Adidas Sambas Are The Shoe Trend That Looks Great With Any Aesthetic

Everyone loves a good sneaker. Whether you're partying or shopping, a sneaker that is both stylish and comfortable is a closet staple you need to have. 

The unisex and extremely flexible Adidas Samba is a truly versatile shoe. With the sneaker industry becoming more competitive with flashy styles and high price tags, the Samba has proven itself to be a true classic. It's a simple design that can go with almost anything — two colors, three stripes on each side of the foot, and you've got a Samba. It's also a shoe that has seen collaborations by everyone, from Pharrell Williams to Jonah Hill. Its universal appeal transcends genders since the style nor the construction of the shoe itself is made to fit either biologically male or female feet. As such, it's a shoe that anyone can wear confidently, with a classic style that fits every current fashion trend.


And you know what? It's what the Samba deserves. Its simplicity can work with a ton of different aesthetics, making it a staple for many wardrobes to come. 

Business casual

Have an outfit that would look great on the street or in the office? Adidas Sambas can add a bit of personality and trendiness to your business casual outfit. Nobody wants to feel totally stuffy in the office, so pairing the sneakers with a pair of formal slacks can compliment the look. In a TikTok video, @jessicabenioni styles her Sambas with subtle gold jewelry, bringing flair to the office-appropriate look. 


Monochromatic and muted colors are probably the best clothes to style this look — and not a bright color or busy pattern — since you'll want the Sambas to be the highlight of the outfit. While it's probably not a good idea to wear these every day to the office, they will complete the perfect Casual Friday fit.


The Barbiecore trend is all about pink-on-pink — but you won't have to suffer through constant heel-wearing like the iconic dolls. Instead, you can add comfort to your attire with a pair of fresh Sambas. The cream or white-colored pairs provide a soft contrast to the bold pinks that make up this trend, making them a potential grounding component of your outfit. They also help strike that balance between unisex comfort and feminine style, as they'll look just as cute with pink cargo pants as they will with a pink plaid mini skirt. 



Androgynous and effortlessly cool, the streetwear trend is arguably the most flexible one in the fashion world right now, and there isn't one right way to dress as such. It should be no surprise, then, that the Samba is the perfect shoe for anyone who follows this unique aesthetic. The shoes go great with a pair of loose, oversized denim jeans or even some roomie joggers. 


If you're looking for a more sporty and casual streetwear look, Sambas go great with anything oversized. TikTok user @ashlynnrudzinski pairs her red Sambas with loose jeans and an oversized grey Bulls jersey with red highlights. Try color-coordinating your Sambas with your outfit in order to make an eye-catching impact while you're walking or skating around town.

New age prep

Want to channel academic vibes without looking stuffy? New school, uniform style could be the preppy look for you. Think luxe fabrics, monochromatic tones, and classic, timeless cuts. Much like with the business casual style, Adidas Sambas can add a bit of individual flair to these types of outfits. They show that you have a bit of a rebellious streak, but are style-conscious enough to nail the tricky skirt and sneaker combo. Seriously, we know how hard it is to pair skirts and sneakers, but the Samba can look good with all types of skirt patterns! If you want to pull off this effectively, keep the colors to a minimum for a more classic, old-money-meets-new-money look.



Lacy tank tops? Check. Low-rise jeans? Check. A pair of Adidas Sambas that tie the entire outfit together? Check. TikTok user @preci.222 takes this combo to the next level, completing the look with an old-school camera. Y2K revival is a nostalgic throwback styling trend that arguably helped bring the Samba back into fashion, so it would only make sense that they would look great with these new takes on the style. 


Recreating the TikTok look won't take much, but there's something about the lacy top that really elevates the casualness of the Samba. If you want to do something different, pair these shoes with some rectangular sunglasses, a bucket hat, and a Vera Bradley-esque quilted bag. Either way, you'll be back at the turn of the millennium in style.