How Your North Node Placement Can Help You Forge A Fulfilling Career Path

Big three placements in astrological birth charts – Sun, Moon, and ascendant – may have become ubiquitous colloquialism when citing the roots of feelings or personality traits, but this lesser-known point found in every birth chart can actually help pinpoint life purpose and destiny. The North Node illustrates your life path – where you're going and what you're ultimately here to do and master. It is opposite of the South Node, which tells the story of where you came from and what transpired in your soul's past life.

Soul reincarnation, fate, destiny – these words can seem mystifying, especially when correlated with an entire diagram of given astrological aspects and angles. The North and South Nodes – collectively known as the Lunar Nodes – however, offer an insightful opportunity for approaching self-reflection. By exploring the qualities and characteristics associated with your Lunar Nodes, you can gain a deeper understanding of innate talents and potential, identify career paths that align with them, and uncover areas of life where fulfillment and success are most likely to be found.

What are the North and South Nodes, and how do they work?

Lunar Nodes are not planets, but actually coordinates; they are two points in the sky that face opposite each other and represent the intersection of the Moon's orbit with the celestial equator. The North Node, also known as the "Dragon's Head" in Vedic astrology, represents the soul's karmic path and the necessary lessons to learn in this lifetime for the soul's purpose to be fulfilled. It indicates the qualities that must be cultivated in order to grow and evolve. What looks like success for someone can be inconsequential for another because the fate that has been promised by the cosmos, as evidenced by Lunar Node placements, is unique to every individual.

The South Node, or the "Dragon's Tail" that completes the mythic and nodal image of an Ouroboros, represents the patterns and behaviors developed in the soul's past life – and how they influence what's next for the soul in this lifetime. Located on the point opposite of the North Node's direction, it symbolizes the areas of potential stagnation or resistance, and reveals the qualities and even deep-seated behaviors carried from past lives that must be released in order to move forward on the soul's karmic path. By understanding the lessons and qualities associated with your South Node, you can identify and release any limiting beliefs or habits that may be hindering your growth, and connect more fully with your North Node to reach your highest potential.

How to discover your destiny with your North Node

Since the Lunar Nodes mirror each other, they'll always have opposite zodiac signs. For a North Node in Gemini – which entails a destiny intertwined with public speaking skills, social life, and the ability to articulate complex and abstract ideas – the South Node will be in Sagittarius, the opposite sign of Gemini. If your North Node is in Aries, you may be drawn to careers that involve taking initiative and risk-taking, whereas a North Node in Cancer suggests careers that involve nurturing and caregiving. It is also imperative to check the house under which your North Node falls, as it provides further insights into your life path.

Beyond the strengths associated with your North Node, understanding the lessons and challenges that also come with it can help discern ideal and fulfilling areas of work. Conversely, recognizing the tendencies and patterns associated with your South Node can help you avoid repeating past mistakes in regards to your career. Major changes that occur either during a Lunar or Solar Eclipse are bound with the Lunar Nodes, so heed eclipse season for the heightened energy to transform and evolve along with those changes. By aligning your career choices with the power and self-discovery offered by the North Node and South Node, you can overcome the obstacles posed by your soul's history, grow into a more meaningful and rewarding professional life, and begin to fulfill your purpose and potential.