How Bike Shorts Can Add Versatility And Comfort To Your Wardrobe

Bike shorts might just seem like athletic gear to some, but they can be much more than that. Whether you want to feel cozy and cute while lounging around the house, or you would like to look polished and on-trend without having to sacrifice comfort, bike shorts can be the answer, no matter your body type.

These loungewear staples are nothing new; In the '80s, Princess Diana made them an iconic athleisure look. They remained popular during the 90s, and while they may have fallen out of fashion for a while, they've made a reappearance as a wardrobe staple in recent years, and for good reason. According to freelance marketing consultant and influencer Stephanie Arant, "They've lasted this long as a trend because they are not only comfortable but they are also easy to style in various ways."

With celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber currently wearing them often and styling them in new ways, it's safe to say that bike shorts aren't going anywhere. That's a good thing, too, because besides being comfortable, bike shorts can be figure-flattering no matter your size or shape. If you're looking for new ways to get more mileage out of your basic bike shorts, here are some things to try.

Go monochromatic

If you're feeling indecisive about how to style your bike shorts, trying a monochromatic outfit can help you look put together without tons of effort. Going for a bold color, like neon pink or an intense blue, can be super eye-catching. However, if you're feeling more laid back, a basic black or gray outfit can be striking and low-key at the same time. Black, in particular, has a classic appeal that can up your sophistication level and easily be dressed up or down. Another benefit of having a monochromatic outfit is that you can go bold with patterned or multicolored accessories without worrying about whether or not they'll clash with your outfit.

Try a baggy tee

Pairing a baggy tee with your bike shorts makes for a comfy, simple look you can take anywhere. This is one of the easiest ways to style bike shorts, and you have tons of options. A graphic tee can add some edge to your look, but a plain tee can look just as great. A cropped tee can add some interest, while a longer tunic-length tee can be another great pairing. Another benefit of this look is that it's super versatile. Whether you're getting stuff done around the house or are going out around town, rest assured that you'll be ready for the day.

Try a simple sweatshirt style

If you want a look that's both athletic and casual, pulling on a sweatshirt can be a great go-to. This look can work well, especially when the weather changes frequently throughout the day. Because the sweatshirt and bike shorts combo was made popular by Princess Di, it can have a lot of sporty, vintage charm, especially if you wear a collegiate sweatshirt. That doesn't mean it isn't a totally modern look, though. A cropped drawstring or raw-hemmed sweatshirt can be edgy and cute, as can a graphic or patterned sweatshirt.

Pair them with a blazer

If you want to dial up the sophistication of your look without sacrificing comfort, pairing your bike shorts with a blazer can be a great going-out style. A black blazer can create a bold monochromatic look that's just right for nighttime, while mixing black bike shorts with a tan or gray blazer can be a nice way to mix neutrals and create interest while keeping it a little more casual. If your aim is classy contrast, trying a cream or white blazer is another polished option that can be ideal for earlier outings, like brunch with friends.

Get comfortable in a cardigan

Tossing a cardigan over a tank or tee and bike shorts can keep you cozy while you go about your business. Not only does throwing on your favorite cardigan bring a new dimension of comfort, but it can be on trend, too, especially if you opt for one of this spring's coolest cardigan looks, the duster, which is a longer cardigan that hits below the knee. Along with being comfortable, it has the added benefit of keeping you warm; a helpful feature for days when the weather is fluctuating or if you're heading out early in the morning when it's still chilly.

Pop on a button-up

Pairing a button-up with your bike shorts can help you look casual and put-together. It's a versatile look that can be great for going out for lunch, running errands, or weekend sightseeing. Denim button-ups are both casual and chic, and so is a classic white button-up. Trying stripes or a patterned shirt can bring interest and color to your outfit. If you want to create a '90s grunge vibe, putting on a distressed plaid button-up is the way to go. You also have lots of options when it comes to styling. You can leave it open, button it up, or tie it in a knot for a look that defines your waist.

Go neutral

Choosing neutral tones can add an understated interest to your outfit without complicating it, helping you look sophisticated while dressing casually. When wearing a neutral-tone outfit, you can either go monochromatic or mix your neutrals for more impact. Even though some may be intimidated by skin-toned clothes, they can add an element of sex appeal to an outfit (not unlike Carrie Bradshaw's naked dress) while still being casual. Mixing dark neutrals, like dark brown with lighter shades of beige or tan can be a nice way to create contrast while keeping your outfit low-key.

Slip on some tall socks

Tall socks can help you accessorize your outfit and add old-school charm to it, too. Besides introducing some vintage appeal to your style, longer socks can also be functional, depending on what you're doing. If you're going hiking, for example, they can add some extra protection for your legs or help keep you warm on chilly days. They can also offer an opportunity to spice up a simple outfit. So, if you have funky socks hiding in your drawer, a bike shorts day can be a great time to whip them out.

Go for a pop of color

A pair of brightly colored bike shorts can add some fun to your 'fit without taking it over the top. Whether you choose some pastel or brightly colored bike shorts, or you opt for black shorts and a neon top, a pop of color can make your basic bike shorts look anything but. While it's a great outfit option at any time, it could be especially fun to wear to a festival or on a vacation when you're away from home and feeling more adventurous with how you dress.