Summer 2023 Swimwear Trends Serve Everyone's Comfort Level (As They Should)

It's almost that time of year. Summer officially starts on June 21, which means swimsuit season is just around the corner. Fortunately, a wave of body positive movements has resulted in a sea of swimsuit options to choose from, whether you prefer a more demure, modest style or are partial to barely there thong bikinis. Hey, whatever floats your boat!

We've rounded up a selection of styles that are likely to be popular at the beach, the resort, the pool, or wherever you decide to roam this summer. The styles come in a variety of materials — crochet?! — and some are perfect for transitioning from a swimwear look to an athleisure-chic dinner date. What's more, the current moment's focus on style comebacks (think: the 90s high waist, the 2000s empire waist, and the 70s flare) seems to have worked their way into the design of swimwear, with quite a few trends that hark back to previous eras. Browse ahead and find one that suits your style. 

Knitted looks and crochet bikinis

Okay, so this one is perhaps not the most practical for those who plan on doing laps in an Olympic pool. After all, crochet is a knitted fabric, and it does absorb water. Still, there is something to be said for the intricate knotted details that nevertheless draw the eye. "Y2K themes like [denim, metallic sheen, and crochet] along with silhouettes like fly-away tops are adopted into this season's swimwear collections," Patricia Maeda, director of women's intimates and swim at FashionSnoops, tells The Zoe Report. For those who prefer a suit with more coverage, there are options to choose from this season; crochet may be a technically porous design, but it's not necessarily a revealing one.

It's all about long sleeves

For those who prefer more coverage or are sensitive to sun exposure, a long-sleeve swimsuit could be just the thing for you in Summer 2023. You may associate long-sleeve swimwear with decidedly unstylish wetsuits meant for surfing or off-season wear, but designers have put twists on the sartorial tradition and released styles that are at turns whimsical and romantic, with dazzling patterns, sheer sleeves, and front-zips that accentuates curves. 

Off the shoulder and cutouts galore

Off the shoulder swimsuits have been a mainstay at the beach for several years, and this year there's a resurgence of off-the-shoulder looks that feature peak-a-boo slits and retro cut-outs. The good news is that you might already have this style buried in your closet! If so, it's time to whip it out, all in the name of sustainable fashion. For those who prefer more coverage, there are plenty of more modest coverage options. For those who want to show off some skin, consider mixing trends and going with a high waisted cut with modular cut-outs. 

Athleisure looks are staying the course

The athleisure trend shows no signs of slowing down, with an array of swimsuit styles drawing from popular workout looks. Monochrome colorways and more muted tones seem to reign supreme when it comes to this trend, so look out for understated colors. The two-pieces are almost indistinguishable from the cut and fabric you're likely to find in a sportsbra. (And, if you're on a budget, this is a perfect time to refashion your existing sports bras into a swimsuit top!) 

Mermaid-inspired swim lines

If you always wanted to have your Ariel moment, you're in luck! Summer 2023 hosts a range of styles that seem to draw inspiration from fictional lands under the sea. It's actually become so popular there's even a dedicated hashtag for the look—#Mermaidcore. Look out for bra tops that resemble seashells, patterns that resemble fish scales, and shimmery fabric that dazzles in sunlight. Available in a variety of cuts and styles, this trend is one that suits those looking for all types of coverage options.