Asteroid Juno's Placement In Your Birth Chart Unlocks What You Need In Relationships

There's a lot to understand when it comes to your birth chart. If you're a novice astrologer, then you already know the basics. Your sun sign (the sign most people know) represents your core self. Your rising sign represents how people see you, and your moon sign represents how you see yourself. Aside from that, placements vary by house, sign, and planet, which can give you insight into your inner world or future.

For those that are still learning, the planets represent certain aspects of your personality. Mercury is about communication, Mars is about sex and aggression, and Venus is about beauty and love. The houses and signs represent qualities. So, if you have Mars in Aries (a fire sign), you might have a very quick temper. If you have Venus in the seventh house (the house of relationships), romantic love is said to play a significant part in your life. Just as some placements can tell you where your strengths lie, others can tell you your weaknesses or shed some light on what you need to prioritize in certain areas of your life.

This brings us to Juno, a seldom-discussed asteroid in your chart. Unlike the planets we all had to learn in school, Juno isn't a household name. However, this asteroid can tell you much about yourself and what you need in your relationships.

Who was Juno?

To be technical, Juno is an asteroid between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. There are four major asteroids in astrology, and Juno is on the list. Like the other planets that dot your birth chart, Juno was named after a Roman god — or in this case, goddess — Juno, the goddess of marriage.

Nothing ever came easy for the Roman gods, and Juno, despite being the goddess of marriage, was cursed with a miserable union. She married Jupiter, and was the epitome of a devoted and loving wife. However, Jupiter, the god of thunder, wasn't interested in settling down. The story goes that the only person who could intimidate the mighty Jupiter was Juno, who was easily angered. To hide his wandering eye from his long-suffering wife, Jupiter invented clouds so that she couldn't watch him while he was on Earth. What does this have to do with astrology — or, more importantly, your relationship? Juno didn't necessarily make good choices in her marriage, but she can shed some light on how to manage yours.

Juno's placement can help you find your soulmate

Now that you know the background, let's talk about astrology. Astrologers claim that Juno shows us what we need and what we struggle with in romantic relationships based on where it falls in our chart. To find out where that is for you, you'll want to use a birth chart calculator and make sure to check the option for asteroids. Once you've found where your Juno lies, it's time to get to business.

First, look at the house. This will tell you much about what you seek in relationships. For example, if Juno is in the sixth house, you might find it hard to balance your relationship and your career. If it's in the eleventh house, your partnership will have a lot to do with platonic love. Once you've assessed the meaning of your house, check the sign. The sign in which your Juno sits illuminates the qualities of your partner and what might set you off. For example, if your Juno is in Aquarius, you value equanimity in your relationship. It would be best to have a partner who treats you like an equal. Juno in Sagittarius needs an adventurous partner who respects their ideas. Juno in Libra is infuriated when their hard work isn't acknowledged. To make a long story short, if you want to find a partner who's a better match for you than Jupiter was to Juno, check your birth chart before making any major commitments.