How To Curate A Closet Of Anti-Trend Staples That Work For You

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting your wardrobe to be on trend, there is something to be said for investing in staple pieces that are all at once both timeless and functional. In eluding the zeitgeist, these types of clothing and accessories can be worn again and again without ever being relegated to "last season."

This "anti-trend" shopping method is the foundation of many sartorial philosophies, including stealth wealth as seen in HBO's "Succession," uber-luxurious and low-profile brand The Row, and even the more affordable "capsule wardrobe" tips sweeping TikTok. Yet you don't need Shiv Roy's bank account to add longevity to your closet, and you don't need to limit your closet to a capsule, either. By purchasing a few basic staples and mixing them with trend pieces, you can be sure to get bang for your buck while still staying with the current moment. Designers known for more flamboyant styles took note this season, releasing pared-down classics alongside eye-catching colors and more seasonal fare.

Inspired by the "anti-trend" trend, find five wardrobe ideas to incorporate anti-trend staples into your own wardrobe.

Everyone needs a trench

There's a reason brands like London Fog have been around for generations, churning out rainproof trenches with only minor variations in styles. The look is classic and goes with pretty much everything. Opting for a black or camel-colored trench is a surefire way to add elegance to your wardrobe today, and ten years from now. Going for a coat with straight lines and a tie belt (as opposed to cuts with fuller skirts) will allow you to cinch your waist while also adhering to the slightly oversized, casual look that's currently popular.

Find a blazer that works for you

Blazers go in and out of style, and not all are created equal. In 2017, for example, contemporary brands (think: Frame or Veronica Beard) and mass market brands (J.Crew or The Gap) released versions of velvet blazers. This season, you won't see too many! To find a timeless blazer, look for classic fabrics like silk or cotton, and opt for a minimalist style that features pared-down or simple buttons and a cut that is slightly tailored at the waist.

A classic pair of denim

When it comes to anti-trend pieces, denim is complicated and largely depends on what makes you feel your best. One way to find a pair of denim that you can wear over for years to come is to look for a pair without too much stretch; the elasticity can cause shape loss with repeated washes. Bootcut styles are the most immune from the ebbs and flows of trends, as are mid-rise waistlines. Consider opting for a dark wash to avoid colorways that go in and out of season.

A leather (or pleather) jacket

With proper care, an authentic lambskin leather jacket can last a lifetime; there are also a lot of leather alternatives on the market that look like the real thing. When it comes to leather or pleather, field jackets or moto styles seem to have more staying power than bombers or puffers. And, while black is the most timeless colorway, a dark brown jacket is a classic investment choice as well.

A white or cream colored knit sweater

If you're looking for a staple item that adds softness and femininity to your wardrobe, consider including a white or cream-colored sweater without buttons into the rotation. Opting for an oversized option will allow for future shrinkage, and you can pair it with leggings and slippers while lounging around the house or tuck it into denim and booties for an evergreen street style. When it comes to choosing fabrics, you can find a ton of cashmere in secondhand and consignment shops. Avoiding polyester blends, if possible, will help add a hint of luxe to the look.

Find your signature color

Rather than opting to buy certain essentials, you can pull your outfits and your closet together by finding a color you love and slowly incorporating accessories and statement pieces in that shade. There are a number of websites online that proclaim to help you find your most flattering colors (are you a summer? a winter? an autumn?), but you can also think about what you already have or gravitate toward, and allow those pieces to be the focus of the outfit.