Summer Means It's Officially Anklet Season And This Year We're Going All Out

The Y2K revival has spared no reinvention of trends in recent years. That includes the infamous ankle bracelet, more commonly called an anklet. Most of us probably have memories of anklets made with embroidery floss by our friends at camp, or ones with seashells we would get at the beach as a souvenir. But anklets have a far deeper and richer history than just being a Y2K callback.


It is believed the first anklet bracelets were worn by the Sumerians as early as the 5th millennium BC. In Indian culture, anklets can signify a woman's marital status and have been seen in various art forms for thousands of years. In the 1950s, girls would wear anklets over their socks to show support for singer Frank Sinatra, earning them the name "Bobby Soxers." And the bohemian movement of the '70s adapted them into their wardrobe as well.

When you rock an anklet, you pay homage to the women who have come before you. It is a subtle, yet fun way to add an accessory to your outfit. As the weather continues to get warmer and our hemlines get shorter, try experimenting with the many ways to wear an anklet for a unique look to any summer outfit.


Add a pop of color

An anklet can be a great, simple way to add a vibrant pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic outfit. It keeps it classy by being small, but still creates an impact and naturally draws your eyes to the dainty accessory. Matching a colorful anklet to a colorful, chain-link necklace can create an effortlessly cohesive look that stays playful while not going over the top. In this style, the anklet is not the show-stealing star but rather offers a quiet emphasis on your style mastery and chicness. Keep the anklet chain thin and not too blingy to avoid looking campy.


You don't want it to become a distraction to the rest of your look — we are going for a barely there but impactful vibe. The key to pulling off this color burst is to keep the rest of your outfit one, solid color. A full black or white outfit will give your anklet the most impact while still giving chic vibes.

Go for the gold

You know an accessory is making a comeback when Gigi and Bella Hadid have both been spotted rocking it. The Hadid sisters effortlessly wear the anklet trend by sticking to gold pieces and Y2K-leaning outfits. The bright, poppy colors and faux-luxury looks of Y2K offer a great canvas for a blingy gold anklet. Pairing the anklet with chunky platforms, simple slides, or another one of the summer's hottest sandal trends lets you show off your anklet without being too overt.


Not to mention, a gold bracelet will make your tanned, summer-skin shimmer beautifully. These anklets are designed to be flaunted in warmer months so take advantage of this. We love chunky, gold, chain-link anklets or gold, crystal-studded anklets for this vibe. The drama of Y2K fashion lets you play around with texture and size, meaning an oversized anklet will look less out of place when styled this way. Make this style more modern by going for high-quality material and sticking to one anklet at a time.

Show your personality with a charm anklet

If you love the twee and indie sleaze fashion revival, lean into the eccentric and individualistic nature of these styles by wearing a customized charm anklet. You can make this as subtle or as bold as you want based on the charms you go for, and you can tailor the look as personally as you want. To keep this look from being too much, make sure to keep your charms and chains in the same metal family. Charm anklets are so effortlessly feminine and pair wonderfully with a summer dress or miniskirt.


We love the fun, playful look paired with simple ballet flats or sneakers so the anklet gets to shine. The charm anklet is a perfect accessory to wear to a family BBQ or Fourth of July party because of its casual nature and conversation-starting aspects (trust us, everyone is going to want to know what your charms mean).

Lean into summer with a seashell anklet

If your summer plans consist of being a beach bum and catching as many ocean vibes as you can, a seashell anklet will instantly help you achieve that relaxed, beachy style. This look is a major callback to the Y2K surfer obsession and falls into the coconut girl trend that took over TikTok within the last year. Coconut girls love bright colors, ocean themes, and island vacation vibes. Nothing says coconut girl like a uniform, seashell anklet. To keep your coconut girl dreams going, look for anklets made with high-quality craftsmanship and combine the Y2K embroidery floss look with a reinforced chain for longevity.


A seashell anklet won't look out of place when you're wearing a swimsuit either. Pairing 2023 swimwear trends with the seashell anklet keeps you looking cool and effortless. When you are going for total beach babe vibes, looking like you're trying too hard is never the move. Sticking to one anklet and a pair of sleek sunglasses for your accessories keeps it easy and breezy.

Keep it classy with pearls

This isn't your mother's string of pearls. Bring this timeless trend into the modern age by choosing a delicate pearl anklet. This is a great way to bring formality to the anklet trend and can be the missing touch for your summer wedding guest or cocktail hour outfits. Plus, with this being the summer of Barbie obsession, a pearl anklet is a fun way to get in on the trend without hitting the aesthetic over the head. We love the look of matching a pearl anklet to a pearl necklace or bracelet to create a smooth accessory transition that is pleasing to the fashion eye.


Keep it neutral by sticking with traditional white shade pearls and make sure they are on the smaller side to avoid looking clunky on your ankle. A delicate pearl anklet gives the vibe of sophistication — if the pearls are too big, it can look clunky and costumey.