The Hot Denim Trends That Will Dominate Fall 2023

There's no doubting that denim is here to stay. The fabric has been a wardrobe staple for over a century now, and fall 2023 will be no different. In fact, you may even be seeing more jean this coming season than you'd even expect — including the return of the infamous Canadian Tuxedo. "Denim-on-denim continues to be an effortlessly cool look," April Hennig, chief merchandising officer at Moda Operandi, said to Editorialist. But if you're a little wary of trying out the double denim trend yourself, fear not. There are plenty of other denim trends to take on this year. Darker denim has also been a hit in 2023, along with denim accessories.


But what are the other big movements in the denim world to look out for as we head into the fall? From jeans to skirts to accessories, these are the pieces to get your hands on (just remember to make your denim choices sustainable if you can).

The long denim skirt isn't going anywhere (sorry)

Love it or hate it, the maxi denim skirt trend won't be going away as we head into fall. This throwback piece has been having quite the moment in 2023, and the slit version of the skirt (which we've seen in mini to knee-length and everything in between over the past few years) isn't going anywhere. "This fall is going to be another maxi skirt-heavy season for sure," Sonia Beyda Mosseri, Still Here co-founder and designer, told TZR.


One thing that may change, however, is how this denim skirt is styled. Over the spring and summer, we saw it paired a lot with button downs and sneakers. However, we're expecting to see it chunky sweaters, coats, and tall boots as we head into the colder months. After all, boots are still set to be hot as we strut into the fall and there are a whole host of styles expected to be popular! You may also notice the shape of the polarizing skirt changing somewhat, though. April Hennig told Editorialist that A-line and bell-shaped denim skirts will be the ones to wear for fall.

While jeans are getting baggy and low

Gone are the days when skinny jeans were the hottest thing to be wearing (at least for now, sorry millennials). Instead, jeans are set to be loose and baggy for fall 2023. And the baggier the better! "Low-slung, slouchier, and roomier fits continue from this season into [the] next," April Hennig predicted while chatting with Editorialist. So that means keeping anything high-waisted in the back of your wardrobe for now, too (if you want to be on trend). Think channelling Britney Spears in her super-low rise jeans days.


One of the reason we're seeing the return of the baggy jean, also known as the boyfriend jean, is probably because of Gen-Z. "Given that Gen Z associates millennials with skintight skinny jeans, it's no surprise the younger fashion set is gravitating towards all things baggy denim. The look has always been a fashion rebellion of sorts!" fashion expert and editor Bella Gerard explained to InStyle. But those who were around to see the baggy jean trend take hold the first time may notice there are less rules when it comes to what people are pairing the pants with this time around. "The younger generation of shoppers and designers are striving to put emphasis on style, not size. The styling is no longer limited to a 'revealing on top, baggy on bottom' approach, although the 'little top, big bottom' silhouette is still a fan favorite," Gerard shared. So, basically, put it with what you feel comfortable with.


Patch pockets and carpenter jeans will also be hot for fall

As the weather turns colder, jeans with fun details are set to be hot. One thing to look out for on your bottoms is patch pockets rather than the standard coin pockets we're used to seeing on the hips of standard pairs. A patch pocket is exactly as it sounds; a patch sewn onto (rather than into) the jeans to hold your valuables. But they're not the only trendy additions we'll be seeing on our denim wear as we get into spooky season.


You can also expect to see carpenter jeans making a comeback in a big way. If you're not familiar with the term, it refers to jeans with a lot of added details, such as extra flap pockets, patches, or even loops. One of the reasons we're seeing this style make a resurgence is because when the jeans are baggy, they're basically the denim version of the cargo pant. Unless you've been living under a fashion-proof rock, you'll probably know that cargo pants have been everywhere so far in 2023. And wearing them in denim is the way to go if you want to stay chic into fall.

Denim jackets are getting an oversized upgrade too

Yep, it really is all about loose denim for fall 2023. When it comes to jean jackets, we can expect them to be just as oversized as our jean trousers. It's out with the fitted outerwear and in with the slouchier version. Oversized jackets have already been pretty hot this year, and it's predicted that will only continue as we head into the months where you'll actually need a jacket to keep warm. When it comes to choosing that perfect one heading into fall 2023, Kendall Becker, fashion and beauty trends editor at Trendalytics, recommended to Marie Claire sticking to something oversized and boxy.


But how exactly do you style an oversized denim jacket? Well, there are a few ways to go. "A denim jacket can surprise and delight. Pair it with anything from a slip dress to a classic denim-on-denim look. There is a lot of room to have fun with it," Ashley Full, cofounder of, told Women's Health. So, as the colder days start drifting in, that means you'll be right on trend if you pair it with baggy jeans or a midi-denim skirt. We'd also recommend rocking it with a good pair of boots (there are set to be a few exciting boot trends for fall 2023, too!) as the weather turns a little more unpredictable.

And don't forget about the denim accessories!

You may have noticed more and more people out and about with denim accessories in 2023, and we're not expecting that trend to stop as we hit fall. As Shaan Shah, CMO of Freakins India, explained to The Style List, "In 2023, one of the most commonly seen denim accessories would be bucket hats and tote bags and docker caps in denim would make for a great accessory too." Depending on where you live, you may not need the bucket hat or docker hat as we head into fall, but denim bags  are sure to still be a staple. You don't have to stop there, though. We've been seeing a lot of denim shoes penetrate the marketplace recently, so why not get yourself a pair of denim boots to strut into the new season?


One of the big reasons this denim trend is carrying into the change of season is because the material is just so darn durable. "The best part about denim accessories is their durability; other materials wear down faster with more frequent use in comparison to denim," Shah explained. So get yourself a denim accessory now, treat it well, and you'll no doubt still be rocking it next year.