The 'Anti-Trend' Basics You Need In Your Summer Wardrobe

If you're exhausted by constantly researching what's new in the fashion world, anti-trends are for you. Anti-trends refer to trends in fashion that are timelessly chic. Regardless of how times change, these staple wardrobe pieces never go out of style. Anti-trends are especially having a moment right now, with guides on how to curate a closet of anti-trend staples spreading and classic pieces taking the spotlight as one of the summer's hottest purse trends


Trends are often a reflection of the current cultural and social landscape. On the other hand, fashion can often buck these trends by producing timeless pieces that, while reflective of their time and origin, never stop looking glamorous. Anti-trends are, essentially, clothes that aren't confined to a specific era, but rather wardrobe basics that can still be trendy and relevant today. Anti-trends are also a rebellious response to some of the high-brow fashion and elitism that surrounds clothing.

In an interview with Vogue, fashion designer Daisuke Obana explained the importance of anti-trends and rebellious movements in fashion. "A long time ago 'enjoying fashion' was a part of life, but nowadays if you want to enjoy life, maybe you want to spend your money and time on something else," he said. "I think it is inevitable that fashion will move toward something that can be used more realistically (functionality)." So if you want to look stylish without subscribing to conventional ideas of fashion, you've come to the right place.


White monochrome outfits

White outfits are an eternal summer essential. With a white monochrome outfit, you'll stay cool throughout the summer while still looking effortlessly chic. To start building your wardrobe with anti-trend basics, go for loose pants and shorts. For tops, opt for tighter or low-cut tops that can accentuate loose fitting bottoms. All-white outfits are making a comeback this year, and provide an elegant look that's not only comfortably but innately sophisticated. These all-white looks can also be enhanced with a non-white accessory, like bright sunglasses or a designer purse.


You know what makes white monochrome outfits even better? Gold jewelry. If you have a favorite necklace laying around, pair it with an all-white outfit and look instantly more glamorous. Whether it's sundresses, rompers, or a simple pant and top, white outfits will give you the ultimate hot-girl-summer look. Who What Wear recommends experimenting with different textures, fabrics, and other forms of layering to mix it up and keep you coming back to different shades of white.

Flat shoes

Flat shoes and sandals are the epitome of minimalism, another anti-trend staple that's making its way back. Even better, they're a great alternative to heels when it comes to prioritizing comfort over current and timely trends. According to Gretel and Belle, flat shoes are great for your posture, joint health, eliminating injury risk, and ultimately sustaining you for long periods of time. If you're struggling to find the right flat shoe, go for ballet slippers that perfectly protect the arch of your feet and have a wide, elastic toe box. There are a number of ways to ace the ballet flats revival without looking dated.


Ballet slippers and other flats are also great to have all year round, as they're versatile and great for every season. You can opt for other flat shoes as well, like sneakers, strappy sandals, boots, loafers, and so much more . Believe it or not, flat shoes are more versatile than ever, and many are considered essential when it comes to anti-trends.

Woven bags

Do you carry a ton of belongings? We've got the perfect anti-trend solution for you: woven bags. Even if you're someone who doesn't typically carry a purse around, woven bags are not only chic but perfect for the summer. They're as efficient as they are fashionable. According to New York City stylist Chelsea Volpe, "When on the hunt for the perfect woven bag, I look for both fashion and function," she explained to Byrdie. "It's uber cute and versatile in terms of wearability."


In terms of finding the perfect woven bag, look for durability. "A lining is a must for many open-air woven bags to ensure items don't fall out in transit and your belongings are safe and sound," Volpe explained. If you're someone who carries more than a few items, a protective and durable lining is essential to make sure nothing slips out. Once you've found a bag that withstands all your travel necessities, choose one with enough versatility to transform day to night looks. As Volpe recommended, "woven bags are versatile, so break the rules and mix up your attire when pairing your new woven bag with your summer wardrobe." You may never need another type of bag again.

Tennis skirts

Tennis skirts aren't just for the court, and there's a reason they're so timeless. There are also a number of different tennis skirts — pleated, skort, harper, and high-waisted are just a few examples. In terms of an anti-trend, tennis skirts are comfortable, form-fitting, and flexible enough to move in. As explained by UK fashion designer Alex Eagle, "The tennis skirt has been a design classic since the '60s and has remained just as desirable," she explained to Vogue. "It's also the perfect excuse to wear something a bit short and flirty."


With that in mind, your summer wardrobe is not complete with a set of tennis skirts. You can pair these skirts with a short tube or crop top, or vamp up the anti-trends by wearing an oversized shirt. Tennis skirts are one of the most important anti-trend basics, as their relevance has grown beyond its prime years. "I think its timeless appeal comes from its simple, but elegant silhouette," Eagle emphasized. Don't let summer pass by without grabbing a few tennis skirts off the rack. 

Oversized tops

Baggy clothing is one of the most popular anti-trends. Whether it's oversized tees, button downs, or sweatshirts, oversized clothing is a remnant of the 20th century. According to stylist Zadrian Smith, "We're seeing a return of '90s trends in general, and we really love to see the reemergence of hugely oversized pieces — they can be so fun to play with," he explained to Vogue. Experimentation with oversized clothing ultimately leaves styling in the hands of its wearer, who can take it a lot of different directions. 


For example, try pairing an oversized button down with thin leggings. If you're wearing shorts, pair them with an oversized shirt and tie a sweatshirt around the waist. You can experiment further by doubling up on oversized basics, like a loungewear set with sweatpants and an oversized top. Don't be afraid to seek out guidance, especially for unique styling conflicts like pulling off an oversized shirt when you're petite or pairing crop tops and oversized pants for a summer outfit dream. You'll make your way through the summer fashionably and complete your wardrobe with the perfect staples for fall — all at once.