The Placement Of Venus In Your Twelfth House Can Help Clarify Your Relationship Goals

We've all had a period of our lives where we felt a little confused as to what we wanted in our romantic pursuits. Maybe you are experiencing that right now as you scroll through dating apps, unable to find a person that really sticks out to you. If you're looking for some much-needed clarity in this perpetually-confusing situation, look no further than your astrological birth chart.

Charts are divided into houses, which represent the rotation of the earth across a 24-hour period. Considered the final house in a typical chart, the twelfth house symbolizes endings and your own subconscious mind. The readings of this chart typically deal with cycle completion, which can mean a variety of different things. These cycles can represent a habit you're trying to break, a big change in your life, and even your romantic pursuits, thanks to it being guided by Neptune's placement in Pisces.

Each sign's placement in the twelfth house can be different. For example, those with Leo in the twelfth house are often highly passionate and skilled at what they do, while those with Aquarius are typically organized to a T. However, those with Venus in the twelfth house are likely more romantic than others, which could provide some important clarity into your current love life.

What a Venus placement in the twelfth house means

So, we know that those with Venus as their twelfth house are romantic, but what does that entail? You're likely picky about who you want to pursue romantic relationships with, as horoscope reading website Indastro explains. The ideal partner for you is nothing less than all of your favorite qualities, which might make the dating process more difficult. After all, nobody can really be the perfect partner.

Those with the placement are also said to place romantic compatibility on the same level as sexual compatibility. If you aren't having good sex and a good relationship at the same time, then you might feel like your partner isn't the person for you. This is also partly why Venus placements are more passionate about finding true compatibility, perhaps opting for looking for a long-term relationship instead of a casual hookup. Their compassionate nature also makes them more prone to seeking deep connections. There are other effects to having a Venus placement, such as being artistically inclined and preferring to work alone. These people will often want to obtain a fulfilling, but perhaps unstable job, as they'd be more inclined to pursue their dream careers.

How to best reap the benefits of a Venus in twelfth house placement in your love life

Given how those with this particular placement are looking for serious commitments, it's time you take those to heart. Try seeking out like-minded individuals on dating apps and filtering out profiles to see who's looking for something long-term. You can even begin attending events on activities you like or are interested in, such as an art class. Even if you don't find a potential partner, you can still meet some great new people.

People with this placement don't have to be currently single in order to reap this advice. If you are experiencing stagnation in your current relationship, this is your chance to talk to your partner about your needs and wants. If they want to keep things casual or aren't receptive to what you have to say, perhaps it's time to let this relationship go. However, if they're willing to allow the relationship to grow or change the way you want it to change, talk more about it and what you both can do to make it happen.