8 Unique Ways To Ace The Crochet Trend For The Summer (It's Not All Crop Tops!)

There's something whimsical about the return of crochet for the summer. The look brings back vibes from the 1960s but with fresh, unexpected twists. What might initially come to mind are crochet bikini tops and crop tops, but the return of this style is bringing crochet back in really unexpected ways. We're seeing dresses, pantsuits, vests, bucket hats, shorts, and more.

What's so cute about the crochet trend is how playful the looks are. From daisy prints to hearts, stripes, and the classic Granny squares and patchwork, the designs go on and on. The crochet trend is unexpectedly sexy too. Since the loops naturally create gaps, there's a see-through element to the garments. This creates a flirty, sexy summer edge to the looks. Of course, there are endless ways to add lining or layers underneath so that things can remain covered if see-through isn't your scene. There's no end to the fun you can have with these summer crochet looks.

Crochet pant sets are the best

Crochet sets are everything, and we're seeing the most beautiful creations all over social media. What's so fabulous about the trend is that many people literally crochet their own outfits. TikToker @hookedbybriana shared her teal-colored pants and halter top set, complete with the crochet square pattern. She wrote, "That feeling when you finish a crochet project." She shared the pattern on her website, Hooked By Brianna, so that others could replicate the look. The added element of creativity makes the look that much more impressive.

The crochet cardigan is the perfect summer staple

The crochet cardigan is one of the most adorable ways we've seen this trend used. While we might traditionally associate the crochet look with bright colors and busy designs, it can also be minimal and simple. An oatmeal-colored cropped cardigan keeps the look mature and elegant, while still leaning into the whimsical design of the crochet loops. Plus, since the fiber is more breezy, it's a perfect way to work a cardigan into a summer wardrobe. Pair with white trousers or linen and you're good to go. There's nothing stuffy about this look, plus you won't get overheated.

The crochet maxi dress is summer's sexiest look

The crochet trend has even infiltrated maxi dresses, and the look isn't just for the beach. What's so fun is that the crochet maxi dress is checking off all of the different looks that crochet can bring. There are some that are very colorful, with crochet flowers adding dimension and texture to the dress. There are also sleek, minimal looks in this trend that are superb for the summer. TikToker @tayyy.what showed her new summer look in the Anthropologie Crochet Strappy Back Maxi Dress. "This is the sexiest dress I think I've ever had," she said. And she's not wrong.

The crochet bra top for that 1960s nostalgia

The crochet bra top is the perfect way to work in some sex appeal during the summer while controlling how much skin you want to show. You can wear the bralette on its own, perfect for a chill, sunny day. Or, you can let the bra top peek out behind something else, like an open blazer or sweater. There's no reason it has to be front and center in the outfit if you don't want it to be.

Crochet vests as a summer top

The crochet vest is the perfect way to work a versatile top into your summer wardrobe. Wear it over a t-shirt or a statement bra if you want something more covered, particularly if the loops are very open in the design. Or, if you find a crochet vest that has tighter loops, opt for this as a stand-alone top, perfect for a day at the office or dinner out. Pair the look with loose denim or pleated, white trousers for a tailored combination.

High-waisted crochet pants are the perfect festival look

The most exciting part of the crochet trend might just be the pants. We're seeing a lot of nostalgic waves here, because they're often high-waisted and flared with geometric or floral designs. Talk about a blast from the past! We're seeing these pants as the perfect base for festival wear or a summer day on the go. Work in a crop top and a denim jacket for breezy layering.

Layering the crochet skirt

The crochet skirt is a gift of versatility. Because crochet looping tends to be more open, wear the skirt alone with a pair of statement underwear underneath to play around with layering. Or, layer the skirt itself over another skirt or bottoms to work in a more complex play with texture. Play with more crochet in the look by incorporating a crochet bag to bring balance to the outfit, and don't be shy about experimenting with different patterns and colors.

The crochet bucket hat was where it all began

It's all about the crochet hat. In fact, it was the crochet bucket hat that kicked off the return of crochet, and the inspiration spread from there. And because the crochet hat was the originator of this trend, we're keeping it on the list in homage. What's so compelling about the bucket hat is that it's a packable item, perfect for keeping the summer sun off of your face, while the loops keep the hat breezy.