Mars Reveals What Really Lights Your Fire In A Relationship

Mars has captivated earthlings for centuries. While scientists have nicknamed Mars "the red planet" due to its soil of oxidizing iron, the Romans named it after Mars, the God of War, because it was the color of blood. When we think about the role of Mars in astrological terms, Mars is frequently associated with conquest, ego, motivation, passion, and raw sexual energy. The mythology goes that Venus, the Goddess of Love, took Mars as a secret lover, and when they were found out, they were cast together in a net. As such, Venus and Mars are frequently juxtaposed. Where Venus has traditionally represented feminine ideals of love and romance, Mars is a traditionally masculine crusader in all aspects, treating love (and lust) as though it is a war to win, perhaps without always considering the consequences.


While one's Venus placement is often cited as the first place to look when it comes to invoking insights about relationships, Mars placements can also assist in understanding a different face of your love life: What motivates you to pursue love? Where does that passionate spark come from, and how do you sustain it? Mars takes action toward what he desires, and, as the old adage goes, actions can often speak louder than words when it comes to matters of the heart.

What sign is your Mars in?

First, check your natal chart to determine what sign Mars is placed in. Mars rules Aries, the energetic fire sign that is the first of the zodiac, ushering in the spring season, and this placement is bound to be one of the most bold. The penchant for passion that Aries harbors is amplified by the intensity of Mars, making for a person who is rather unstoppable when it comes to pursuing goals, whether personal or professional. Aries and Mars in relationships, then, might be prone to pursuing "the chase," that is, the initial stages of a new flame that can be exciting and captivating. But once they have achieved their goals, they might feel as though they have lost steam, becoming bored and searching for a new ambition to follow. Thus, Mars in Aries placements — as well as in additional fire signs — could work on sustaining their energy in love and life, so as not to burn out too fast. 


Other signs, however, could present contrasting challenges in Mars placements. Mars in Pisces could be a large departure from the Aries energy that plays so well with the planet. Where Pisces, a water sign, is the last sign of the zodiac, its intuitive, perhaps passive nature might not mesh well with the strategic and direct Mars. As such, Pisces in Mars might feel less urgent when it comes to love and could experience difficulties identifying what they want from a relationship.

What house is your Mars in?

As Aries marks the beginning of the zodiac, so Mars rules the first house, known as the House of Self. While too much of a focus on the self can lead to egotism or arrogance, the truth is, we each experience life through our own individual perspectives. Without an understanding of who we are, navigating the vast complexities of life would be challenging. That Mars rules the first house could be demonstrative of the idea that we must first take responsibility for ourselves in order to be responsible in other areas of our lives, and this principle definitely applies when it comes to relationships. Knowing what you struggle with, and what you thrive in, can assist you in bringing a better balance to your relationships.


Those with Mars located in the first house might have all of the makings of a leader. While the level of your initiative and ambition could be attractive to others, you might have trouble giving up some control over your efforts, or you could be prone to being inflexible, should a plan not be panning out how you expected. When it comes to relationships, an inability to compromise could cause serious problems. Consider that inviting input from others, when appropriate, could help you reach your goals even faster. After all, when you are in a relationship, you are part of a team.