacket that will stand the test of time — it's all about finding one that works with your style and budget. 


Patent leather

For someone looking for a classic style with an edge, look no further than a patent leather jacket. The shine of patent leather creates a statement and the illusion of a "loud" garment, while still maintaining a classic sensibilities. If you want to wear a more toned-down version of a patent leather look, opt for a jacket style that leans towards classically vintage silhouettes, like the longer jacket featured above. Patent leather certainly lends itself to a sleek, cool look, but there may be a downside to wearing patent leather, as that type of material can be prone to scratches and scuffs. Fortunately, there are ways to help keep your patent leather jacket shiny and scratch-free, so you don't have to worry about scuffing up your look.


A style reference to consider when shopping for this type of jacket: Trinity from The Matrix movie's sleek and fierce patent leather look.

Oversized leather jacket

For some, there may be no leather jacket more iconic or classic than the motorcycle jacket. In recent years, it's gotten an upgrade by way of fit, leaning more into the oversized style that has been trending for some time. There are some things to note when venturing into the oversized look, like making sure that you are still paying attention to fit details, like sleeves that are not overly baggy, and a jacket that doesn't look like it's "swallowing you." An oversized look does not necessarily mean an ill-fitting look. Remember, while a leather jacket can be the focus of your outfit, ensure that the other elements of your look are noticeable as well.


If you're looking for an oversized leather jacket with a vintage feel, shop for a vintage leather jacket. However, if you're thinking of a more updated and current leather jacket look, consider an oversized leather blazer.

Leather shacket

The shacket is a great, versatile piece for someone who likes a casual but put-together look. Updating the shacket by incorporating a leather version into your wardrobe definitely turns up the cool factor on this very functional garment. If you're trying to decide whether the shacket should be your leather jacket of choice this season, consider all of the ways in which you can wear the leather shacket. You can wear it as an outer layer, or as a shirt that goes under a different jacket or coat, especially when the temperatures really start to drop. You can also bring the shacket into the spring by pairing it with lighter-weight fabrics or leather shorts like the photo above. What did we say — Versatile, right? All of the ways you can wear this piece make it a great investment and also a great introduction to the leather jacket family. If you've never owned one before, this is a great place to start because you can wear it with many styles.


Leather jacket with shearling detail

When that cold weather hits, you'll want to reach for a leather jacket that's a little more heavy-duty. The shearling-lined leather jacket could be the cold-weather jacket you'll need this year, and for many years to come. Historically, shearling jackets have kept many people warm through the centuries, and have even been a staple piece in different cultures. The wonderful thing about the shearling-lined leather jacket is that you can pretty much guarantee that you'll stay warm during colder seasons without sacrificing style; a winning combination. Another thing to note is that genuine shearling can be a significant investment. So, if you aren't prepared to commit to a large fashion purchase, you may want to shop for faux shearling, which still offers warmth, but generally at a fraction of the price of its wooly counterpart. 


Metallic leather jacket

The metallic leather trend doesn't look like it is going away any time soon, so a statement piece like a metallic leather jacket is a cool way to integrate the trend into your wardrobe. For some, a striking metallic look might be a bit out of your comfort zone, but there is still a way to hop on the trend without being too flashy if that isn't your style. If the metallic leather look is what you're after, but you describe your style as classic or timeless, opt for a metallic leather jacket in a classic style, like a belted or fitting blazer like the one above, for example. You may also want to try a metallic leather version of a classic biker jacket, as its versatility means you can dress it down with jeans and a t-shirt, turn up the glam with a satin slip dress for a night out, or add interest to casual loungewear like a sweatsuit by topping it off with a metallic leather jacket. 


Leather racing jacket

A key part of the biker-core look, the leather racing jacket (or moto jacket) might be your new favorite leather jacket this autumn, even if you don't have the need for speed. What makes the leather racing jacket such an appealing piece for fall is that it's a style that's currently fairly available at thrift and vintage stores, which is great if you're not sure whether you can commit to the purchase of a brand-new one. The leather racing jacket also instantly adds a cool, sporty vibe to an outfit. It's so versatile that you can play around with sizing and fits to suit your aesthetic, while still being on-trend. This leather jacket in particular also channels looks by current favourite fashion it-girl, Hailey Bieber.


A style reference to consider when shopping for this type of jacket: Fast X's Ramsey's chic and cool racing jacket

Leather vest

While this next piece isn't a leather jacket, the leather vest still deserves an honorable mention as a trendy leather outerwear piece for this fall. Of course, you can wear it on its own as a singular outerwear garment, but the leather vest is much too versatile for just one look. Consider layering a leather vest with other outerwear as a great way to incorporate this piece into your fall wardrobe. Though there are many different styles of leather vests to choose from, we're showcasing a longer version to demonstrate the ways in which you can change up a look by adding a leather vest on top. Using a longer vest as your final, outer layer means that you can wear jackets in a variety of lengths underneath, while still making the outfit feel cohesive.


If you would like to opt to layer a leather vest over a leather jacket, choosing two different kinds of leather (patent and suede, for example), or two different leather colors can add visual separation and interest to your outfit.

Puffy leather jacket

If your style generally channels a streetwear aesthetic, or if you are just a creature of comfort who wants to avoid sacrificing warmth and comfort over style, the puffy leather jacket may be a contender for your leather jacket of the season. The puffy jacket is generally synonymous with the idea of a sporty, warm jacket, so wearing the style in leather adds a cool and interesting twist to a jacket that is generally thought of as practical or utilitarian. Though a leather puffer jacket may not be the easiest style to find at vintage or thrift stores, it does have a vintage quality to it, as the style is reminiscent of jackets worn by popular hip-hop and R&B artists in the '90s and early 2000s. To emulate this style and look, you may want to try a puffy leather jacket in a cropped or oversized fit.


A style reference to consider when shopping for this type of jacket: the late and great R&B singer Aaliyah

Leather trench coat

The leather trench coat is such a versatile piece in the way that you can wear it with a number of different outfits, while also being an appropriate outerwear garment to wear for varying temperatures and seasons. While the trench coat can be considered a more classic or timeless jacket, a leather version of the jacket can certainly add drama and make a statement when added to even a simple, all-black outfit. If you're not afraid to add a bit of drama and glamour to your outfits, think of choosing a longer length for your leather trench coat — think something that falls closer to your lower calves or even your ankles — to really emphasize that you're wearing a full leather look. For a style that's a bit more current, look for a longer leather trench in a slightly oversized fit for that effortless, cool-girl vibe.


A style reference to consider when shopping for this type of jacket: Buffy the Vampire Slayer's long, '90s-era leather jackets.

Fringed leather jacket

What may be considered to be the most dramatic and eye-catching of the leather jackets we have featured, the fringe leather jacket is not for someone looking to blend in. By virtue of all the movement fringe creates, you are almost guaranteed to be the center of attention when wearing this eye-catching leather jacket. Though fringe might seem like a trend that will go out of style, consider the fact that fringe has been an embellishment and detail used on leather jackets for decades, centuries, and millennia. Not only do they have a long history in fashion, but they serve a practical purpose as well, as they can protect the edges and seams of your leather jacket from the usual wear and tear you may experience over time if your jacket didn't have fringe protecting it.


A style reference to consider when shopping for this type of jacket: 1970s rock n' roll legend, Debbie Harry