It's Undeniable — We're In For A Mermaidcore Summer. Here's How To Make The Look Work For You

With the recent premiere of Disney's live-action remake of "The Little Mermaid," it's bound to be a mermaidcore summer. From hair styled in beachy waves to shimmery aquatic nails, mermaidcore is going to take over the beauty sphere, and it's going to take over fashion, too. From pearls to scales and everything in between, you can bet on seeing plenty of mermaid-inspired outfits wherever you go this season.


That said, just because many may wish they were a mermaid doesn't necessarily mean they'll want to look like an Ariel impersonator. The good news is that there are lots of ways that you can bring some subtle mermaid charm to your summer wardrobe without looking like you're playing dress-up. From date night to work wear, mermaidcore can be introduced into just about any look. Here are a few simple ways to add a touch of beachy dreaminess to your summer outfits without going over the top.

Look elegant with pearls

Pearls are one of the simplest and most elegant ways to get in on the mermaidcore trend. However, just wearing a standard set of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace alone won't necessarily give off a mermaid vibe. Because of this, mixing pearl jewelry with other materials, like hemp or leather, can create a more eclectic, mermaid-esque look.


Freshwater-style pearls can introduce an element of whimsy, as can finding new ways to incorporate pearls into your outfit. Trying out a top with pearl detailing can be a subtle and chic choice. If you're looking for a DIY option, stitching pearls ontpo the pockets of your jeans could be a fun and simple project to try.

Try out seashell details

If you want to look like a mermaid this summer, take your inspiration straight from the sea. As early-aughts trends are returning to the spotlight, things like puka shells and sea shell necklaces are cool once again. That's great news because wearing these necklaces can be an easy way to try the mermaidcore trend.


Also, whether you wear a necklace with actual seashells or a gold necklace with a seashell-shaped pendant, it will add some subtle beachy appeal to your whole outfit. That doesn't mean that you need to relegate your seashells to necklaces, though. Seashell bracelets, anklets, and accessories with seashell detailing are also super cute options.

Look like a catch in a net-textured shrug

Crochet and knit looks have been super on trend lately, and what's great is that they're compatible with mermaidcore. If you crochet and you're looking for a new project, a net shrug could be a good one to try for the summer.


Whether you buy or make it, a net-textured shrug can be a simple way to add some interest to your outfit. Not only can it be an easy and casual layer to add, but it's versatile, too. You can toss it on over a swimsuit as a cover-up or over a dress on a date night. You can also pair it with a tank and shorts on casual days. If shrugs aren't your thing, a net skirt or cover-up can be really appealing, too.

Shimmer with sequins

Sequins are a mermaid's (or a person in mermaidcore's) best friend. Not only are sequins versatile, but they can add a pop of light to just about anything, on top of being a lot of fun. One of the easiest ways to introduce sequins into your wardrobe is through your accessories.


A teal sequin purse can make a bold statement, but if you want a more subtle look, there are plenty of other things to try. Sequin detailing on a pair of sandals or a shirt can be a good fit on casual, work, or daytime outfits. If you really want an eye-catching look, wearing a sequin miniskirt or dress is the way to go.

Toss on teal and aqua outfits

If you don't like to accessorize much or aren't interested in clothing with lots of detailing, wearing clothes that come in mermaidy colors is a great alternative. Whether you prefer pale aquas and seafoams or would rather wear bold teals or deep ocean blues, any of these shades can help create a mermaid aura around you.


These hues can also make your wardrobe more interesting, especially if they're colors that you wouldn't usually wear. If you don't care for ocean tones, then pairing colors like green and purple will instantly bring Ariel's outfit from "The Little Mermaid" to mind; another great way to rock a mermaidcore look.

Have fun with starfish

Starfish are cute, and starfish-shaped jewelry can be super cute, too. If you want a bold look, a big pendant can be a great conversation piece. That said, there are plenty of more subtle options, too. Small, starfish-shaped earrings can add delicate charm, as can a bracelet with starfish-shaped beads. If jewelry isn't your thing, there are other ways to incorporate the shape into your outfits. If you're into DIY projects, ironing a starfish patch onto denim shorts is an option. Or, if you'd like to embroider something, you could stitch starfish shapes onto your clothes, too.


Shine in satin

Flowy, and shiny, there's something about the way satin looks when it moves that's reminiscent of the sea. So, of course, it's a perfect fabric to wear for a mermaidcore summer (bonus points if you can wear it in a mermaid color, too).


If you want to be super on-trend, a midi-length slip dress is the way to go. That said, other lengths of dresses will look great, too, especially for date nights or going out. Satin midi skirts are also super popular and a little more casual. If you want to go all the way with your mermaidcore look, your skirt or dress can be paired with a crochet top or net shrug.

Glow in ethereal sheers

Nothing can make you feel like a mermaid like a flowing, sheer dress. If it sparkles, even better. Not only are sheer dresses or layers dreamy to look at, but they can also be a nice way to add subtle complexity to your outfit while still keeping things light for summer.


If you aren't into wearing a sheer dress, a sheer blouse is another great choice. Some may be intimidated by the sheer trend either because they're unsure about what to wear underneath, or they worry that they will be too revealing. The upside is that a sheer piece, whether it's a top, a skirt, or a dress can always be layered with slip dresses or tanktops so you can enjoy the trend without feeling exposed.

Keep it simple with seashore graphics

If you love the idea of mermaidcore, but don't feel like putting out a bunch of effort (or buying a bunch of new clothes or accessories), a T-shirt with some sea-themed graphics can be straightforward, easygoing, and a super cute way to have a mermaidcore summer. Whether you try out a cheeky shirt with two seashells on the chest or a graphic tee with beachy images, it can work with mermaidcore.


Of course, you could wear a pair of fun pants with seashell graphics or leggings with ocean images printed on them, too. There are so many options, and depending on how you style your T-shirt, you can decide how far you want to take the trend.

Opt for scaley details

What's one of the biggest things that makes a mermaid a mermaid? Their scales. While wearing scales might not sound cute, outfits and bathing suits with scaly details can be downright adorable and can bring a lot of fun and playfulness to your outfit. Whether you wear scale-detailed leggings or an iridescent scaly one-piece swimsuit, there are a lot of options.


If that's too over the top for you, jewelry with scale details can be a more low-key way to try this look. Scalloping is another option, as the shape is reminiscent of scales but not too on the nose. Trying out blouses or dresses with scalloped edge details can be great for more versatile outfits you can wear in any setting.