We're Upgrading Our Humble T-Shirt Style Because Basics Don't Have To Be Boring

A white or black T-shirt is one of those staples everyone should have in their wardrobe. Not only are they super easy to wear, but they can be paired with so many different garments that they're perfect for when you need a lazy girl fashion day. As Sara Klausing, founder of Seek, explained to Forbes, "There are few pieces that truly stand the test of time, and the white T-shirt is one of them — it's a blank slate for any outfit or character." But just because white and black T-shirts are considered a wardrobe basic, that certainly doesn't mean your outfit has to be. We know it's easy to put on a white or black top with a pair of jeans and call it a day (and, hey, that's absolutely fine if that's what you're feeling), but there are those occasions when you want to dress up your tee a little and have some fun. And that's where we come in.

We're here to keep your next T-shirt ensemble from looking anything but basic, because we've rounded up some of the most fashionable ways to upgrade the wardrobe staple with some extra flair.

Sashay in sequins

One of the easiest ways to upgrade a basic is to bring on the sequins. Seriously, trust us on this one; sequins make everything better. This look proves a good white T-shirt really does go with everything. In this case, Instagram influencer @lilymayanna_ upgraded the wardrobe staple by going for a slightly cropped option and putting it with a super glam full sequin silver midi skirt. She then paired the two with some fun white cowboy-style boots to really elevate the whole look and move the daytime basic into nighttime — and beyond.

Feelin' elegant

How adorable and elegant does TikTokker @jenniferchrstie look in this outfit? Proving that you really can dress up a simple black T-shirt, she rocked hers by tucking it into a pair of wide-legged gray pants with a slightly shimmery gray-slash-black unbuttoned cardigan over the top to prove that a top like this can go with anything and be worn to pretty much any occasion. She added open-toe heels for a little extra style and sophistication, but if high heels aren't your thing, you could just as easily sport formal flats with this ensemble.

Sheer out your white T-shirt

Want a white T-shirt look with a sultry twist? Then look no further than a top like this. If you're a fan of a simpler, more classic look, you can still rock the jeans with your top, but bring a twist by incorporating a little mesh on your top half. This gorgeous top has a sliver of solid material across the chest but would be a great option for summer, as the sheer material will bring a little coolness your way (in more ways than one). The baggy jeans have also been given an upgrade with a light paint effect down both legs, while you can still keep it comfy and casual with sneakers without it looking like a lazy fashion day.

Add some simple glitz to your T-shirt look

Bring some sparkle to that black T-shirt by pairing it with a bedazzled or glittered blazer. As TikTok fashionista @gabidaigi showed us on the social media site, a simple black top gets an instant upgrade when it's paired with something a little more glitzy, making it go from day to night effortlessly. Although, who said you can't wear a sparkly blazer during the day? She added on-trend ripped light jeans to her look, as well as sparkly heels we also adore. Though this look opted for black, a white T-shirt would look just as gorgeous.

Love life in layers

Another way you can bring a little extra oomph to a basic T-shirt look is to layer. You can instantly dress up a white or black T-shirt by putting it underneath a dress. We'd recommend going for something a little more airy and summery with thin straps. Though, if you really want to go fancy, you could even rock a strapless cocktail dress over the top of your basic tee. TikToker @avaryggrace proved just how cute this upgrade (which is also a solid option when you're transitional dressing) to the humble T-shirt can be, as she paired her black dress with a white top and sneakers. But the world is your oyster here; you can match a black or white top with almost anything, and if you were heading out for the evening, you could even pair a look like this with heels.

Look for leather

Making it very clear that monochrome dressing doesn't have to be a bore, even with a plain black tee involved, reach for that leather when you want to elevate a basic piece. Instagrammer Paolka Paulina proved that's one of the best ways you can pair a basic T-shirt with something of the same color (to take the guesswork out of matching things), but you should try to bring in a different texture to stop things looking too monotone. Paulina paired her black top with a leather jacket and matching leather pants (there are plenty of vegan alternatives out there if you'd prefer), with a cross-body bag literally across her body. Ain't no way this look could be called boring.

Boost your T-shirt look with killer stiletto boots

We can't get enough of this fashion-forward look from TikTok star @kirstyackermann. She paired her oversized white slogan T-shirt with a long denim skirt (which is having a bit of a fashion comeback right now, by the way), opting for one that had a super high slit in the middle. That perfectly highlighted her showstopping knee-high black stiletto boots, which really take this get-up to the next level. If you're not a fan of heels, you could pair the outfit with flat boots for a similar look.

Nothing like neon

One of the quickest ways to bring a little extra something to your basic white or black T-shirt look is to pair it with something neon. Because black and white, particularly in a standard T-shirt, are considered to be basics, that makes them the ideal candidate for something bright, as they're not going to clash. In this case, Instagrammer samanthabelbel kept her look feeling fresh and fun with a pair of super bright yellow shorts and sneakers. But there really are endless possibilities when it comes to bringing a neon flash to your look, from rocking neon skirts to pants.

Bring out the mini

If you're feeling a little more daring, a cute miniskirt is a super fun way to upgrade your basic T-shirt. As TikToker @allthingsolive showed us, a white top goes great with a bodycon mini skirt, and she even showed a little extra skin by opting for one with a mini thigh slit. She added stylish black heeled sock boots to elevate this outfit even further, also opting for an olive green blazer and cross-body bag. This base look comes with several different ways you can customize it to your own taste, as you could opt to go more vibrant with your blazer or skirt's color for some extra pizzazz.

Do it in dungarees

If you're looking for a simple way to upgrade your black or white T-shirt without having to think too hard about your look, dungarees are the way to go. This TikToker opted for a denim pair, but because these color shirts are so versatile, you could literally put any color or style of dungarees over the top — and you're instantly ready to head out. For a daytime look, you can throw some flats on, or if you're heading out in the evening, you may want to get a little more dressy with heels. We think this look would be extra stylish with color block dungarees over the top, such as red or green, to bring some extra color to your ensemble.

Feel out the feathers

Did someone say feathers? Because if not, we just did. With a white T-shirt being such a solid basic, there's no end to what you can put it with — and this look certainly proves that. Over on TikTok, @lydiajanetomlinson showed us how we can tuck a white shirt into a glamorous skirt (she opted for a form-fitting black mini with fun feathers across the bottom) and throw on some heels to create a timeless, yet effortless, evening look.