Styling Tips For Your Trendy Lululemon Belt Bag

The Lululemon belt bag is in high demand, and it's no wonder. The convenient little bag straps across the body, so you can easily carry your essentials while keeping your hands free. Think of it as the current variation on the fanny pack or the belt bag, a tried and true carryall. The Lululemon version has taken the world by storm and become one of the major trends of late. While the brand pretty much invented athletic leisure, the Lululemon belt bag looks good with a variety of looks beyond the classic yoga pants and bra top that we've come to know and love to wear, such as with denim.

The straps are adjustable, and even though the belt bag looks small when worn, it still holds everything you need. They come in a ton of different colors and textures, including a fleece finish that's soft as heck. There's also a helpful range of sizes, from a mini bag to a 1L and 2L. The bags have created something of a cult following, with people collecting them in all sorts of colors and sizes, so there's clearly something to these bags. With so much attention on them, let's check out some helpful styling tips for these beloved bags.  

The Lululemon belt bag and shacket

It doesn't get any cozier or cuter than this. On Instagram, Antonetta Altieri styled a black Lululemon belt bag with a tonal overlay. In fact, Altieri is wearing a shacket, a mix between a jacket and a shirt, which is quite possibly our favorite fall layer. Notice the hair and makeup styling is still thoughtful and polished, elevating the casual appeal of the shacket and belt bag to create a beautifully pulled-together look. Talk about cool girl vibes. We love it. 

The Lululemon belt bag with denim

We love everything about this look. While the Lululemon belt bag is probably most commonly styled with yoga leggings, style creator Daresha Petitt combined the popular bag with light-wash denim on Instagram. The black bag works perfectly with the baseball cap, creating a rich contrast to the lighter textiles of this outfit. Not only does the outfit look stylish, but it also looks unbelievably comfortable. We love seeing the belt bag add chic vibes to an already perfect outfit.

Pair your Lululemon belt bag with a denim jacket

For a day of outings and running errands, layer your Lululemon belt bag over your favorite denim jacket. It's the perfect look since denim trends are dominating everything. Instagram personality Tiffani shared the perfect way to wear the belt bag with denim. The look was a hit, and in the comments, several people raved about how much they love wearing the belt bag. "They are great! I love mine as well! Also, they hold a lot, I was surprised!!" one person commented. Stylish and functional.

Dress up the Lululemon belt bag

The Lululemon belt bag doesn't just have to pull together a casual look. Instagram personality Brittany Benson wore a belt bag in White Opal with a short, black dress and sandals. Hair and makeup don't have to be athletic or casual either. Notice Benson's styling choices to wear her hair down long and styled, keeping the look sharp and sophisticated. It shows that the belt bag clearly works as a dressier accessory, making for a great look for an evening out or a dinner date.

A Lululemon belt bag and a monochromatic look

Play with the fun range of colors in which the Lululemon belt bag comes in, and go with a monochromatic look. Of course, an easy and chic way to achieve this is by opting for black and curating the rest of the outfit to tonally match. On Instagram, Hannah Atkins showed how the belt bag can work with a minimalist look, creating a casual but stylish ensemble that looks so comfortable you could spend the whole day in it. But she keeps the look pulled together by opting for jewelry and styled hair.

Go chocolate brown with the Lululemon belt bag

Chocolate brown is a strong color choice in fashion at the moment. While seeing the rich tone in jackets, boots, and luxury handbags, chocolate brown is also proving to be a hot color choice in the world of athletic leisure as well. So, a chocolate brown Lululemon belt bag is the perfect way to bring this warm, rich color into any look. On Instagram, Leanne Schulz paired the bag with a white tie top and some chocolate brown joggers for the perfect way to wear this unconventional color choice. It looks dynamite.